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Things to do in Georgetown

Nestled on the mouth of the River Demerara, Georgetown is the capital city of Guyana. The city has earned the title of “The Garden City of the Caribbean” because of its lust greenscape. It is home to a population of 235,017 inhabitants and is a top rated tourist destination. Founded as a small town, it later grew into a large city.

If you’re planning a holiday trip that offers fun, adventure and a lot of sightseeing, then book your ticket to Georgetown in Guyana. There are many things to do in Georgetown. However, the most popular thing to do in the city is sight-seeing. Georgetown features numerous historic landmarks like St George’s Anglican Cathedral, Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, and Guyana National Museum. These sites are great to learn and explore Georgetown’s history.

Besides sight-seeing, exploring wildlife here is also one of the many fun things to do in Georgetown. The city has several fun parks and zoos like Kaieteur National Park and Guyana Zoo. The Guyana Zoo is home to approximately 40 bird species, 20 species of fish, 15 species of reptiles and 30 species of mammals. But the most popular ones among children are the manatees and harpy eagles.


Things to do in Georgetown - Guyana National Museum

The Guyana National Museum established in Georgetown, Guyana in 1968. Visitors can explore the museum to see exhibitions of stones uncovered during the land development, objects discovered by archeologists, a collection of Amerindian arts and crafts, and various species of plants. If you want to see the country’s collection of general relics, tour the Guyana National Museum to view them.

Your visit to the museum will not be a waste, as you will find several things to do in Guyana National Museum. You will enjoy spending your time looking at objects related to the country’s history. You will come across animal skeletons, a vintage car, old artifacts, pottery pieces, stuffed animals, and both rare and common plant species. It is great way to learn the history of the country.

If you have small children, it will be a beneficial learning experience, as knowing about the country’s history is vital knowledge to take with you back home. Even though the Guyana National Museum is small, it is has a collection rich in history. You and your children will have many things to do in Guyana National Museum. Coming to the museum will be a worthwhile experience for the entire family.


Things to do in Georgetown - Guyana Zoo

To enjoy a memorable holiday experience in Guyana, make sure to visit the zoo. Your children will love it. Guyana Zoo was established in 1952 with a mission to develop a wildlife center for combined purposes of education, conservation and recreation. It is located in Georgetown and is open to public from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm every day.

There are many interesting things to do in Guyana Zoo such as watching playful animals, harpy eagles and manatees take a swim. It is home to approximately 40 bird species, 20 species of fish, 15 species of reptiles and 30 species of mammals. Guyana Zoo in Georgetown is a great place to come with children and have a fun time. There are so many different species of animals to see here that you’ll simply love your visit to this zoological park.

You can also enjoy an outdoor picnic with wildlife animals here. It’s among the most popular and fun things to do in Guyana Zoo. Besides this, you can also do photography and capture great moments in your camera forever. Overall, a visit to this zoo is a fun and unforgettable experience that you will most certainly cherish for years.