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Things to do in Gaborone

Gaborone is a scenic tourist destination located in Botswana. The city contains lots of wonderful attractions for the tourists. From windsurfing, fishing, picnicking, and bird watching, to taking part in an adventurous safari, you can enjoy it all in Gaborone. It is a wonderful vacation destination in Africa where you will find many places of interests that offer plenty of fun and excitement to the visitors.

Gaborone Botswana

Enjoy natural beauty, exotic wildlife and bird galore in the Gaborone game reserve. Known as a great picnic and outing spot, it is home to wildebeest, kudu, elands, ostriches, gemsboks, and warthogs. Although it is one of the busiest reserves in the country, it does not require prior booking for entry. A visit to the Mokolodi Nature Reserve is also a must if you want to see all of the Big Five during your trip. Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana and it also the country’s largest city. Travelers visiting the country will come across numerous things to do in Gaborone. The city is popular amongst tourists who visit the country to see the native wildlife. A good place to travel to see the animals would be the Gaborone Dam. The Gaborone Dam attracts windsurfers, birdwatchers, and anglers. However, people cannot swim in the dam due the crocodiles inhabiting it. You can visit the Gaborone Game Reserve as well if you want to see more than birds. At the Gaborone Game Reserve, you will come across a variety of different animals. Get your camera ready to snap pictures of the kudu, impala, ostrich, zebra, bushbuck, snake eagles, warthogs, wildebeest, and more. If you like hike, you can travel to Kgala Hill. To climb to the top of the hill, you can take any of the three trails. It will take you two hours to climb the hill. Are there still more things to do in Gaborone? You can visit the Mokolodi Nature Reserve to see even more animals. The country is well known throughout the world for its different animal species. Travelers from all across the globe visit the city to see them.

Places to visit in Gaborone

Gaborone Dam is also popular among tourists. Here you can take part in different activities including fishing, windsurfing, and bird-watching. Other interesting things to do in Gaborone include visiting the Gaborone Yacht Club, Kalahari Fishing Club, and a public facility known as City Scapes that contains playgrounds, parks, and boating facilities. With so many reserves and places to visit in Gaborone, why not visit one more game reserve while you are there. You can visit the Mokolodi Nature Reserve to see zebras, ostriches, hippos, cheetahs, rhinos, and more. If you want to teach your children about animals, you can enroll them in an educational class offered by the game reserve. The instructor of the class will educate children on the different types of conservation projects. What are some other things to do in Gaborone? If you want more things to do in Gaborone, you can visit the Environment Watch Botswana. It is an ecological park where instructors educate, promote, demonstrate, and teach environment-friendly practices to people who visit. It will be one of the most fascinating things to do in Gaborone. If you want more places to visit in Gaborone, consider visiting the No. 1 Ladies Opera House, the National Museum and Gallery, the Sanitas Garden Center and Restaurant, and the Garden of the Grand Palms Hotel. You will have a wonderful time there. You should take your family with you so all of you can explore the city together. Pack up your bags and get ready to go to Gaborone.


Things to do in Gaborone - Gaborone Game Reserve

Things to do in Gaborone - Gaborone Game Reserve

The Gaborone Game Reserve lies across 600 hectares and is considered one of the busiest ones in Botswana. Besides being a natural reserve, the location serves as a place to relax for local residents and has a vast network of game viewing tracks, an education center for visitors, several picnic areas and game hides overlooking wetlands. An extensive tour map is also available and can be purchased at the gate of the Reserve which is a short way from Limpopo Drive on the west side of the city proper. A section of the park has been closed off to protect the extremely rare and endangered rhinos but you can get a glimpse of them along a few roads. Expect to also see a few impala, zebras, bushbucks, kudus, ostriches and wildebeests during your tour along with Africa’s largest antelope, the eland. Besides mammals, the park is also home to a large number of rare bird species and features woodland and riverine forests which they call home. Raptors and snake eagles along with the crimson boubo are common sights flying around the Reserve. To make your trip memorable and comfortable, wear clothes that can withstand the jungle heat and make sure your camera is charged as well.


Things to do in Gaborone - Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Things to do in Gaborone - Mokolodi Nature Reserve

The Mokolodi Nature Reserve is a nonprofit establishment. It was founded decades ago in 1994 and spans over 1200 square miles. It was established to provide the children of Botswana a natural area where they could learn about nature and how to conserve the environment. Located over 15 km from the south of Gaborone, the reserve forms the habitat of several species of mammals and this includes those that are considered endangered. A wide range of bird species, as well as amphibians and reptiles, also call the Reserve their home. The sanctuary is also open to the public and offers scheduled game drives with guides, camping facilities, bush braais, giraffe and rhino tracking and other activities for tourists. Members have access to the Reserve on vehicles provided but the Friends of Mokolodi program along with a wide range of benefits. It is not advisable to tour the sanctuary without a guide unless you are a qualified member of this program. Cycling is allowed though and offers a unique and personal look of the area which most people find preferable. Mokolodi guests can stay in self-catering chalets that overlook a beautiful waterhole along. Five camping sites are also available on demand.


Things to do in Gaborone - Gaborone Sun

The Gaborone Sun offers guests, both locals and tourists, a luxurious stay right in the heart of the city along with state of the art conference rooms for visiting entrepreneurs. With 196 sophisticated rooms, each furnished with the best furniture money can buy, the hotel is a favorite resting stop for those visiting Gaborone. The theme is African and the hotel is located quite close to the main business district along with the University of Botswana and the National Stadium. This includes renowned diners and restaurants where guests can get a quick bite to eat before heading out to see the city’s wonders. The hotel boasts several recreational facilities that guests can enjoy at their leisure. These include tennis courts, squash courts, and a fully equipped swimming pool the sparkling waters of which call to tired tourists as soon as they come back from their sightseeing tours. Families have little cause to complain as the Gaborone Sun also accommodates their needs with a children’s playground and entertainment is provided during the holidays as well. A golf course lies next to the hotel as well, making it very convenient for guests who love to play the sport or want to hone their skills on vacation.


Things to do in Gaborone - Government Enclave

The city of Gaborone was considered Africa’s busiest and largest city way back, and since its inception, it continues to hold onto that status. The city boasts large and sprawling enclaves accommodating 300,000 residents which are a far cry from the tiny town it was before Gaborone won independence in 1966. Ringed with trees and flowers, the attractive Government Enclave stands as a testament to that struggle and is open to the public to tour at their leisure. It features the National boast where members of Parliament gather along with the Office of the President and several ministry offices. One of the main attractions of the Government Enclave is a statue that commemorates soldiers who served their country during the Second World War. Another statue pays homage to the soldiers of the Botswana Defense Force who sacrificed their lives during the Rhodesian war of liberation. However, tourists have to take permission before they can be allowed to enter the premises and take photographs. The facility is tightly guarded due to obvious reasons and jail time will not look good on your permanent record. Since the city has a hot and arid climate, it would be best to visit the Enclave during the evening. Summers are usually quite hot as well so dress light and take plenty of water with you.


Things to do in Gaborone - National Museum and Art Gallery, Gaborone

Gaborone has a number of small museums that are home to several great aspects of Botswana’s natural, cultural and national heritage. Located near the Mall in the centre of the city the museum features a number of display cases that chronicle Botswana’s history and its cultural diversity. It is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday and entry is free for all. The museum has several exhibits of varying qualities, but if you visit in August, you will get to witness the basket show. The show is based on an international level and features baskets of every make and design along with pottery and tapestries. Several publications of the museum can also be purchased as souvenirs from the Mochudi Rondavel. The museum has a number of wildlife exhibits along with several arts and crafts by local artists that date back to the 1960s. This also includes a collection of transportation exhibits with the steam locomotive taking center stage among tourists and locals alike. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am onwards and closes an hour early on Sundays while Monday is an off day. Before heading out, it would be best to check what you are in for so you can plan accordingly.