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Things to do in Fethiye

Fethiye is a city in the Mulga Province of Turkey with an estimated population of 146,000 people. The city is based in the Mediterranean region and is nestled on the site of Telmessos, an ancient city that started in 5 BC. Severed by the Dalaman Airport, Fethiye is a popular tourist destination in Turkey, especially during the summers.

Fethiye Turkey

You will have several things to do in Fethiye as the city contains one star attraction after another. You can make your way down to the Lycian sites. You will come across several tombs and structures dated back to 200 BC. Out all the structures located on the site, the Tomb of Amyntas remains the most popular with tourists. You can see remnants of architecture left behind the Romans when they conquered the city in the 2nd century BC. Visit the Roman Theatre, which at one time, could sit about 6,000 people. Do you like museums? If you like museums, you should visit the Fethiye Museum to view exhibitions of jewelry, steles, and pottery. People who are staying in the city are in luck as the city has the most popular beach, the Oludeniz Lagoon, is only a few miles away from it. People have the option to go paragliding, swimming, and sunbathing on the lovely shores of the beach. The fun does not stop here, as there are still plenty more things to do in Fethiye. People can visit the Kayakoy, a stone village that used to house both Turks and Greeks. You can see the architecture and admire what is left of the village.

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Are you traveling to Fethiye, Turkey? If you are, you should know that you would remain one busy-bee throughout your trip. With so many places to see, you will have plenty of things to tell you family and friends about when you get home. You can start your tour of the country by visiting Saklikent Gorge. If you like nature, you will like the mountains, the river going in between them, and the trail above the water. If you do not want to walk on the trail, but still be near the river, you can arrange for a rafting or a canyoning trip. You can visit the Pinara, which is a cliff with over 900 house and rock tombs. From the location, you can snow-capped mountains and lush, green forest. The Letoon, which is a ruin that comes under the protection of UNESCO, is another tourist hotpot. The ruin honors the Leto, the Greek God, who Hera, the wife of Zeus, sent to earth after she found about the affair between her and her husband. . Kayakoy is another structure with historical value you should visit. The Patara is a beach where people come to get some sun and enjoy the coming waves coming ashore.


Things to do in Fethiye - Kayakoy

Things to do in Fethiye - Kayakoy

Kayaköy is a tourist destination in Fethiye, Turkey. Tourists from all over the world visit the site to see what is left of it. People who are history buffs will like seeing the historical stone village, which once was a home to both Greeks and Turks who lived peacefully together, until the Greeks were forced out to reside in Greece in 1923.

What are some things to do in Kayaköy? There is more to see than do in Kayaköy. If you enjoy seeing structures erected in the 1920s, you will have fun walking through the site, seeing all the remnants and ruins of the stone village. It will give you an idea what happened to the village when the Greeks were asked to leave their home. You should take your entire family to visit the site.

There are several things to do in Turkey with visiting the historical site of Kayaköy being one of them. When you enter the feeling, you will get an eerie and creepy feeling, especially when you how the stone village has mourned the loss of its Greek occupants over the years, slowing decaying as time went by. You can see the beautiful interior of the Taxiarkis Church and the Katapongagia Church.


Things to do in Fethiye - Saklikent Canyon

Things to do in Fethiye - Saklikent Canyon

The Saklikent Canyon is located nearly 50 kilometers away from Fethiye city in the Mulga province of Turkey. One of the deepest canyons in the world that was formed as a result of abrasion of rocks from flowing water more than thousand years ago, the Saklikent Canyon is a popular summer destination in the southwestern region of Turkey. Saklikent is Turkish for hidden city and recent excavation work suggests that it was once a site of a major civilization.

One of the best things to do in Saklikent Canyon is to come here during the summer when the water levels are back to normal. Tourist activity generally starts after April as people can walk up to 4 kilometers of the Saklikent Canyon with fantastic views of the Taurus Mountains. Located in the Mediterranean region, the snow melts from the Taurus Mountains, passing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Taking a group tour is definitely amongst the top things to do in Saklikent Canyon. Group tours can be taken from the city (Fethiye) and allow visitors to explore key points of interests around the Saklikent Canyon. If you are looking for some time in nature and solitude then Saklikent Canyon is where you should be heading!


Things to do in Fethiye - Butterfly Valley

Things to do in Fethiye - Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a valley in the city of Fethiye in southwest Turkey. Located in the Mulga province, the valley is home to several species of butterfly, hence the name. Situated at the foothills of the Babadag Mountain, the stretch of sandy beach along the bay protrudes from Butterfly Valley in the Turkish Riviera. Butterfly Valley is a popular ecotourism destination in Turkey which is accessible via boat service.

Camping and hiking are amongst the most popular things to do in Butterfly Valley. There is a trail to the valley that passes through two beautiful waterfalls. When you reach the center, you will find a creek that carries water from a nearby spring to the sea. The valley has 147 species of flora and 105 species of butterfly, of which 15 species are native to the valley. The Jersey tiger is one of the most beautiful species of butterfly found in this area.

Water activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and canoeing are also amongst the top things to do in Butterfly Valley. While the valley is open for public throughout the year, it is during the summer months when the most visitors make their way to these beautiful lands.


Things to do in Fethiye - Gemiler Island

Things to do in Fethiye - Gemiler Island

Gemiler Island is located near Fethiye just off the coast of Turkey. Gemiler Island lies in the Mediterrenean Sea in the southwest region of the country. Also known as the St. Nicholas Island, it is believed by archaeologists that the island was the location of the tomb of Saint Nicholas. Gemiler Island has a rich history and has been an active religious and cultural tourism destination for many years.

Hiking is one of the top things to do in Gemiler Island. The Babadag Mountain has trails to reach the summit where you get great views. The island is accessible via private boats from Fethiye where visitors get to explore Byzantine ruins, several churches built from 4th to 6th century AD, and soak in fantastic views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding.

Swimming and other water activities are amongst the popular things to do in Gemiler Island. The calm and warm waters of the Mediterranean give visitors all the more reason to swim in the bay. The makeshift café at the Gemiler Island is kind of expensive, so it is always a good idea to bring your own food and enjoy a day at the mysterious, majestic island.


Things to do in Fethiye - Tlos

Things to do in Fethiye - Tlos

Tlos is an ancient Lycian citadel on a hilltop close to Kalkan, the resort town in Antalya province in southwest Turkey. Tlos is one of the most religiously significant Lycian site in Turkey where it is believed that settlements started over 4,000 years ago. Today, Tlos is regarded as one of the largest as well as oldest Lycia settlements which was also inhabited by the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottoman Turks.

One of the best things to do in Tlos is to reach the hilltop where the Lycian ruins are. Tlos is easily accessible from the coastal towns of Kalkan and Kas, and tickets to the rock tombs are available at the site entrance. At the entrance you can also find parking and toilet facilities and small cafes for quick meals, snacks, and drinks. The site also has a natural spring so make sure to check that out as well.

Photography is one of the popular things to do in Tlos as the hill top offers grand views of the beautiful scenery and the nearby Yaka village with its lush green fields and pomegranate trees. Overall, a trip to Tlos is worth the experience.