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View Ponte Vecchio in 360 virtual tour

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The Ponte Vecchio is an ancient medieval stone, segmental arch closed-spandrel bridge which is present over the river Arno, in Florence in Italy. The bridge is famous for the numerous shops built around it. Butchers occupied these shops initially, but the present tenants happen to be art dealers, jewelers and the souvenir sellers. These shops are a main tourist attraction at the bridge. The two neighboring bridges of Ponte Vecchio are the Ponte Alle Grazie and the Pontes Anta Trinita. The bridge contains three segmental arches. Each one of the two side arches span 27 meters, whereas, the main arch has a span of almost 30 meters. The rise of these arches is between 3.5 and 4.5 meters and the span-to-rise ratio happens to be 5.1. In order to pay tribute to the master goldsmith and the great Florentine sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, the renowned goldsmiths of this bridge commissioned a famous Florentine sculptor Raffaello Romanelli to design a bronze bust of Cellini which would stand at the top of the fountain, right in the center of the bridge’s eastern side. This development enhanced the bridge’s attraction by many folds.The Ponte Vecchio must be visited for its mesmerizing beauty and rich historic value.