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Things to do in Fiji

The Republic of Fiji is a small country in the South Pacific. It is in a very lonely place as the closest islands are a thousand kilometers away. It is situated towards the northeast of New Zealand. Fiji is in fact a combination of over 300 islands out of which around one third are inhabited by humans. The capital of Fiji is Suva and also serves as its primary port.

Places to visit in Fiji

Fiji is formed from a set of different islands that contain smaller islets. It has a land mass of around 18,000 square kilometers. There are two major islands in the country. These two islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The country has a population of around 860,000 which is mostly inhabited on these two islands. One of the best things to do in Fiji is to enjoy its water sports facilities. Fiji has a very developed economy because it has a number of natural resources such as minerals and fish. It also exports sugar which brings in foreign exchange in the country. Most of the population on different islands is found close to the shores as the forest terrain inside the lands is not suitable for living. The local currency is the Fijian Dollar. The country has a structure of government where there are city councils and town councils which are supervised by the Ministry of Local Government. Fiji Islands were most probably formed due to volcanic activity that occurred over 150 million years ago. Historical records indicate that the islands had been inhabited around 2000 BC. The first settlers to the region are supposed to be Melanesians as well as Austronesians. Europeans only became aware of these islands in the 17th Century. Fiji was governed by the British Crown when the United Kingdom captured it in 1874. Fiji became a republic finally in 1987 although it had gained independence from the British in 1970. One of the things to do in Fiji is to still see the signs of Commonwealth identity. The country has faced troubles of political unrest but now seems to be in a period of prosperity with the economy growing greatly from both agriculture and the tourism industry. Fiji is an amazing place and some of the things to do in Fiji are to see its pottery art of the historical times. The name of the country is based on the main island of Viti Levu. Viti was known in the neighboring language as Fisi which was interpreted as Fiji by the infamous Captain James Cook. The growth of Fiji in historical times was due to the passage of traders passing by these lands through sea routes. These trading activities have shaped the economies of as far away places as Hawaii, Tonga and Samoa apart from Fiji itself. The people living in Fiji islands were experts at making canoes from trees which were excellent and looked to trade with the passing traders.

Fiji tourist attractions

Fiji has always been a nation where people speak different languages due to large distances between the islands. Fiji also had a unique culture because it was one of the areas where cannibalism among the tribes was quite common. A Fiji chief, Ratu Udre Udre was known to have eaten over 800 people in the 19th Century. These customs in fact deterred Europeans from entering these islands and therefore they are still quite preserved and remain away from modern elements of life. Fiji is covered with tropical forests and it lies in the center of the best of Oceanic islands in the Pacific. One of the best things to do in Fiji is to enjoy its tropical marine atmosphere. Fiji experiences considerable rains as expected. Fiji has quite a developed economy when compared with countries and other islands in the region. Fiji has excellent resources of copper, gold as well as fish. The service sector has flourished now in Fiji and there are many people who have taken higher education and moved to other countries. The country faces urbanization as it is easier to find jobs and opportunities in the large cities. One of the things to do in Fiji is to visit Nadi which is a popular tourist destination. Many visitors from the neighboring Australia and New Zealand visit Fiji Islands. One of things to do in Fiji is to go scuba diving and a number of coral reefs. Fiji has very beautiful beaches which have white sand. It also has a tropical weather all year round. It is an excellent place to go for the holidays especially for people that have a mid range budget and cannot afford the more costly places. There are many excellent resorts and other facilities that are present in Fiji and tourists find it very relaxing and comfortable in enjoying their holidays at a distant location. Fiji serves as an excellent place for both family vacations as well as serving well for couples too who are out on their honeymoon trips. There are many things to do in Fiji for tourists such as visit the many botanical gardens in the country. The tourism sector is doing excellently and the country needs to develop its tourist industry to attract more visitors each year. There are many airports in the country as well, but only two of these airports are capable of handling the large jets that fly on the international routes.

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