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Things to do in Germany

Einstein, Beethoven, Goethe are just some of the notable personalities that came from Germany but that is not the only reason why it draws tourists from across the globe. With a medieval history that launched a number of epic fantasies both modern and traditional, the country offers visitors a rare chance to watch history in action with reenactments of battles and witness the bravery of its amazing people that its fortresses stand as a testament to today.

Hamburg Germany

Being a business hub of Germany for about two centuries now, Hamburg draws quite a bit of attention to itself as compared to most other parts of the country. The much too independent city states itself as the “Gateway to the World” although many people may not agree with that claim. Never the less, Hamburg happens to be one of those cities of the world that should definitely be visited. This city enjoys having the world’s largest port and clearly makes the most out of it. It also takes the second spot in the list of biggest cities in Germany. There are, as opposed to a common belief, a lot of things to do in Hamburg. Starting from the zoo without cages to a funfair that takes place thrice a year covering a three kilometer area, there is a lot that this historic city has to offer. Hamburg hasn’t always been at peace though, as it was destroyed several times in the past. This fact, as bad as it is, also shows how determined the people of this city are. No matter where what happened, they have managed to get back on their feet and move forward several times in their history. The term Hamburg comes from a castle, which was built here in 808 AD and was named ‘hammaburg’. The meaning of the first part is said to be unknown; the second part, ‘Burg’ means ‘Castle’. Just like the first part of the name, the whereabouts of the castle are also unknown. Hamburg also enjoys the privilege of being one of the country’s wealthiest cities which won it the UNESCO World Heritage site recognition last year. Apart from this, it is also a center of entertainment and business for over 3.5 million people living in the northern parts of Germany; this states that there are countless things to do in Hamburg.

Hamburg tourism

When it comes to tourism, there are a lot of things to do in Germany, when you come to Hamburg. For instance, places like Eekholt Wildlife Park will provide you with very unusual experiences that make your visit to Hamburg worthwhile. Moreover, it also has places like Markthalle Hamburg so you can soak in some historical knowledge of a place that has made its mark on the history of Europe. In addition to that, Hamburg hosts the Hamburg Dungeon as well. This actually happens to be a very exotic attraction for the tourists. It is a chain of the Ireland Dungeon and Berlin Dungeon. Furthermore, Hamburg holds beautiful scenic attractions as well. Most of all, it is green! According to a statistic, 14% of the entire Hamburg is covered in greenery. It doesn’t stop here. The infrastructure of Hamburg is another thing that adds to your list of things to do in Germany. The Hamburg Town Hall, for instance, is said to be one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Germany. It is also the largest town hall of the country containing more than 647 rooms. Among so many places to visit and things to do in Germany, the rich history, natural beauty, and striking infrastructure of Hamburg makes this place one which certainly demands a visit.

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