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Things to do in Escuintla

Best attractions to visit in Escuintla

1. Pacaya - Escuintla


If you are a volcano enthusiast or simply a thrill seeker, Pacaya is the place you must visit. Pacaya is an active volcano in Guatemala which attracts thousands of tourists every year. By hiking to the top of the mountain, you will witness the breathtaking views of the city and experience being extremely close to the most active volcano in Central America. There are many thrilling things to do in Pacaya, especially climbing the volcanic mountain and cooking raw hot dogs. You can also take marshmallows if you like them better. Being so close to the active lava right under your feet will make you feel terrified and amazing all at the same time. When climbing the mountain, you will also witness the mesmerizing views of the city and the amazing vegetation. You will never run short of things to do in Pacaya including hiking to 8,000 feet above sea level and looking at the stunning landscape surrounding the volcanic mountain. You will also find many other active volcanoes in the surroundings including Acatenango, Agua, and Fuego. You will also come across wildlife while making your way to the mountain top. You can also enjoy some snacks that locals sell.


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