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Things to do in East Falkland

East Falkland is part of the Falkland Islands UK and is the largest of the kind in the South Atlantic having some of the largest land masses. The total area of the land is 54% of the total land mass of Falklands. Nearly three quarters of the population of the Falklands is centered around the main population centers on this Island.

East Falkland Islands

The East Falklands are a treat to watch. The lush green pastures are able to overlap the rising and falling fields, making it a spectacle to savor. The Island has some of the most extensive road networks anywhere in the area and it is easy to envy the construction capabilities of the workforce. On one side of the Island you are able to found modest mountainous, hilly regions and the on the other a beautiful, flat area with lots of lakes flowing through, experiencing different terrains can be a healthy pastime. For an Island, the infrastructure of the place is extensive and practical. The Island with its extensive history has the distinction of having witnessed a war. Despite it being slightly larger than West Falkland, the abundance of population concentration on this side of the Island has made it one that bristles with live round the clock. Despite not offering much in the form of challenging terrain, the mere sight of some of the grass fields and the view across the Atlantic is chief amongst the Things to do in East Falklands. On top of that, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do in East Falklands even once you have left the full of life Hub of Falklands. The area is considered perfect by locals and tourists for camping and family picnics.

Places to visit in East Falkland

There aren’t many islands in the world that have had two countries fighting over it and getting into a fully fledged conflict, but it is easy to see why. A walk across the Islands highlights how much this area has to offer for tourism. One of the places to visit in East Falklands is the stunning rocky and white sand beach on the southern side of the Island. A distinction enjoyed by the Island is its ability to hold forts with two different terrains on either side. Despite housing around three quarters of the Falkland population, as you move out of Stanley there is sense of calm and silence gripping the Island. The Southern half of the Island is a different picture altogether. An assortment of lakes and lush green terrains on flat Islands, this is the place to visit for people who are looking to marvel at the beauty of nature. The lakes aren’t as deep as one would expect and the sense of silence and calm coupled with the sound of waves crashing against land can make for a pleasurable experience. Some of the chief places to visit in East Falklands are: Port Louis, Salvador Settlement, Darwin, Bertha’s Beach, Bull Point, Cape Dolphin, Elephant Beach Farm, Kidney Island.


Things to do in East Falkland - Port Louis

Port Louis is also referred to as Port Soledad a name that was given to it by the Spanish when they took the Island over from the French. The Port is one of the first settlements in the area with the French laying ground work for it back in 1764. The Port was the first French Settlement on the Island and has later been used as the center of power by the Spanish.

A visit to Port Louis springs back a number of historical monuments and places to savor. One of the things to do in Port Louis is to take a look at the numerous historical ruins and abandoned residences in the area. It holds barracks highlighting the power of the military back in the day and a fortress and a Governor’s residence situated nearby.

Visiting Port Louis on the Falklands will represent an opportunity to add to your things to do in Falkland Island UK by taking a trip to the oldest inhabited house on the Island which is part of the Port. Apart from that, the area offers the chance to marvel at the landscapes whilst contemplating the history and significance of the area and how it changes when abandoned.


Things to do in East Falkland - Salvador Settlement

The Spanish spent a considerable time on the Falklands and the Salvador Settlement is one of the very few Spanish named places which are in use. Founded back in the 1830s the island is sometimes referred to as the Gibraltar settlement, since it was founded by a person who belonged to Gibraltar.

One of the things to do in Falkland Islands UK is to meet the descendants of this man from Gibraltar who still very much live there and run a farm. Salvador offers its visitors two distinct enjoyment opportunities. The first is the chance to take a look at one of the oldest Spanish settlements.

There are opportunities to enjoy their way of life finding out some interesting facts about their ancestor and even getting a chance to look at some of the artifacts left behind. The area is primarily based on farming and that gives it a stunning outlook. Lush green pastures, freshly growing crops and a view to savor, all of these make up just a few of the things to do in Salvador Settlement. Despite not being densely populated, the locals are helpful and welcoming, giving a warm response to anyone that comes to visit the area.


Things to do in East Falkland - Darwin

Also called Port Darwin by people, the area of Darwin has so much to offer visitors. Located in East Falklands region of Lafonia, it is located along the east side of island’s isthmus region. What stands out about the location is its name. Darwin is named after a famous scientist who carried out the Zoological survey of the area, the area begun as the center point of sheep farming on the Island.

The sheep center was later vacated and transferred to Goose Green. One of the first things to do in Falkland Islands UK is to visit the areas which saw the most massive fighting in the area, Darwin being on the top of that list. Apart from the impressive landscape for you to marvel, the area is sanctuary to a number of different important locations.

The area is home to an Argentine Military cemetery as well as 19th Century Gauchos to view. On top of that, there are other past times and things to do in Darwin such as visiting the local racecourse or enjoying the birdlife that is present in abundance in the Pond and the Sound. This is great vantage point to click some amazing pictures of the birds to savor long after the visit has ended.


Things to do in East Falkland - Bertha’s Beach

There are few places that offer you a chance to savor nature as closely and as insightfully as Bertha’s Beach. Located along the east cost of the East Falklands area, it is found at the entrance to Choiseul Sound area. The area is near about to a number of important places such as Stanley and Mount Pleasant Airport and is home to a number of spectacular bird species. The beach area is comprised entirely of wetlands that can spread over an area of around 3300 Ha.

The importance of the area is such that it has been categorized by not one but two international organizations as an important area. Being home to a number of different bird species, one of the first things to do in Falkland Islands UK is bird watching with peace at an area that has been categorized by Bird Life international as an important bird life area.

For people who savor sightseeing and encountering different area, Bertha’s Beach is a treat. There are stunning coastal dunes, freshwater ponds and brackish lagoons. One of the things to do in Bertha’s beach is relaxing and appreciating the stunning white sand beach in all its glory.


Things to do in East Falkland - Bull Point

In the Falkland Islands being a place that has a limited population, there are plenty of locations that have remained untouched and true to nature. Bull’s Point is one of them. The area forms a part of the Bay of Harbors and is located at the far south eastern part of the Island. Being the only land option existing with the Atlantic over a considerable distance has made it a hotbed for birds of all kinds.

Part of the area has been classified as an important bird area and one of things to do in Falkland Islands UK is respecting their natural reserve. An interesting part about the area is its varying landscapes. The area has high lands, sandy beaches and rocky areas all complementing one another and the wildlife that is visits them. One of things to do in Bull Point is marveling the variety of plants species that are present. Some of the rarest of plant species such as clubmoss cudweed, etc. are present in the area.

The area offer visitors the chance to engage in sightseeing in the backdrop of the splashing sounds of the Atlantic waves making sore a surreal experience. It is a good place to come for a photography session or to relax by looking at nature.


Things to do in East Falkland - Cape Dolphin

An Island has so much to offer from natural and man mead beauties on the land to some stunning water and underwater beauties. Falklands is no different, its Cape Dolphin area which is around a 20 minute drive from Stanley is a great spectacle to savor. The roads for the journey are gravel ones and the area itself are known for its scenic beauties and aqua related wildlife. One of the things to do in Cape Dolphin is to view and get awe inspired by the beauty and simplicity of creatures like the Gentoo or the Magellanic Penguins.

Not only that, you can encounter some of the rarest moments of sea creature and wildlife encountering one another. With black swans and Rufous Chested Dotterels all flocking to the area when Penguins are gracing it, there is a spectacle to watch. If the timing of the visit is right, one of the things to do in Falkland Islands UK can be to sit back and look at the breeding season of Penguins, or looking at Sea lions cuddling and playing along with their pups to savor the occasion. The roughness of the terrain may be a challenge to negotiate, but the cloud cover and comfortable weather helps one enjoy the occasion.


Things to do in East Falkland - Elephant Beach Farm

The Elephant Beach area has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. A little way off Stanley means the area is away from man made noises, some of which can disturb the presence of wildlife. On first viewing Elephants Beach Farm looks like a wild life sanctuary. The terrain is mostly simple, but can be challenging in some places.

One of things to do in Falkland Islands UK is to take a look at the large lagoon that this area holds. The area is home to a large number of Penguins flocking from all over the Atlantic to the area for its flat terrains and access to lagoon. When you are in the area, one of the things to do in Elephant Beach Farm is to take a look at the currently being developed tussac restoration site.

The farm is spread out over a large area that spreads from the Port San Carlos road to the area at the North coast. The restoration is of a site that holds historical significance and in the coming years could become an important tourist attraction. The area offers a chance to view wildlife at its finest. The flat terrains and the lagoons can also be used for enjoyment.


Things to do in East Falkland - Kidney Island

Kidney Island is a striking name for an Island. Funnily enough the name was bestowed upon the Island because of the shape that its holds. Being a small Island not connected to the two major Falkland Island UK by road; this island all in all is small vicinity accessible through water. Still it isn’t far off the Island hub of Stanley and is regularly visited by tourists.

Despite physically not being a part of the East Falkland Island it is considered part of that territory. Top of the things to do in Kidney Island should be the chance to make the most of the nature reserve. The Island continues to be covered in the traditional tussac grass. It is one of the primary places in the area which is the home of King Penguins breeding.

Despite not being a part of the war exclusively, the Island did witness some sort of fighting in the Falklands war with a naval boat being it’s only reported wartime casualty. When people visit this tiny, traditional Island which is the home of a number of wild life creatures, they can experience wild life as up close and personal as one can. Finding a weekend getaway and relaxing with your family on the Island should be top of the things to do in Falklands Islands UK.


Things to do in East Falkland - Volunteer Point

Things to do in East Falkland - Volunteer Point

A stunning headland situated on the east coast of the Falkland Island’s east wing. The point overlooks a lush green landscape. It has a variety of different activities for tourists. The location is used to protect Volunteer Lagoon. The landward end is Volunteer Shanty. It has a well maintained outhouse and offers different folds of natural beauty for the tourists to look at. The wildlife in the area can be looked at which includes rare birds such as the Falkland steamer ducks.