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Things to do in El Petén

If you have chosen Central America for your holiday destination this time, you might want to consider visiting the amazing cities within Guatemala for a great holiday. El Peten is one of those cities. It is the northernmost and biggest city of Guatemala and provides its visitors with an amazing, multi-faceted trip where you can create an endless list of things to do in El Peten.

Peten Guatemala

If you want an escape from the cold temperature of the highlands, the hot days of El Peten with its tropical rain forest could be the best escape for the year. There are so many things to do in El Peten, keeping in mind its rich history and amazing culture. In fact, the city of El Peten was considered the central hub for the Classic Mayan civilization as compared to the other large cities with high populations. The city has also served as a wild frontier of Guatemala during the Spanish Colonial times, with only a handful of roads and a few towns, including Flores. Once you have your list of things to do in El Peten in your hand, get yourself a four-wheel vehicle and check out your favorite archaeological sites and enjoy the scenic view. For other destinations, such as the Mirador Basin, you will have to make the trip on foot or by a boat. So make your list accordingly. The beautiful sights are breathtaking and if you have planned an interesting photography session, the town gives you amazing opportunities to click away. Keeping in mind the outstanding sights and areas in El Peten, you might face some difficulty moving but this is what enhances the overall adventure.

Places to visit in El Peten

As far as the best places to visit in El Peten are concerned, you can make a list again so you know how to plan your travel. As mentioned earlier, the town is known for its natural beauty, so be ready to be impressed with everything that is coming your way. Moreover, the vast jungle has been modernized in the past few decades and new highways have been built to help people commute to the area and enjoy their vacation fully. If you want to learn more about things to do in El Peten, it is best to check out the National Parks that have been preserved out of the large sections of jungle that have been cleared for good. Moreover, your list of things to do in El Peten can also include the eco-tourism experience along with the fantastic ruins by the ancient Mayan cities. These are the factors that still draw people to the city and keep them engaged during the vacation. Other than the warm temperature, the food will really impress you – especially if you are a fan of authentic Mexican flavors. Don’t forget to check out some of the best restaurants in El Peten while you’re there.


Things to do in El Petén - Tikal

Things to do in El Petén - Tikal

Located on the northeast of Guatemala in the city of El Peten, Tikal is a popular archeological site that attracts thousands of tourists and archeologists round the year. This place is packed with the ruins of the Mayan civilization. The buildings found on this site date back to the 4th Century BC. This site also has the second largest Mayan pyramid in Central America. If you are in El Peten, you will not be short of things to do in Tikal. The most interesting thing about Tikal is that it was the capital of the kingdom of ancient Maya. This city was built in the honor of the great and powerful Mayan rulers and their close-ones. The pyramids and building on this site show how advanced the Mayans were and the type of buildings they were able to construct in the olden times. Tikal has also been regarded as a Cultural and Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are many interesting things to do in Tikal including exploring the Grand Plaza and many other temples. The Grand Plaza is quite popular amongst explorers and tourists who come to witness its architecture and learn about its significance.