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Things to do in Faouar

Faouar is a small village that is situated in the Central- west of Tunisia. The village faces severe climatic conditions, which are signified by extreme heat and dryness. The weather is mostly sunny, and rain is considered a great blessing, by the locals. This place has not been a popular tourist attraction and it is not surprising why, as there are very few things to do in Faouar.

Places to visit in Faouar

Faouar is a place in Tunisia that does not have a lot on offer to its visitors because there are not many things to do in Faouar. The area is largely deserted and the few oases, located here and there, are the only thing you can consider, inviting. The journey you will have to undergo from Tunis, which is the capital of the country, to Faouar, is a long and tedious one. By the time you reach Faouar, you might already have been through a series of far more interesting oases and landmarks; therefore, there is nothing in this tiny village, which might be of a particular delight to you. Among the very few enjoyable things to do in Faouar, is sand skiing. If you love skidding through mounds of loose sand, and being the cause of a miniature sand typhoon, then Faouar might just be the place for you. The vast expands of desert and the wide stretch of open space might be an ideal place for tourists who love sand gliding, and take immense joy in trying out new things. If you have a knack for adventure, then be sure to include sand skiing in your list of things to do in Faouar when you visit the place.

Visit Faouar

Although the place is not a very welcoming site for tourists, there is one rather expensive hotel in town. Not that you have much choice, but make sure to include the extravagant hotel in your places to visit in Faouar. If you decide to stay in Faouar for a couple of days, you have the option of booking one of the considerably expensive rooms of the hotel or the staying in the relatively cheaper Bedouin tents. If you avail the accommodation facilities of the hotel, you will enjoy the free rental skis, as well as the luxury of a deeply relaxing swimming pool. If it’s a delicious local meal that you’re looking for, there are not many places to visit in Faouar. The best option you have is eating in the hotel, or you could visit Douz, which is twenty kilometers away. However, the locals of the village are very good hosts, and if lucky, you might get invited to an appetizing lunch prepared by the residents. Therefore, if you plan on visiting the village, make sure that you know beforehand, of the places to visit and things to do in Faouar.


Things to do in Faouar - Jebil National Park

Jebil National park is the largest park in Tunisia with an area of over 150,000 hectares. It is situated 100 km south of the small town of Kebili. Jebil National park is the only park in the Sahara desert and covers almost the whole of the Grand Erg Oriental. The park is a popular tourist destination especially for desert lovers and professional photographers. It has guarded shelters for tourist and guards are stationed throughout the park. Since, the park is situated in a desert the vegetation mostly consists of desert plants like the Calligonum and the daisy flowering plant, Rhanterium. The western portion of the park has large boulders formed from plutonic rocks as a result of weathering. There are countless dunes of sand that rise as high up to 10 meters in height. The park has unique desert life which includes mammals and reptiles. Most of the reptiles like horn vipers, cobras and lizards live under rocks. You will also see birds like the Houbara Bustard, crested lark and more. Some research work also takes place inside the park because of the artifacts that were found from the surroundings. The park also offers options for camping and camel riding. Jebil National park is a great place to visit if you looking to explore the Sahara.