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Things to do in Faro

The city of Faro is located in the southernmost part of Portugal. The city is situated on the Atlantic Ocean close to Cape Santa Maria. Once you reach the city, you will have several things to do there. You can take a boat trip that will take you around the Ria Formosa. You can stop to eat at restaurants, enjoy the nightlife, and attend local events.

Faro Portugal

A part of the Moorish kingdom in the 13th century, the city of Faro still exhibits a number of Moorish constructions and imprints. The choice of things to do in Faro is difficult as the city boasts a unique culture of ancient churches and museums along with technology-inspired modern and recreational activity centers. Faro Marina boasts the luxurious and corporate culture of Faro, evident from countless white yachts anchored to the deck. If you are looking for educational things to do in Faro, then visit the Municipal Museum. It has Romanesque antiques and sculptures along with some Islamic architectural leftovers as well. The west coast of Faro offers a spectacular view of the neighboring municipalities including Lisbon, Sagres, Aljuzer, and others. Rent a local campers tour guide or make it your private adventurous tour. A visit to Ria Formosa is mandatory to complete your list of things to do in Faro. Take a private boat or climb the bridge to reach this small island, which is considered an ideal, safe, and relaxing location for honeymoon goers and family vacations. A short walk from the Old Town Faro will land you in Alameda Joao De Deus, a small park with recreational zone, games, unique animals, a small café, and kid zones for activities and things to do in Faro.

Places to visit in Faro

There are many religious places to visit in Faro. The Old Town is a unique congregation of medieval and Moorish constructions. Offering a peaceful environment, the town streets are constructed with stone bricks and the white and blue houses are loaded with flower blossoms hanging out of the walls. Se Cathedral is a 13th century Gothic Church. It shares neo-classic architecture with the Sao Pedro Church constructed in 15th century. A beautiful contradiction to these Medieval and Moorish churches is the Bishop’s Palace. Constructed by British Troops in late 16th century, it is also located in the Old Town. A visit to Arco da Villa is one of the most memorable things to do in Faro. Designed by Francisco Xavier Fabri, this medieval archway was opened in the early 18th century. The twin-towered Arco de Repouso was built on the eastern gate of the city in 12th century to restrict Christian invaders. The Hermitage of Our Lady of Rest also sealed one of the arches in the 18th century. Largo de Se is one of the best places to visit in Faro for adoring the ancient architecture and purchasing souvenirs and local artwork at affordable prices.


Things to do in Faro - Cathedral of Faro

Things to do in Faro - Cathedral of Faro

The Cathedral of Faro is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Faro. The famous cathedral is situated in Old Town. The church was built over bits and pieces of a Roman Temple, Moorish Mosque, and Visigoth Church. In 1596, the cathedral sustained damages from the English raid and an earthquake. If you like historical sites, visit Faro.

Even though the church was rebuilt, you can still see some of the original architecture such as the two chapels and the tower gate. There will be many things to do in Cathedral of Faro. Inside the structure, you will encounter gilded woodcarvings and marble inlay. Climb the winding staircase to visit the roof. From there, you will see the true beauty of the city. Visit the museum to see exhibits.

Some things to do in Cathedral of Faro include going up to the roof to see the sea, mud flats, and the Bishop’s Palace. You can also visit the exhibit, held in a museum located upstairs. In the museum, you will see statues, vestments, ossuary, and religious paintings. You can grab something to drink and eat at a café. It is open from Monday to Saturday with Sunday reserved for services.


Things to do in Faro - Tavira Island

Things to do in Faro - Tavira Island

Visitors who have been to Tavira Island call it one of the best beaches in the city of Faro, Portugal. At the beach, you will encounter birds and flamingos. In order to visit it, you will have to take a ferry, which is available from the Quatro Aguas. If you love camping, visit Tavira Island with your family for sure.

In terms of environmental quality, the beach holds the blue flag, which stands for superiority. At the beach, you will have access to parking areas, toilets, and dining places. One of the things to do in Tavira Island is to visit the Camping Park. The Camping Park is covered with beautiful pine trees. The park maintains 24/7 security via guards and onsite cameras. You can see vintage houses, built around the year 1943.

You will find many things to do in Tavira Island. There are two ways to get to the island, either by ferry or by a water taxi. You can rest on the beach and capture the pictures of flamingos and birds. If you family wants to camp amongst the pine trees and in a place that provides you with complete security, visit the Camping Park. You and your family will have a blast.


Things to do in Faro - Vale do Lobo

Things to do in Faro - Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is one of the most booked resorts in Faro, Portugal. Travelers have thoroughly enjoyed the resort’s amenities and facilities. In order to book a room in the Vale do Lobo, people will have to book in advance. The resort is near the shopping center and the beach. You should visit the beautiful resort with your family members.

You will have several things to do in Vale do Lobo. The resort has fifteen restaurants. Hence, deciding where to easy will not be an easy job. The resort’s many amenities such as a nightclub, an outdoor pool, spa service, two golf courses, and a gym will keep you busy. When you need to step out, go to the Quinta Shopping Center or the beach, which is three miles away.

With so many things to do in Vale do Lobo, you will not feel like leaving Faro. You can play golf, try the cuisine at any of the fifteen restaurants, stretch out your limbs on the beach, and shop till you drop at the shopping center. If you do not feel like going out, you can use their spa service or swim in their outdoor swimming pool. You will have fun!