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Things to do in Gatsibo

Gatsibo is a small district located in the north eastern part of Rwanda between Nyagatare and Kayonza. Akagera National Park is located in the eastern part of the district with Kagera River bordering Tanzania. The district of Gatsibo is made up of fourteen sectors including Gitoki, Gasange, Kageyo, Muhuta, Rwimbogo, Gatsibo, Ngarama, Kiramuruzi, Murambi, Kiziguro, Remera, Nyagihanga, Rugarama, , and Kabarore.

Places to visit in Gatsibo

Gatsibo is a district of Rwanda and is basically a district divided into 14 sectors. It is a developing city and there are lots of things to do in Gatsibo for people who are adventurous, and want to see life in its most authentic form. Gatsibo district has low clean water coverage and a number of Non-governmental organizations are working there to make life better. Watching the volunteer programs and looking at life from a different point of view is one of the best things to do in Gatsibo. Despite several deficiencies, however, Gatsibo is still a place worth visiting because of its rich wildlife and natural beauty. The drive to Gatsibo itself provides a beautiful scenic view. Red dirt and green horizons have a beauty of its own. The hotels in Gatsibo provide a perfect opportunity to understand the lifestyles of rural areas and to give an authentic raw experience to the tourist. There are many agricultural projects also underway in the district of Gatsibo. Checking in a hotel is a must thing to do in Gatsibo as they serve traditional food that could only be found in Gatsibo.

Visit Gatsibo

Some of the most picturesque places to visit in Gatsibo and in the nearby areas are Caïman Nyarutarama Derrière, Kigali Memorial, Akagera, Cathédrale Byumba, Bunyonyi Uganda Von 85, Rulindo Rwanda, Island Bunyonyi Uganda Lake, Nyarutarama, Gahini, Malachite Kingfisher Birds Bird, Uganda, Island Harbor Canoe Dugout, Village Children Rwanda Women, Lac Muhazi, Nouveaux New Buildings Nyarutarama, Kibagabaga Karongi Av Goboka and Muhazi Lake View. Among all these places Akagera National Park is a favorite among tourists and a worthy place to visit in Gatsibo. It is one of the oldest national parks and has lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife to offer to the visitors. There are several things to do in Gatsibo including camping and night driving to observe nocturnal wildlife. One more thing to do in Gatsibo is to have a boat trip in Lake Lhema, which is definitely be a treat for those who love fishing or boating. It does not only offer a peaceful ambiance but it is also a great spot for bird watching and fishing as well. The habitat of Akagera Park attracts almost 480 different species of birds. The district of Gatsibo is a heaven for animal lovers who want to see wildlife up and close while living in their most natural habitat.


Things to do in Gatsibo - Akagera National Park

Things to do in Gatsibo - Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is located in the north east side of Rwanda and borders Tanzania. Named after the Akagera River that is located on its eastern most border, it is connected to a large number of lakes along with the largest, Lake Ihema. The park also boasts verdant hills and the Brachystegia Woodland and boasts scattered grasslands along with swampy lakes that are home to wildlife tourists flock to see on a yearly basis. This, along with the meandering and sparkling Akagera watercourse make the park one of the most popular tourist destinations for families and couples alike.

The park covers over 1,120 km per square inch of Rwanda’s eastern border and is considered to be one of the country’s oldest natural parks. The north side comprises of the savannah and low lying grasslands similar to the scenery a traditional safari explores. The west features rolling hills and vast valleys that are typical to the country’s topography and to the east lies a series of sparkling lakes, swamps and marches that make up Africa’s largest wetlands. These offer a variety of habitats to a diverse wildlife and some of the loveliest scenery in Africa.