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Things to do in Fatima

When dinosaurs walked the Earth, the city of Fatima was their main port of call. The site holds immense historical significance and is filled with massive caves, dinosaur footprints and vast pilgrimage sites that date back to the early Roman Catholics, making Fatima one of the historical wonders of the world. So if you love history and would like to spend your trip exploring its artifacts, then this city is a must visit.

Fatima Portugal

Renowned for hosting millions of Catholic pilgrims every year, Fatima is a city that is always populated with tourists. Due to its religious significance and a wide range of things to do in Fatima, the city is equally popular among pilgrims and tourists from all around the world. The Museo Interativo is an amazing museum-cum-theme park that exhibits the history of Portuguese explorers and social and economic development of Fatima. If you trust your feet and shoes, then pay a visit to Ourem Castle. Included among one of the best things to do in Fatima for religious and non-religious tourists, the castle was built by Moorish explorers. The mighty castle offers a breathtaking view of the city. The Aljustrel Ethnological Museum is a small hamlet where the shepherd children were born and raised. You will also find the seers of Fatima, Francisco and Jacinta Marto here. Loca Do Anjo is equally important as a spiritual site and one of the most popular things to do in Fatima for religious tourists. For non-religious tourists, it offers a satisfying and peaceful environment for an evening walk. Gorging upon the authentic Portuguese food is one of the best things to do in Fatima. The restaurants in Fatima are popular for the authentic grilled Portuguese food and religious décor.

Places to Visit in Fatima

You must visit the Fatima Parish Church. The folklores tell that Our Lady of Fatima appeared to three shepherd children and said ‘I am the Lady of the Rosary’. The children witnessed apparitions of the Lady of Fatima. The last apparition is the miracle of October 13th, when 60,000 people witnessed the miracle and named it as The Day The Sun Danced. It is believed that the Virgin Mary appeared to the children in a huge plaza located in Cova di Iria. The site of appearance is marked with a small chapel, the Fatima Parish Church that is also surrounded with small shops and stalls. The church is the most popular and most populated among places to visit in Fatima. It is mandatory to pay respect to pilgrims and holy sites. Other places to visit in Fatima include Luz Houses Fatima — a perfect refuge to breathe religious tranquility; Fatima’s Huge Square — a huge space around plaza to hold as many as double pilgrims than the Vatican; Church of the Santissima Trinidade — the contemporary Roman Catholic Church; and Monument Natural das Pegados dos Dinassaurious —a monument exhibiting the authentic footprint of dinosaur. Include the 20,000 years old Moeda Caves in your list of things to do in Fatima. A local guided tour to the caves would be very informative and helpful.


The Church of the Holy Trinity is probably the most unique yet beautiful church in the world. Most churches in the world follow the same design conventions, and you can recognize that it is a church from far away. This church looks more like a modern art museum than a church. It is the most creatively designed church we have seen, and we would highly recommend all tourists in Portugal to make sure they visit here, even if they aren’t religious themselves.

The reason that the Church of the Holy Trinity looks so different is that it was built in 2002. There has been a church here for a long time but the structure which exists today is new. Instead of emulating other churches the church opted for a modernist approach. The only sign in the design of the church which shows that it is a church is the art on top of the entrance. The building won architectural awards and was one of the most exciting architectural projects of the year. There are also many beautiful works of art inside the church, including beautiful works of sculptors. There are many different chapels located within the church.

The Sanctuary of Fatima is a beautiful group of Roman Catholic buildings. The sanctuary was made in this location due to a local religious legend. Three people claimed to be able to see an angel around the place where this church has been built. Over time many sights and miracles were observed and the people started becoming making a church here. Instead of being made by the government or some religious authority, the church was wholly made by people who believed in the apparitions. Once the church officially got involved it lead to the small church being turned into the beautiful building that exists today.

The Sanctuary of Fatima seems to be like the Vatican a bit, especially because it has the same extended arms look, and makes you feel like you are being embraced by the church. The church is absolutely beautiful and has a majestic steeple. There are several chapels inside the church, and if you are in Fatima, Portugal we would highly recommend taking out the time to visit this beautiful church. While this is a traditional church, there is another bigger church near it which was made to accommodate all the pilgrims who come here.

The Statue of Our Lady of Fátima is a blessed statue which is revered by Roman Catholics. It was named so due to the visions of the Virgin Mary which were seen near Fatima. Our Lady of Fatima is the name used locally to refer to the Virgin Mary. The statue was blessed as a traveler and was given the task of furthering the story of Fatima, and this mission is taken very seriously by the people who work with the statue.

The Statue of Our Lady of Fátima is one of those rare treasures which may travel to you by itself. Before visiting make sure you view the schedule and make sure the statue is within Fatima, Portugal when you visit! The statue is beautiful, but it is famous for being blessed and given the mission of spreading the message.


Statue of Pope John Paul II

Statue of Pope John Paul II

You will find a Statue of Pope John Paul II in many different parts of the world but the one that is in Fatima has special significance for the city. Fatima is intricately tied to what happened after there was an assassination attempt on the Pope’s life. The day the assassination happened was the anniversary of the first time the apparition of Virgin Mary was seen in Fatima, which lead the Pope to believe that his life had been saved by the same apparition. He later revealed that the third secret given by the apparition was about his assassination attempt.

The pope later returned to Fatima multiple times and thanked the Virgin Mary for saving his life. The Statue of Pope John Paul II in Fatima thus has special significance to the locals as well as religious tourists. It was made by the Polish immigrant Czeslaw Dzwigai. The statue is rather simple, what attracts people to it is the story behind the statue. The statue can be found on the Plaza Pío XII and we would recommend making sure that when you are in the area you pay a visit to this statue as well.

The Chapel of the Apparitions in the Sanctuary of Fatima is a must visit for tourists who are even a bit religious. There is a great local legend attached to the chapel, which says that this is the location where 3 locals say the vision of the Virgin Mary multiple times. The whole church was made only because the miracle was accepted by the Roman Catholic church, and it has been an important site to visit for religious pilgrims every since. This Chapel is not grand or luxurious but the legend attached to it makes it very important for religious people.

We would recommend visiting the Chapel of the Apparitions if you are in Luxembourg for a tour. It is a very simple building but it is very spiritual, and it is a great place to find some peace of mind. The services here are very beautiful and accommodate the foreigners who visit the chapel all the time. We would highly recommend coming here at night if you are not religious, because at night time the whole group of buildings is lit up magnificently and it makes for a great photo opportunity for tourists.


Light a candle

Light a candle

Light a Candle is a stunning place in the Florence area of Italy. Designed as a cathedral, Light a Candle is the name given to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. The Cathedral is nicely designed by paintings on wall, beautiful architectural composition. Tourists can come in and light a candle, drop the coins in the donation box and have the option of offering prayers if they want to. Additionally, there is the option for climb ups to enjoy the view of the Florence city.