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Things to do in Glasgow

Best attractions to visit in Glasgow

1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a leading tourist attraction located in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. The museum contains a number of popular attractions including state of the art galleries that display a large collection of objets d'art. Art aficionados will certainly like this place as there is so much to see and things to do in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Scotland. The 22 themed art galleries house an astounding 8,000 items from different genres and periods of history. The items on display at the museum are of great cultural and historical importance. Among the top attractions of the free-to-enter museum include artworks from well known artists such as Vincent Van Gough, Clause Monet, Rembrandt van Rijn, Gerard de Lairesse, Cammille Pisarro, and many others. Apart from admiring the artworks, there are many other fun things to do in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Scotland. The Life Gallery located to the West Court of the museum is popular area for families with the most popular attractions being Sir Roger the Asian Elephant. Apart from the exhibits, the Kelvingrove also contains entertainment area for the visitors including a cafe, a restaurant, and a gift shop.


2. Glasgow Cathedral - Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is situated at the heart of the largest city in Scotland. Also known as High Kirk of Glasgow or St Mugo's Cathedral, the magnificent building was constructed in the medieval times during the late 12th century. There many points of interest and things to do in Glasgow Cathedral. Today, the building serves as a gathering place for the Church of Scotland. Previously, the Glasgow Cathedral was the seat of the Bishop and Archbishop of the city. Visitors of all faiths can visit the place to catch a glimpse of the medieval Scottish architecture and design. The building features a Gothic design with pointed arcades, vaulted aisles, and slender arched windows. It has stood firm through the tests of time for nearly eight centuries with parts of the architecture even older. Here you can also view fragments of the previous cathedral that once stood here. The fabric of the cathedral is still standing from the time Bishop Jocelin who served the church from 1174 to 1179. Visitors can find interesting things to do in Glasgow Cathedral's nearby areas. To the west and south of the building, there is a thriving burough that contains many places of interests for the tourists.


3. M&D's - Glasgow

M and D s

M&D's is an amusement park that is situated in the town of Motherwell located to the south east of Glasgow city in Scotland. The amusement park attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Visitor can find lots of exciting and fun points of interests and things to do in M&D's amusement park. The massive amusement park is open all year round where you can find lots of fun and entertainment. Here you can find two water rides, five roller coasters, ten pin bowling lanes, a theatre, an arcade, and even an indoor reptile house known as Amazonia. The Amazonia is a miniature indoor tropical rainforest that contains a lot of birds, animals, and crawling insects. Also located in the park are bars, restaurants, and a huge soft play area. Some of the most exciting rides in the park include the Tornado, Big Apple, Runaway Mine Train, and Ferris Wheel, and the Giant Condor. Apart from the rides there are many other fun things to do in M&D's amusement park. Some of the other attractions in the park include an 18-hole miniature golf course known as the Devil's Island, Gamezone, and Krazy Congo. This is a great place to visit near Glasgow where you will have lots of fun, excitement, and thrill all at the same time.


4. People's Palace - Glasgow

People s Palace

The People's Palace is one of the topmost tourist attractions located in the central part of Glasgow in Scotland. There are a lot of exciting things to do in People's Palace. Here you can find plenty of historical items, prints, films, and many other fascinating items. The items on display at the People's Palace give an interesting insight into the history of the city. Visitors can learn how the people of the city lived from the 18th to 20th century. People's Palace is a museum of social history that tells about the story of the Glaswegians from 1750s to the present times. The collections on display in the museum reflect the way the common people lived their lives. They offer glimpses of the experiences of the citizens at work, home, and leisure. On the first floor of the museum, the campaign desk of the famous Scottish campaigner, named John MacLean, can be found. Some other interesting things to do in People's Palace include viewing the life in a 'single end' one room home, the communal laundry known as the Steamie, and trips to the Doon the Watter. Attached to the museum is an elegant Victorian glasshouse where you can relax after viewing the displays of the museum. Overall, this is a great place to visit in Glasgow. It is open to visitors all year round.


5. Rouken Glen - Glasgow

Rouken Glen

Rouken Glen is a park that is situated to the south west of Glasgow in Giffnock in Scotland. It is named after an old Rock End Meal Mill that dates back to the 16th century and is a very popular tourist attraction located near the city of Glasgow. Visitors can find a number of interesting things to do in Rouken Glen. Remains of the mill for which the park is named can be viewed near the waterfall located deep within the rhododendron bushes. The park is a wonderful family friendly place that has lots to offer to the visitors. Rouken Glen Park has many of the typical features of a Scottish urban park. Here you can find a boating pond that is a great area for photo ops. Also situated in the park is a large waterfall, enclosed by steep woodland area. Some of the exciting and fun things to do in Rouken Glen includes booking an activity with Activity Ranger, taking part in Geology trail around the park, joining a walking group, or feeding the swans and ducks located inside the park. On the whole, this is a great place to have a wonderful and peaceful time in Scotland.


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