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Things to do in El Salvador

El Salvador lies in Central America and is bordered by Honduras, Guatemala, and the Pacific Ocean. The entire area covers around 21040km, which is surprising as it is the most densely populated area. The best thing about the place is its myriad of natural and scenic avenues. You will find everything from lakes to volcanoes in this country. El Salvador is divided into 14 sections, known as the Departments.

El Salvador tourism

El Salvador might be seen as a fairytale city with a seas side and a vibrant culture, if it was not for its bad press. International headlines have tied the place to gang violence and drug smuggling. This is one of the reasons why most adventurous travelers and explorers stay out of it. You can visit this country to see for yourself all the things to do in El Salvador. Visitors who make the effort to come out to this beautiful country are usually surprised by how much this tiny place can offer. You have world class surfing on empty and dark sanded beaches, the volcanoes are draped in coffee farms, from the top of these mountains you can clearly see the Spanish colonial dwellings, and huge National Parks, the capital San Salvador is the most crowded of all places in the country and is commercially and economically ranked higher than other Central American countries. It does not matter if you are travelling alone or with a group there are tons of places to see and things to do in El Salvador. El Salvador has its fair share of historical avenues thanks to it dating back to the pre Columbian time. In 1524 Pedro de Alvarado began a predatory war against native tribes of Cuzcatlan. It is recommended that you hire a professional tour guide for yourself, that way you won’t miss any of the places to visit in El Salvador. If you decide not to, that is fine as well because most of the locals speak both Spanish and English, with Spanish being the dominant language in the area. Only a single percent of the population speaks Pipil, Nahuat, or Izalco. You can get around the area by car; the country is glorifying the use of the latest GPS system installed in all cars called ‘QFind’. If you plan to depend on this, make sure that the car you are renting has this before the keys are turned over to you. It is super easy to avail the car rental services in this country, or if you rather not drive, you can take taxis. Buses are an easy way if transportation too, but not recommended for tourists because of the pick pockets on the large. The list of things to do in El Salvador is endless.

Places to visit in El Salvador

The countryside is stunning, and looks like something stolen from a painting. There are several programs arranged by the locals all year round that offer “Green” adventures here. Many organizations promoting eco tourism have settled in the area. But hiking around mountains and hills is not all this place has to offer. Among other outdoorsy things to do in El Salvador, tourists can take a break sunbathing at the beach, or exploring the forest trails spread around the country. There is a beautiful national park in ‘Bosque El Imposible’. On top of this there are Montecristo Forest and a small fishing village as well. There are coconut islands in La Isla de Mendez as well. The San Miguel department is amazing for an eco tourism point of interest. The towns that you should not miss visiting during your stay here are colonial towns such as Suchitoto, Panchimalco, Juayua, and Apaneca. These are adorned with well preserved monuments and historical sites, which enthusiasts of history will enjoy. But that is not all there is, El Salvador offers something for archeological aficionados as well. San Andres’s Mayan sites are not only a World Heritage Site of UNESCO but are a center of attraction for so many tourists from all around the world. Some of the most notable artisans in the country can be found in the city of La Palma and San Juan el Espino. San Salvador is the cosmopolitan city that features great restaurants with delicious seafood, there is entertaining nightlife and many shopping avenues to be enjoyed here. The country’s coastlines and lakes are the best places to explore the true El Salvador. There are plenty of other things to do in El Salvador. The country is gaining traction as a surfing center, with some of the best professionals hailing from here. If you are in Central America the coast of El Salvador is where you will want to surf. Surf tourism is at its best in El Cuco, El Zonte, El Libertad, and El Sunzal. Then there are other water activities like Paddle boarding in Intipuca beach, sports like water skiing, parasailing, wake boarding etc can be enjoyed at el Esteron, which also ranks as the most gorgeous beach in El Salvador. The most interesting experience is the volcano hiking offered at Chaparrastique, which is the most active volcano in the country.

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