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Things to do in Djerba

Just off the coast of Tunisia, located in the waters of the Mediterranean seas is Djerba, the largest island of North Africa. The beautiful island is a tourist hotspot and attracts travelers from all over the globe. The island’s breathtaking views of beaches and dramatic sunsets are truly mesmerizing. Popular beaches like the Plage Sidi Mahares offer crystal clear waters and cool breezes to relax and enjoy, and are a must visit.

This is a tiny island located in the south of Tunisia. This place can be recognized by its whitewashed houses, and its beaches with white sands. The culture of this place is different from that of the Tunisian, as for years now they have preserved their unique traditions that are quite distinctive from the Tunisian practices. Therefore, if you ever visit this city, learning about its culture and its distinctive traditional practices is one of things to do in Djerba. Other things to do in Djerba are to visit its mosque with the architecture like a fortress and the pirate’s castle. This Island can be easily access through a road, which originally was used for connecting the Romans with this place. If you are thinking of the things to do in Djerba, then do not miss the chance of visiting Guellala. There is beautiful museum located in this town that can be explored, if your interest is inclined even slightly towards history. The pottery that is made in Guellala is a tradition that is being carried out from the times of the Romans. One of things to do in Djerba that you cannot miss at any cost is experiencing the sunset in Guellala.

There are number of places to visit in Djerba including the Mediterranean Crocodile Farm, which is the largest of its region and one of its kinds. This farm has imported around 400 sea creatures straight from River Nile. One of the places to visit, if you want to experience the magnificent view of the sunset is the Borj Djillidj. The lighthouse and the port located on the Island houses the fishermen, who come to this place to celebrate their victory, which they have achieved by catching octopus and fishes all day long. The serenity of this place is where the people come from seeking inspiration. If you are considering the things to do in Djerba, then take a bus to the Fadhloun mosque which is located on the Houmt Souk-Midoun road. There is also an interesting museum located in the Erriadh Village that could be visited. However, there is an entrance fee that the visitors have to pay, so do carry some dinars along with you while visiting this place. As a traveler, you would love to visit the Ras R'mel peninsula and enjoy its beaches. You can rent a bike and explore the whole place, as it would be more convenient for you.


Things to do in Djerba - Houmt El Souk

Things to do in Djerba - Houmt El Souk

A small commune, Houmt El Souk (The market neighborhood) is the main town situated on the Islands of Djerba. It is a popular tourist destination famous for its fortress and one of a kind Souk (market). The old town is perfect for strolling. It is also a very popular spot for photographers because of its picturesque characteristics. There are hundreds of colorful items displayed across a labyrinth of alleyways that go past beautiful white washed houses and small shops famous for selling ceramics. The shops also display and sell traditional handicrafts such as hand painted pottery, leather goods, jewellery, textiles and a lot more. The place has a unique architecture that is well reflected through houses and popular monuments like museums, mosques forts and Foundouks. Some mosques in the area worth seeing are the Sidi Brahim El Jemni, Sidi Bouzid of the Ibadi rite, Sidi Zitoun and more. The Borj El K'bir Fort or Borj El Ghazi Mustapha is a magnificent structure located nearby that offers fine views of the harbor. Houmt El Souk has its own culture and traditions that are prominent in the dresses, festivals, architecture and day to day lives of the local people. The place is one of the top rated tourist destinations of Tunisia. It is very different from the rest of country.