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Things to do in French Guiana

Located on the north-Atlantic coast of South America, French Guiana was originally inhabited by the Native American tribe but was later colonized by France. It is a small but beautiful country that is home to some of the world’s most distinct plant and animal life. This is what makes it a very popular destination for tourists from all around the world.

French Guiana tourist attractions

French Guiana is a place that is rich in colonial architecture as well as a diverse wildlife. The beautiful amalgamation of the man-made and natural environment gives the place a unique contrast. There are a lot of things to do in French Guiana. As a tourist you need to keep a check list of all the places to explore and all the things to do in French Guiana. French Guiana is a remote, secluded and beautiful place to visit. With its fascinating tourist attractions and remarkable architecture, it is one of the most favorite traveler destinations. French Guiana has a lot to offer: from amazing wildlife encounters to mesmerizing cultural curiosities, this tiny country has the ability to capture the hearts of visitors in a way that they lose track of the all the things to do in French Guiana. Although the country lacks good beaches, sea fishing is still a popular sport in French Guiana. Tourists can indulge in this activity at the rocky shores and can also enjoy fishing while swaying in boats and battling the strong tides of the open sea. There is also the option of freshwater fishing that can be done at the Petit Saut Lake and Kaw Swamp. Many tourists are also fascinated by the idea of quietly observing the natural behavior of birds. For bird lovers, it is highly recommended to go bird-watching at the famous Mouragues Nature Reserve which is home to a vast species of the feathered marvels of nature. This place is renowned for its colorful sceneries and the melodious singing of birds. The dense jungles of French Guiana house a number of high current rapids. Canoeing down these rapids is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. Tourists make it a point to enjoy the fast flowing waters and get the thrill of a lifetime. This is why, for tourists, venturing down the challenging rapids, have become one of the most favorite things to do in French Guiana.

Places to visit in French Guiana

Another of the great adventures, that French Guiana has to offer, is turtle spotting. This activity is by far, the most appealing feature of the country. Tourists come from far and wide to explore the isolated beaches in the hope of spotting the olive shelled turtles that come to rest, breed and lay eggs on the harbors. The sparsely populated country is home to a wide species of plants and animals; some of them on the verge of extinction. These animals have been kept in parks and reserves all around d the country, well protected, in a natural environment. Wildlife explorers make it a point to visit this place and observing the natural habitat is among the top things to do in French Guiana. Although exploring the wildlife comes foremost among all the things to do in French Guiana, there are other things as well. The country has a rich colonial history. Another of the top things to do in French Guiana is visit the famous prisons which are guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of visitors, till date. Tourists also make it a must to go and visit the Amerindian Village that displays the cultural life of pre colonized French Guiana. The Wayana that reside in the village are a few of the last remaining Amerindian people dwelling on the coast of South America. Their means of survival is selling beautifully crafted, handmade souvenirs to the tourists. Tourists can visit the riverside villages of the Amerindian if they want. Their traditional lifestyle and primitive ways are sure to delight all visitors. These people are very welcoming to all guests. They love playing the host and will do their best to make tourists feel comfortable and completely at home Turtle spotting is also, one of the top things to do in French Guiana. The season from April to July is the best time for turtle spotting, as it is the breeding season for turtles. The view of numerous turtles crawling slowly along the sandy coastlines, and being washed off by the waves is a beautiful sight to see. From a distance, the turtles appear as glistening shells sparkling brightly in the sunlight. There are a lot of things to do in French Guiana once you reach the place. It is guaranteed to provide all tourists with the experience that they will never forget. The country is a perfect blend of old civilization and the marvels of nature. It is blessed with dense forests and natural habitat that beckon all nature lovers towards them. In addition, it has preserved some of the most ancient remains of civilizations that are sure to take all visitors back in time. French Guiana is a remarkable place; it is a beauty that is not to be visited just once, but to keep visiting again and again.

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