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Things to do in Geneva

Are you travelling to Switzerland? If yes, why don’t you stay in the beautiful city of Geneva? Geneva is known for its museums, ancient buildings and cathedrals, parks, and retail stores. You will have plenty to explore in the city with something new to do every day. You will find the city filled with tourists just like you, sightseeing all the spectacular tourist places.

Geneva Switzerland

What are some things to do in Geneva? You can start your tour of the country by exploring the Old Town. In Old Town, you will come across the St. Pierre Cathedral, the Place du Bourg-de-Four, which is crowded with pedestrians, and several boutiques. You can visit the archeological site found underneath the cathedral before you sit at the La Clemence café to drink a cup of coffee as you watch people walk past you. While you are there, you can go to the Bastion Park and the Jura Mountain located not far from there. If you prefer to go on a hiking excursion with your pals, you travel to the Saleve Mountain or take a cable car ride from Veyrier. Even after all of this, you still have plenty of things to do in Geneva. You can visit the International Red Cross and Crescent Museum to see exhibitions and book a tour of the Palais des Nations. The Broken Chair is one of the highlights of the area. The tall chair stands on three legs and people daily walk from underneath the chair.

What to do in Geneva

Geneva is one of the most frequented and populated cities of Switzerland. The city attracts people from all across the world. When you visit the city and see its tourist attractions, you will immediately know why the city is regarded as one of the country’s best tourist cities. You have several places to keep your engaged and busy throughout your trip. One of the destinations you need to visit philosopher Maison Jean Jacques Rousseau house, which is located in France, but is not far from Geneva. His house has been transformed into a museum. You can hop on a train to visit the house he lived in when he fled the city. Another notable person you should go see is, Jean Marteau, a famous author. You will find his bust located in the center of a beautiful and serene location. You can spend most of your day watching sailboats and people pass by. Other places you should put on your must-see list is the St. Pierre Cathedral, the Place des Nations Unies Chair Handicap International, the Clock and Tower La Madeleine, the Eglise Catholique Romaine. You will have an unforgettable time in the city, as each day, you will something new to explore. The city has everything, from delicious food, friendly people, to fantastic tourist destinations.


Things to do in Geneva - Cour Saint Pierre

Things to do in Geneva - Cour Saint Pierre

Cour Saint Pierre is the centre of the old town of Geneva. This is where the Saint Pierre cathedral is located. There are also some great places for tourists to stay in this place. Geneva is a place known for its modern aesthetic, and for its association with making the world better through treaties. However Geneva has long been a beautiful town, a fact often forgotten by visitors. This is why visiting the centre of the town is an important thing to do for us; it lets us get a feel for the culture of the city. Every city has some locations which define what makes the city unique. Go to most modern cities and you will find areas that are very posh and polished, with modern buildings and facilities everywhere. However our cities started very different, and it is only because of globalization and outside influences that all cities seem to be developing in a similar manner. Visiting the Cour Saint Pierra and taking in the great view around it is the perfect way to understand the roots of Geneva. You will also be close to some important sites in Geneva, so we would recommend visiting this place.


Things to do in Geneva - Eglise Catholique Romaine

Things to do in Geneva - Eglise Catholique Romaine

If you want to see the main Eglise Catholique Romaine, translated to the Roman Catholic Church, you should travel to the Basilica Notre-Dame. At the church, you will encounter the model of Our Lady of Geneva. The church, which is frequented by tourists for its architecture, was erected in 1867 with working starting on it 1852. Architect Alexandre Gringny designed it. The designer used the Beauvais Cathedral as his inspiration to design the building. Inside the church, you will come across the vintage and antique art works dating back to the time before the Protestant Reformation. You will come across a torch adorned with artwork and wood panel carved with drawings of the Virgin Mary. There are numerous things to do in Eglise Catholique Romaine such as admiring the stained glass windows. You will have plenty of things to do in Switzerland once you go there. You can visit the Eglise Catholique Romaine at your own convenience, but do visit it, especially if you like to see objects and design from another era. You can take your partner with you to explore the church as well as the surrounding area. You should take pictures of the beautiful stained glass windows of the church.


Things to do in Geneva - Place des Nations Unies Chair Handicap International

Things to do in Geneva - Place des Nations Unies Chair Handicap International

Daniel Berset, a talented artist, envisioned a unique idea to construct a colossal chair, standing on three legs. He took the help of Louis Genève, a carpenter, to make his vision a reality. Now, a 39 feet high chair stands tall, next to fountains, and across from the Palace of Nations. The visionary had a reason for building the chair. The chair serves as a reminder for political figures in the city and those coming to the city of the residents’ stance on cluster bombs and land mines. The director and co-founder of the Handicap of International Suisse, Paul Vermeulen, hired the Daniel to build the monumental chair in front of the building in 1997. There are not many things to do in Place des Nations Unies Chair Handicap International besides looking at the chair in awe. Now, locals and tourists stand by the chair to look up at the large and daunting structure. If you are planning to visit the location of the Broken Chair, you should walk from underneath it or take pictures of it to take it home with you. The incredible chair will leave your family members and friends back home baffled. Visiting the chair is of the main things to do in Switzerland.

Things to do in Geneva - Discover Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland, is a city where everyone should at least visit once in their lifetime! It is absolutely beautiful! You can explore the Old Town on foot and travel to other things to do in Geneva in a tram, bus, or train. When you are here, the things to do in Geneva include visiting the Jet d’Eau, St. Pierre Cathedral, Palace of Nations, and Musee d’Art et d’Histoire. Discover the things to do in Geneva!