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Things to do in Erongo Region

What are some of the incredible things to do in Erongo Region in Namibia? Visitors traveling to the region can expect every day to be busy and occupied with something new. Erongo Region borders the Atlantic Ocean and remains one of the most frequented destinations visited by tourists from all over the world. Staying in the Erongo Region will not bore you.

Erongo Region attractions

Erongo Region’s economy greatly benefits from tourism. The beautiful and exotic beaches of the region captivate travelers, water sport enthusiasts, and anglers. Hikers will also enjoy their time in the region, as it provides them with several opportunities to climb sand dunes. Since the region has established itself as an all year around tourist hotspot, you can expect to find several things to do in Erongo Region. You can opt for the Desert Explorers, a guided tour on quad-bikes that takes people through the Namib Desert. Do you want to take a risk that will take you closer to the Atlantic Ocean? The Swakopmund Jetty is a rusty, old bridge with a sign that states that you are crossing it at your own risk. If you manage to do it, the view from there is impressive. For an informational tour, visit the Swakopmund Musuem, which hosts several exhibitions. We are not even half through the list of things to do in Erongo Region. What are some other things to do in Erongo Region? Whatever you do, do not miss taking a nature and wildlife tour. You can take the Namibia Tours and Safaris or the Sandwich Harbour 4 X 4.

Places to visit in Erongo Region

Some other wildlife tours and places to visit in Erongo Region include the Catamaran Charters, Batis Birding Safaris and Day Tours, and Desert Tracks. For people who want to be closer to the water can take the kayaking and canoeing tours. They will have several things to do in Erongo Region if they go on a boat tour. By taking the Pelican Point Kayaking Tour, they will come across pelicans, flamingos, and seals. The Eco Marine Kayak Tours is another great kayaking tour to take with your family and friends. You will get to see seals and eat on the beach. If you want to kayak as the seals jump out of the water and dive back again, you need to take the Namibia Kayak Tours. All the tours take place in Walvis Bay. Even then, you will not run out of places to visit in Erongo Region. For thrill seekers, you can dive out of a helicopter and into the Namibian Desert. A fun fact is that the most recent installment of the movie Mad Max was filmed in the Namibian Desert. You should take your entire family to Erongo Region. It will be an incredible experience for all of you.


Things to do in Erongo Region - Dorob National Park

Dorob National Park is situated in the central part of the country that extends from the Kuiseb Delta located to the south of Wavis Bay, north towards the Ugab River, and then west from the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can find more than 75 different bird species in the coast. The birds number in the millions during peak seasons. The park contains vast gravel plains, coastal dune belt, botanical areas, and major ephemeral river system. Due to the rich biodiversity here in terms of birdlife, the area has been designated an ‘Important Bird Area’ by BirdLife International. You can find different variety of birds including the Damara tern. This exotic bird is widespread in Namibia, especially during the summers. The large coastal park is connected to marine and escarpment areas. Other sites of interest inside the park are the Lichen fields, Swakopmund and the Messum Crater. Kayaking, windsurfing among the dolphins, skydiving, and quad biking are some of the most popular coastal activities. Visitors can also enjoying swimming and sunbathing near the coastline of the park. The conservation park forms part of the Namib Skeleton Coast National Park, the largest territorial park in Africa.