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Things to do in Estuaire

Best attractions to visit in Estuaire

1. Akanda National Park - Estuaire

Akanda National Park

Akanda National Park was set up by former President Omar Bongo to encourage tourism and to show the diversity of nature in the city. It is located in the northeast part of the country and with a coastline along the Corsico and Mondah bays. The park boasts mangroves and tidal beach habitats but only 25% of the former if we take Africa’s range of mangrove forests into account. However, they still play an important part in maintaining the ecosystem and stabilizing the coastline around Libreville. The national park also boasts flooded forests and savannahs which are home to elephants, primates, birds and saltwater turtles. It is also home to several species of fish and crustaceans and is also their breeding ground. Yearly rainfall is on a massive scale but it keeps the flow of water in the rivers regulated and stabilizes the site. If you are a wildlife enthusiast then you will not leave disappointed either. The park is a perfect spot for naturalists who wish to spot some of the most elusive species in the world with guided tours that take tourists throughout the park to snap pictures and educate themselves regarding the local flora and fauna.


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