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Things to do in Geneva

Are you travelling to Switzerland? If yes, why don’t you stay in the beautiful city of Geneva? Geneva is known for its museums, ancient buildings and cathedrals, parks, and retail stores. You will have plenty to explore in the city with something new to do every day. You will find the city filled with tourists just like you, sightseeing all the spectacular tourist places.

Geneva Switzerland

What are some things to do in Geneva? You can start your tour of the country by exploring the Old Town. In Old Town, you will come across the St. Pierre Cathedral, the Place du Bourg-de-Four, which is crowded with pedestrians, and several boutiques. You can visit the archeological site found underneath the cathedral before you sit at the La Clemence café to drink a cup of coffee as you watch people walk past you. While you are there, you can go to the Bastion Park and the Jura Mountain located not far from there. If you prefer to go on a hiking excursion with your pals, you travel to the Saleve Mountain or take a cable car ride from Veyrier. Even after all of this, you still have plenty of things to do in Geneva. You can visit the International Red Cross and Crescent Museum to see exhibitions and book a tour of the Palais des Nations. The Broken Chair is one of the highlights of the area. The tall chair stands on three legs and people daily walk from underneath the chair.

What to do in Geneva

Geneva is one of the most frequented and populated cities of Switzerland. The city attracts people from all across the world. When you visit the city and see its tourist attractions, you will immediately know why the city is regarded as one of the country’s best tourist cities. You have several places to keep your engaged and busy throughout your trip. One of the destinations you need to visit philosopher Maison Jean Jacques Rousseau house, which is located in France, but is not far from Geneva. His house has been transformed into a museum. You can hop on a train to visit the house he lived in when he fled the city. Another notable person you should go see is, Jean Marteau, a famous author. You will find his bust located in the center of a beautiful and serene location. You can spend most of your day watching sailboats and people pass by. Other places you should put on your must-see list is the St. Pierre Cathedral, the Place des Nations Unies Chair Handicap International, the Clock and Tower La Madeleine, the Eglise Catholique Romaine. You will have an unforgettable time in the city, as each day, you will something new to explore. The city has everything, from delicious food, friendly people, to fantastic tourist destinations.


Every year in March, Geneva becomes the favourite place of car lovers, because of the famed Geneva Motor Show happens annually in March. The show is a premier event in the auto world, and anyone who loves cars will love the show, and anyone who doesn't love cars will end up loving cars after this show. It was first held in 1905, and has become a top place for car manufacturers to début their newest and craziest creations.

The Geneva Motor Show is an amazing experience if you, like any normal human being, are thrilled by fast cars. At the Geneva Motor Show, you will see some of the fastest, best engineered vehicles in the whole world in one place. To get an idea about how great this show is, viewing the exhibits is another one of must-do things to do in Geneva Motor Show. This is the place to come if you want to see what crazy new speed devil Bugatti has made. This is the place to come to if you want to see what technical breakthrough Koenigsegg has come up with to upstage Bugatti. You will be emitting oohs and aahs simply because of the beauty of the cars, and the immense power they are capable of when it comes to driving.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is a beautiful museum to visit, not just because of what it displays, but because of what it represents. The museum is dedicated to showing all the ways that people have suffered injustices in the world, and the movements and people who have dedicated themselves to lessen this suffering. There are lots of things to do in International Red Cross and Red Crescent museum, since it is filled with comprehensive information about the history of such efforts, and where such efforts are still needed. You will leave the museum with a much more nuanced view of the world, aware of the atrocities that have been committed.

The best part is that the museum is unlike any other museum we have visited and is considered to be a must-visit on your list of things to do in Geneva. Instead of showing you pictures and walls of text, the museum focuses on making you feel. This is done with the help of latest technologies. You will see holographic images around you, and audio and video feeds to elicit specific emotions from you. Most of the exhibits are actually very interactive and interesting. Due to the list of things to do in International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, we recommend a visit purely for the novel experience of a technologically advanced museum. Do not leave this one off your list.

Jean Marteau is the name of a popular park in Switzerland, Geneva. You will not run out of things to do in Jean Marteau, as you will have a number of options waiting for you to try when you reach. Located near the area, you will find a bust of an acclaimed journalist, Jean Marteau, who passed away in 1970.

The stunning location overlooks clear blue water with sailboats sailing peacefully in the distance. In the area, you will come across some lavish restaurants with a serene environment, good food, and nice wine. If you want, you can have a picnic in the park surrounded by beautiful yellow flowers, peeking out from leafy bushes. Other things to do in Jean Marteau include walking around the park while your children can ride their scooters.

You will come across several things to do in Switzerland. You can sit on the bench near the beautiful fountain with buildings located both in front and behind you. You can have supper near the docking area for boats. You can sit under the shade of an umbrella, as you eat. People living in close proximity of Jean Marteau will be at walking distance from it, making it easier for them to visit it.

Jet d'Eau is a spout found on the pond of Geneva. It is a 140 meter tall construction that sprouts up water with unbelievable force – 200 km/h, 1360 horsepower – to make the out of this world clump, touch by a rainbow on sunny days. At any one time, 7 tons of water is visible all around, quite a bit of which showers onlookers on the dock underneath.

The Jet d'Eau is Geneva's third shading and one of the best choice spouts. if you want to catch a great show, then you should definitely visit the Jet d"Eau, since it features prominently on the list of things to do in Geneva. The prime shot of water addicted on to the sky is for 15 minutes each Sunday somewhere about 1886 and 1890 and to discharge the weight at the city's water station. Another gushed 90m high from the Jetée des Eaux-Vives on Sundays and open occasions from 1891 onwards.

The present one was perceived in the 1951. One of the recommended things to do in Jet d'Eau is taking pictures near the foundation, with the background in the view.

The food of a place is just as important as its culture and sights, which is why you should keep dining at the Les Armures in your list of things to do in Geneva. Whenever we travel to a new place, trying the local delicacies is something we never miss out on. You get to eat exotic new dishes, tastes which do not exist in your home country.

Swiss cuisine is very different from the food we have become used to. Swiss restaurants are also not common worldwide, and neither are their dishes. You can get Italian food, Mexican food, American Food, Indian food, and Greek food in pretty much every big city in the world. We had heard a lot about this restaurant from tourists, and we are pleased that it lives up to the hype.

Les Armures is located in a central location of the city and is popular with locals and tourists both. The fondue here is absolutely amazing, easily the most delicious fondue we have eaten anywhere. The bread comes to you before you even ask for more, and the fondue itself is kept at the perfect temperature. We think some extra herbs were added to the fondue, because no normal fondue tastes this good.

Have you heard of the philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau? People who have heard of the philosopher will be keen to visit his home. The house, which has been turned into a museum, contains a large collection of vegetable, fruit, and plants. In the past, the historic place has become the muse of many notable literary authors such as George Sand.

What are some things to do in Maison Jean Jacques Rousseau? You can visit the music and dining room located on the ground floor. The walls of the room are adorned with mesmerizing paintings. You can go upstairs to see the bedrooms of both Jean Jacques Rousseau as well as Madame de Warrens who he called mother. Sometimes, shows are held outside of the house. It will be fun walking in the author’s footsteps.

Since the author’s house is located in Annecy, France, which is not far from Geneva, you can easily cross the street to enter the country from Switzerland. You can consult with the Swizz tourist office to tell you the easiest route to take to enter Annecy. You can also take the train. You will have several things to do in Switzerland so prepare to accomplish them all on your trip to Geneva.

The Brunswick Monument really stands out when you are passing by it because its design seems to be unlike everything else in Geneva, which is why it features on every list of things to do in Geneva. The style is intentional, and was followed on the request of the Duke of Brunswick, for whom the monument was made. Charles II, the Duke of Brunswick, had an interesting life. The first thing you will be wondering is why the does the Duke of Brunswick have a monument in Geneva. Brunswick is a city in Germany, and has no clear connection to Geneva at all. The only connection between Brunswick and Geneva exists because of the Duke himself.

The first thing that stands out is that it doesn't seem like a lot of people liked the Duke. At first, he started a political fight with Hanover, which had to be solved by the German Confederation. His government was considered corrupt which made him flee the place he governed over, the Duchy of Brunswick.

When he returned to Brunswick he tried to control the place, but instead, he was pelted with stones and his castle was burnt down. When his brother arrived, he was loved by the people and declared himself the duke, deposing Charles II. He tried to take his seat back but didn't get any support and went to France which he had to flee due to the war between Germany and France. He ended up in Geneva and died here, leaving all his money to the city on the condition that they erect the Brunswick Monument.

Devon, also Devonshire, is a county located in England. Featuring a rural landscape, a couple of coastlines, two National Parks, as well as five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Devon presents a great location for family holidays. Other attractions include historic structures, topnotch eating spots, as well as activities like canoeing, water sports, cycling, climbing, fishing, adventure sports, surfing, and what not.

Opera de Genève is the name of the beautiful building where opera happens, as well as the opera company which actually performs the opera. This may be confusing to some people who don’t know about opera, but most operas in the world operate like this. Sometimes they change the names, but, for example, if the people who do Opera in Geneva were to go to another city and put up a performance, it would be billed as being performed by Opera de Genève. We would recommend both, the institution and the building, to any tourist in Geneva, as they are both great experiences.

The building was constructed in 1879 and was designed by the famed architects Gaspard André and Emile Reverdin. The money for the construction came from an interesting source; it was taken from the fund left by the Duke of Brunswick to Geneva, with the stipulation that a monument be built for him; and since then, Opera de Genève has been the largest theatre is all of Switzerland. While the opera here is world class, there are also many other events hosted in the location due to its beauty and size. We would recommend adding a trip here on your list of things to do in Geneva.

Place des Nations Unies Chair Handicap International (also known as The Chair) is a thought provoking sculpture. It is located across the street from the Palace of Nations. The artist behind this 39 feet high sculpture was Daniel Berset, while the carpenter responsible for making it a reality was Louis Genève. The Chair might seem like a strange sculpture, because it shows a chair with one of its leg missing, until you learn what it is meant to symbolize. This is why a visit here should be on the very top of your list of things to do in Geneva.

The Geneva Convention aims to minimize civilian casualties and damage during wartime. Place des Nations Unies Chair Handicap International is a monument against one of the worst ways that battlefields become dangerous for civilians; minefields. Setting up a minefield is easy and very effective to stop an opposing army. They become a huge problem after the war ends and the mines are left in the ground. This has lead to many innocent people losing their limbs, and sometimes even their lives because they stepped on a mine unexpectedly. Thus the chair is made in front of the Palace of Nations, a place where world leaders visit, so that when policies are being made everyone realizes the costs of such tools of war.