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Things to do in Estuaire

Spanning over an area of approximately 20,740 kilometer per square, Estuaire is one of the nine provinces of Gabon. Libreville is its provincial capital. This province is named Estuaire after the Gabon Estuary located to Gabon’s west. It borders the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to the north. The Centro Sur Province is located to its north east.

Places to visit in Estuaire

If you are planning to visit the state, you should know about some things to do in Estuaire. If you love water activities and sports, you should definitely visit Pointe-Denis Beach. It is a very pleasant place to visit and ideal to have a fun filled day. You can take photos, play games including soccer and throw ball and enjoy a day close to nature. This is a highly recommended place to visit. When it comes to the beaches, there is no comparison to Pointe-Denis Beach in Estuarine. The water is pure and clean and you can also find various boating options. The beauty of the state is not limited to beaches and water sports; you will also find other things to do in Estuaire. There are also multiple restaurants providing scrumptious meals in the state. Another must visit place in Estuaire is Casino Croisette. The atmosphere is very engaging and interesting. The casino is one of the top tourist attractions present in Estuaire. You will find some really good events and shows going on at the casino regularly. Include visiting this in your list of things to do in Estuaire.

Visit Estuaire

For all the history lovers, you will also find plenty of things to do in Estuaire. There is no place like Notre-dame de Lourdes located in Libreville. If you decide to visit Estuaire, don’t forget to go to this famous church. The beautiful church is erected on a hill- which increases it‘s beauty and allure. Both the architecture and interior design of the church is beyond enthralling. The church is also located at a very good place. You can also hire a guide if you want to learn about the historical significance of the church. You will find multiple statues, masks and designs from the history. Some other important places to visit in Estuaire include Stade d'Angondje, Palais Presidentiel, St Marie Cathedral, Bars & Clubs and Cathedrale and Saint Pierre. If you are an art lover, Estuaire is the place for you. You can find some quality museums there including Musee des Arts et Traditions du Gabon which is also known as Museum of Art and Culture in Libreville. Some other places to visit in Estuaire include Akanda National Park, Cour Constitutionnelle de la Republique Gabonaise, Hassane II Mosque, Cathedrale Saint Pierre, St Marie Cathedral, Memorial Leon Mba, Palais Presidentiel Institut francais, Stade d'Angondje, Pointe-Denis Beach and Notre-dame de Lourdes. Other than visiting these famous places, you can also find some other things to do in Estuaire.


Things to do in Estuaire - Akanda National Park

Akanda National Park was set up by former President Omar Bongo to encourage tourism and to show the diversity of nature in the city. It is located in the northeast part of the country and with a coastline along the Corsico and Mondah bays. The park boasts mangroves and tidal beach habitats but only 25% of the former if we take Africa’s range of mangrove forests into account. However, they still play an important part in maintaining the ecosystem and stabilizing the coastline around Libreville.

The national park also boasts flooded forests and savannahs which are home to elephants, primates, birds and saltwater turtles. It is also home to several species of fish and crustaceans and is also their breeding ground. Yearly rainfall is on a massive scale but it keeps the flow of water in the rivers regulated and stabilizes the site.
If you are a wildlife enthusiast then you will not leave disappointed either. The park is a perfect spot for naturalists who wish to spot some of the most elusive species in the world with guided tours that take tourists throughout the park to snap pictures and educate themselves regarding the local flora and fauna.