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Things to do in Derry

Derry may not boast itself as the prettiest city of Northern Island, but it definitely does come off as one of the most fascinating cities in the country. The Historical sites and the determined air of optimism make up for a huge part of the region’s cultural revival.


The legal name of Derry is Londonderry but it is commonly referred to as Derry. It is the second largest city of Northern Ireland. They city was created on the banks of River Foyle and has a long standing history. The original city was on the west bank of the river but now the city has spread on both sides with the eastern side named as the Waterside. The city has a population of just under 100,000 people. There are many things to do in Derry such as enjoying the old city which is walled and lies on the western bank of the River Foyle. The river crossings are provided by two large road bridges and a small footbridge. Saint Colmcille is usually believed to be the person who founded Derry. There are many things to do in Derry because it is the UK City of Culture and contains many places which promote arts and literature. Derry is one of the oldest cities in Ireland and one of things to do in Derry is to observe its cultural elements such as the city walls. Derry was the first planned city in Ireland and had a diamond structure that allowed it to have four gates with a walled inner city. This was a great design for defense. One of the things to do in Derry is to see the 17th Century layout of the four main streets starting from the four gateways. The Plantation Gothic Cathedral of Saint Columb is the oldest building of the city and visiting this place should rank amongst the top things to do in Derry.

Places to visit in Derry

Derry is a center of cultural and historic monuments and therefore contains a lot of history from the past centuries. The city has a long history of suffering in conflicts. Derry suffered in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The city had a Protestant garrison during the Glorious Revolution. One of the things to see in Derry is lot of surviving Gregorian styled houses. Shipping lines increased during the 19th Century and the McCorkell Line was the most famous during this time. The city had another revival during the days of the Second World War. It was the westernmost port of Europe and it became an important naval center with an American presence of over 6000 military personnel. The number of foreign troops in the city bolstered its economy and it became a commonly used port for allied convoys. Many symbols of this era survive and visiting them is one of the top things to do in Derry for a tourist. The city of Derry has also become well known for building up an artistic legacy as many famous poets and musicians have belonged to this Irish city and its surrounding areas. One of the best things to do in Derry is to visit the Halloween Street Carnival, which is an annual event and a very popular tourist attraction. The city has a very attractive night life and one of the things to do in Derry is to enjoy its night life by visiting the numerous bars and clubs especially on the Waterloo Street and the Strand Road.


Things to do in Derry - St Columb’s Cathedral

Things to do in Derry - St Columb’s Cathedral

The cathedral is located in the walled city of Derry. This is also considered the mother Church to the Church of Ireland. Like the name suggests, this cathedral is dedicated to Saint Columba. Do not let the grim exterior and the worn out design fool you, there are plenty of things to do in St Columb’s Cathedral. In interesting aspect of the church is that the Irish monk was actually exiled and moved on to preach the religion to Northern England and Scotland. Enthusiasts of design and architecture will find some intriguing things here. The Cathedral comes with 3 Sunday services, and you too can attend one of these if you like. There is a lot of history tied to this place; one of the proofs of this is The Bomb Font, which is a cannonball on display inside the cathedral. Among things to do in St Columbs Cathedral, add touring the grounds. The place of worship is nestled snugly in expansive lands and therefore offers a lot in terms of strolling around and experiencing the outdoors in its serene gardens. Don’t miss out on stopping by at this place if you are around the area.


Things to do in Derry - Millennium Forum

The city of Derry in Ireland is a wonderful place to visit. One of the many attractions is the prestigious Millennium Forum, which is a conference center and theatre located in Newmarket Street. As the biggest theatre in Ireland, the Millennium Forum can accommodate an audience of a thousand people. There are many things to do in Millennium Forum as it can provide both entertainment options, as well as be used for business meetings and events. Launched in 2001, the Millennium Forum provides visitors with an incredible architecture and facilities. The moment you reach the building, you will feel captivated by its exquisite stylish entrance and will be able to see the large blue letters showcasing Millennium Forum above it. The building’s Italian-styled marble floors will be the splendid piece of décor that will invigorate your mind and senses for a grand event ahead. Attending an acclaimed event, such as an international business conference, will be a spectacular life experience here at Millennium Forum. There are other things to do in Millennium Forum, such as the renowned restaurant, Encore Brasserie, in the ground floor. If you happen to have a business, there are plenty of advertising opportunities as well. In short, the Millennium Forum provides a fresh opportunity to participate in some of the most well known events in Derry, Ireland.