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Things to do in Gafsa

For archaeological marvels, ancient Roman pools, beautiful mosques and a traditional Kasbah, your next travel destination should be Gafsa. The Archeological museum of the site is a must visit if you want to catch a glimpse of a Capsian figurine which stands as a testament to our presence on Earth since 8000 BC. The spectacular mosaic offers a stunning fight scene dating back to 4C AD. In other words, Gafsa is a haven for history buffs across the globe.

Places to visit in Gafsa

Gafsa was actually called Capsa in Latin but the name turned to Gafsa after the Arabic influence. Gafsa has a population of over 110,000 and it is the capital of one of the provinces of Tunisia. There are many things to do in Gafsa such as visiting the ancient sites that show signs of the Mesolithic civilization that dates back to over 15,000 years ago. The city has had a lot of historical importance and was also captured by the Romans. One of the things to do in Gafsa is to enjoy the sight of Roman cisterns that are present in the ruins. The old Capsa city finally lost its importance when it was captured by the Muslims as they built the city of Kairouan which became more prominent. One of the important things to do in Gafsa is to visit its phosphate mines which are perhaps the largest of such deposits in the world. Gafsa also suffered heavily in the Second World War as it was bombarded by both sides in different battles. One of things to do in Gafsa is to observe the intellect of its people as it was one of the first cities that started the revolutionary period of the Arab Spring.

Visit Gafsa

There are many radio stations in the city. Gafsa also has an international airport. One of the amazing places to visit in Gafsa is a lake which abruptly appeared in the city without an explanation. There are many historic sites that can be viewed in the city. Among the best places to visit in Gafsa are the two Roman pools. These pools are close to the center of the city and present an amazing experience to the visiting tourists. There are also narrow streets and many buildings made from earth and clay that are fantastic to look at and really provide an ancient atmosphere to the tourists visiting the city. One of the best things to do in Gafsa is to enjoy its old streets and have a look at the beauty of the old central mosque of the city. Gafsa is often named as the gateway to Tunisia and can present a visitor all the elements that he may find during a visit to the whole of Tunisia. Gafsa mixes both old and young elements in a single city and offer a glimpse of the past while allowing visitors to remain in the present. One of the important things to do in Gafsa is the visiting of its oasis that lies west of the old town.


Things to do in Gafsa - Bou-Hedma National Park

Things to do in Gafsa - Bou-Hedma National Park

The Bou-Hedma National Park is one of the most well-preserved natural parks in the heart of Tunisia. The 16,488-acre of the biosphere reserve is home to some of the most diverse species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. The Bou-Hedma National Park is located 85 kilometers to the east of Gafsa and 105 kilometers to the west of Sfax. The Park also has over 2,400 acres of vacation and rental residences for families with nearly 6,000 acres of protected zones. This offers tourists and families a chance to experience nature in its rawest form without compromising on security from predators and other wild animals. With 300mm rainfall on mountain tops and 140mm in the plains, the park has a unique climate unlike other parts of Tunisia. The Bou-Hedma National Park also features a museum that shows the history of the wildlife in that area and other parts of Africa. It serves as a reminder of how important it is to maintain biosphere reserves in order to protect the wildlife. Safari and jungle tours are readily available at the entrance of the park. Conveniently located and accessible, the Bou-Hedma National Park is certainly a secluded paradise that will take you back to nature like never before.