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Things to do in Falklands Islands (UK)

Located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Falkland Islands is a collective name given to almost 778 islands. These islands are part of the British Overseas Territory and are quite fascinating. The temperature in this area remains chilly, which is why these islands are home to a few thousand residents. These islands have become the center of attraction for many tourists who want to witness their beauty.

The Falklands

Visiting Falkland Islands is often a priority for many who want to explore the beauty and witness some amazing wildlife in action. Someone who wants their trip to be packed with outdoor activities will find many things to do in Falkland Islands. When visiting this place, make sure you head to Stanley, which is the capital of this country. This city is quite mesmerizing and perfect for someone who wants to explore the city life. This city is home to 2,000 people and has a very vintage vibe. When exploring this city, you will find red phone booths and old-style buildings. It is best to explore this place on foot and admire its vintage beauty. The Jubilee Villas are quite interesting and were built in honor of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. You should also head to the Tabernacle, which is Victorian Church from the late 18th century. You will also find many more interesting things to do in Falkland Islands including shopping. The city is famous for its wool and leather goods. You can also choose to dine at one of the impressive cafes and restaurants in this city. If you are amused by wildlife, then this place will be a paradise for you. This country is most popular for its impressive wildlife. And if you want to witness colonies of penguins hanging out in front of you, then this is the best place to experience that. Apart from penguins, you will also find sea lions, dolphins, whales, and elephant seals here. Falkland Islands are home to some of the most unique species of birds that you can see here. There are almost 200 species of birds that live in this area and can be found in different islands. This place is quite diverse in terms of plantation and wildlife. When visiting these islands you might come across 14 unique species of flowering plants that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. This place has a lot on offer, especially for those who are interested in exploring different cultures. If you are interested in witness exquisite architecture, head to the Christ Church Cathedral. This impressive cathedral was built in the late 18th century by Sir Arthur Blomfield. The most fascinating site in this cathedral is the Whalebone Arch. This arch is located right next to the cathedral and is made from real blue whale jaws. Make sure to click some pictures underneath the arch.

Places to visit in Falkland Islands

When it comes to places to visit in The Falkland Islands, the area is packed to the brim with amazing locations. If you head to the east side of this country, you will come across some mesmerizing villages. When in East Falkland, make sure you head to Salvador. This place is great for witness impressive wildlife. People from around the world visit this place to get a good view of penguins, seals, birds, and sea lions. There is a small racecourse in this area which attracts the attention of people with a love for horse riding. And if trekking or hiking is your thing, this place offers plenty of opportunities for these outdoor activities too. There are plenty of things to do in Falkland Islands including visiting the west side. West Falkland is famous for its coastal cliffs that offer adventure seekers a chance to enjoy. This area is also quite rich in wildlife and vegetation. Take an adventure tour of this place and you will come across some beautiful bird species and unique plantation. If you head to Port Howard, you will witness herd of sheep as this is a sheep farming community. You can choose to stay at one of the lodges in this area. If you are a nature lover, you can explore this breathtaking community on foot. You can take a tour of the surrounding hills and enjoy some hiking in Mount Maria. And if fishing is your thing, West Falkland is the place to be. There are many other islands located outside of East and West Falkland. If you visit the Jason Islands, you will be exploring the remote areas of the Falkland Islands where you will also witness impressive wildlife. The water of this island is home to some amazing marine life including whales and dolphins that you can enjoy watching. Some rare bird species can also be found in this place. The South Georgia Island is also a must-visit in the Falkland Islands. This island features gorgeous snow-capped mountains that are a treat to witness. In this island you will also witness impressive glaciers. This place is not populated at all, which is why it is great to explore for the most intimate nature experience. There are many reindeer species found in this island alongside many birds that are seen feeding on fish or walking on the lush green grasslands.

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