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Things to do in Gabès

Gabès is a city located in the Governorate of Gabès in Tunisia. The town is located on the coast of the Gulf of Gabès. It is famous the world over for its attractive beaches and unique seaside Oasis. The abundance of attractions available in Gabès make it a must-visit spot in Tunisia.

Lying on the coast of the Gulf of Gabès is the beautiful city of Gabès famous for the amalgamation of traditional and modern life. There are a number of things to do in Gabès that will keep you busy all along your trip of the city. Owing to its location, Gabès has unusual seaside oasis and attractive beaches, which are popular with locals, as well as, with tourists. The best part about Gabès is that you will find mountains, oasis, desert and sea all in the same city, making it one of the most unique places to visit in the world. The things to do in Gabès include visiting the traditional shops, named Souqs. The city is quite famous for its nightlife, especially during Ramadan when the desert becomes alive. Shops are set up in the desert and feasts take place almost every night in Ramadan. Among other things to do in Gabès, include shopping from the city malls when you are visiting the place. You will find everything from local and traditional goods to modern ones here. If you are a beach person, you will be very happy visiting the city owing to the beautiful beaches it has.

If you are visiting Gabès, we suggest you make a list of places to visit in Gabès. The most famous and the most visited place in Gabès is the town of Matmata. It is a small village located near Gabès. It is famous for the fact that this place was used as sets for Star Wars movie, with a number of scenes filmed here. You can also go on cave dwelling and can spend the day getting to know the place. Among other places to visit in Gabès, also include Tamezret, which is a small village located nearby and is famous for its picturesque scenes. The best among the things to do in Gabès will however be visiting the Gulf of Gabès. You will find large tides here and will be able to see the centre of administration of the city. You can also visit The Corniche which is a restaurant with the view of the sea and is famous among tourists. You should also add visiting the traditional souks to your list of things to do in Gabès and can buy some beautiful and traditional souvenirs to take back home, which will remind you of your visit to the magnificent city of Gabès.


Things to do in Gabès - Kerkennah Islands

Located in the Gulf of Gabes, off the east coast of Tunisia, is a group of Islands known as the Kerkennah Islands. The islands are only 13 meters above the sea. The two main Islands are the Chergui and Gharbi. The land here is arid, making agriculture difficult, but there is still vegetation and plant growth. The climate is warm and dry, yet very tranquil and peaceful. Most local Tunisians have second homes on the Island where they come for vacations. As far as tourism is considered then little has been done to attract any. There are a few hotels in the vicinity but most who visit there are Tunisian locals. Some Russian and German families also reside on the Island. The Kerkennah Islands are a way to escape from the modern world. The aspect which makes the place so unique is its originality that provides an excellent environment to kick back and relax. The beaches are pure, but deprived of modern facilities. The shore is sloped and shallow for yards, making it a perfect spot for children. There are some facilities for water sport activities like sailing and windsurfing. Other than that there are options for camel and horse riding. While, there aren’t any sightseeing wonders here, the Island is still open for exploration. There are paths where one can cycle and explore the two Islands and some their most isolated beaches. North to the main resort is Sidi Frej, where there are remains of an old Ottoman Fort. The Islands are a popular spot for fishing. In fact fishes and octopuses (local specialty) are exported to the whole of Tunisia. Kerkennah Islands are a beautiful and pure place. Anyone, who is looking for a simple soft vacation should head towards the Islands.