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Things to do in Escuintla

Escuintla has a distinctive and rich culture that is based on a combination of different elements adopted from the native Mayan people as well as from Spain. From a city so rich in culture, it is not difficult to find out things to do in Escuintla. The natural beauty and diverse history associated with the land creates a destination rich in scenic and interesting sites.

Visit Escuintla

Keeping in mind the rich culture and historic stories associated with the city, there are so many things to do in Escuintla. The city is situated on the south central of Guatemala. It is considered the capital of the Escuintla Department, which makes it an important city. During the year 2003, the total population of the city was calculated to be 68,000 only. The city has a very interesting location, which makes it more interesting for tourists to visit. It is right on the border of the Pacific coastal plain and the central highlands. With the economy based on limited population, the opportunities for things to do in Escuintla are pretty high. The mountainous range, the beautiful beaches and of course the amazing architectural value in this famous city of Guatemala in Central America makes this an interesting pick by the tourists. After the modernization, the commutation for tourists has also become less difficult and more interesting. The beautiful sunny beaches are the perfect way to spend a warm, cozy day away from the busy streets. If you haven’t already added them to the list, make sure you have the beach visit on your things to do in Escuintla list.

Places to see in Escuintla

You have a variety of different places to visit in Escuintla. The city is highly industrialized and therefore gives amazing exploring opportunities to the tourists who wish to spend a great time away from their busy routines. In fact, Escuintla is one of the most modern and industrialized area of Guatemala. The city is also involved in the production of various agriculture products where sugar cane is the most prominent one. Other products are cattle, seafood and tobacco. These are some interesting places to visit if you want more options for things to do in Escuintla. Moreover, the city is bathed by the Pacific Ocean and is responsible for producing more than 40% of gross domestic products of the entire country. This is one of the major reasons why the city is more powerful in terms of both fighting poverty and unemployment as compared to the rest of the cities in the country. The Mexican food is another reason you want to visit the city. If you are a lover of authentic Mexican flavors, you can totally rely on your trip to Escuintla and see what the Country’s most popular city has to offer.


Things to do in Escuintla - Pacaya

Things to do in Escuintla - Pacaya

If you are a volcano enthusiast or simply a thrill seeker, Pacaya is the place you must visit. Pacaya is an active volcano in Guatemala which attracts thousands of tourists every year. By hiking to the top of the mountain, you will witness the breathtaking views of the city and experience being extremely close to the most active volcano in Central America. There are many thrilling things to do in Pacaya, especially climbing the volcanic mountain and cooking raw hot dogs. You can also take marshmallows if you like them better. Being so close to the active lava right under your feet will make you feel terrified and amazing all at the same time. When climbing the mountain, you will also witness the mesmerizing views of the city and the amazing vegetation. You will never run short of things to do in Pacaya including hiking to 8,000 feet above sea level and looking at the stunning landscape surrounding the volcanic mountain. You will also find many other active volcanoes in the surroundings including Acatenango, Agua, and Fuego. You will also come across wildlife while making your way to the mountain top. You can also enjoy some snacks that locals sell.