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Things to do in Detroit

Detroit is the largest city on the border of Canada and the United States. It has a metropolitan area which has a population of over 5 million people. It is the second largest city in the Mid West after Chicago. It lies on the banks of the Detroit River. The city holds around half of the population of the Michigan State and is an important economy in the region.

Detroit Michigan

Detroit is close to the Great Lakes of the Michigan State. The modern city was founded by the French adventurer Antoine Cadillac. The city truly gained prominence with the arrival of the automotive industry which was based around the city. Detroit is an industrial city and therefore has suffered a major decline in the last decade or so. The fall of the automobile industry has been detrimental to the city. Detroit is now founding new avenues to improve its economy. One of the best things to do in Detroit is to enjoy its entertainment industry. Many historic theaters have been restored and are now attracting tourists to the city. Detroit suffered financial bankruptcy in 2014 and since then has been on the road to recovery. The city has been home to many automotive manufacturing organizations and one the things to do in Detroit is to visit places that show the way that America developed a wonderful automotive industry a few decades ago. Some major companies that are based in Detroit are General Motors, American Axle and Rossetti Architects. One of the important things to do in America is to understand and follow its industrial development and Detroit is a wonderful place to find out how the industrialism flourished just a few decades ago in the country.

Place to Visit in Detroit

Detroit also contains the offices of other significant companies such as KPMG, HP, Chrysler and PricewaterhouseCoopers. One of the top places to visit in Detroit is the Midtown district that has the Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University. The famous watch making company Shinola is also in the Midtown and it is getting popular as a major retail industry. Detroit also has cultural significance and one of the best things to do in America is to visit its numerous cities that show different cultural aspects of the country. The new dynamics of Detroit are placing it as a city that is promoting options for entertainment and the retail industry. Many superstores have opened up in the city in the past few years. Many artists are also starting to make Detroit their home and the city is getting popular for cultural elements such as music and theater. Detroit has always been known as the automotive capital of the world. It was the automotive industry of Detroit that had supported the war efforts in the Second World War. One of the best places to visit in Detroit is the Palace of Auburn Hills which is a huge sports center and serves as the home of the Detroit Pistons, the famous basketball team.


Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park

If you want one of the best family experiences ever, then you simply have to check out Belle Isle Park in Detroit. It is one of the biggest city-owned island parks in the United States, and this 982-acre island is one of the top attractions in Detroit. It has got tones of facilities and recreational activities to offer, which is why so many people visit the place every year.

There are obviously lots of things to do in Belle Isle Park, which include checking out the Scott Memorial Fountain. It is a huge white marble fountain that is right near the entrance of Belle Isle Park, while you can also choose to do freighter watching, swimming and fishing here as well. That is not all that you can do, since there are other things to do in Belle Isle Park, which include visiting the Belle Isle Nature zoo, and checking out the many museums located over here.

It is true that there are so many things to do in Belle Isle Park; it will require you to make several trips to experience all of them. There are also some stunning structures that are located over here, while you can always enjoy an outdoor picnic with your family and friends over here.


Detroit Institute of Art

There are lots of great attractions that you can check out in the city of Detroit, but one of the best ones out there is undoubtedly the Detroit Institute of Art. If you are an art lover, then you should most definitely check it out, as it has got lots of activities to offer apart from the exhibitions.

There is no shortage of things to do in Detroit Institute of Art, which include checking out the different art exhibits and attending art events that are held on a regular basis. The galleries are filled with all types of arts and sculptures, while another one of the many things to do in Detroit Institute of Art includes the art theatre and art museum over here.

Detroit has got many art museums and galleries but none of them are as complete as this one, which is down to the fact that there are so many unique things to do in Detroit Institute of Art. There are numerous workshops that are held over here, and some of the biggest artists regularly hold exhibitions over here. If you love and appreciate art, then you simply have to visit this place today.


Detroit Historical Museum

Detroit is a city that has got a lot to offer visitors, and there are plenty of attractions that draw in people from all around the world. One of its most visited attractions is the Detroit Historical Museum, which offers people the chance to check out the great history of the city of Detroit.

There are many things to do in Detroit Historical Museum, which include the special events that take place over here. You can also check out the behind the scenes tours in the museum, which give you a real perspective about the city of Detroit and what it has to offer. Amongst the list of things to do in Detroit Historical Museum are group tours and programs over here as well as the different exhibitions that are on view.

Also included in the list of things to do in Detroit Historical Museum are the many lectures and films that played regularly here, while there are lots of special events that will keep you interested over here as well. Don’t forget to check out the historic houses of worship tours that are also held in the Detroit Historical Museum on a regular basis as well.


Renaissance Center

Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center in Detroit, which is also known as the GM Renaissance Center is one of 7 interconnected skyscrapers that are in Detroit. The building also serves as the headquarters of General Motors, and is owned by the company as well. The architecture of the building is lauded by everyone and it has also undergone major redevelopment in the past decade.

There are lots of things to do in Renaissance Center, which include checking out the Detroit River Walk, which is in close proximity to it. There are also lots of retail shops in the building, which means that you will not be short of things to shop for when you visit the building. While you are looking at things to do in Renaissance Center, you can obviously check out the restaurants and theatres that are located over here as well.

There are plenty of great things to do in Renaissance Center, which include having dinner or lunch at one of the largest rooftop restaurants in the world. There are also 4 different movie theatres located over here, so there are plenty of things that you can check out at the Renaissance Center in Detroit.