Things to do in Goa

Goa stands among the top tourist destinations and the most visited places by tourists in India. That is solely because Goa has a lot to offer. Located on the south-west coast, Goa has the fourth least population of India. However, it is the richest state of the country and holds the top spot for quality of life.

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Going back a few years; there weren’t many things to do in Goa. Also, it wasn’t always under the control of the Indian government. It became independent and the 25th state of India in 1987. It has undergone a number of rulers in the past; the hints of which can be seen in its local lifestyle, which is a mixture of the eastern and western cultures and practices. Consequently, the city holds quite a diverse set of religions, but unlike many places around the world, it enjoys a healthy lifestyle. People here, enjoy the festivities with full enthusiasm. Although Kokani and Marathi are the common languages of Goa, English is also spoken here quite widely. There are a lot of things to do in Goa; from exotic beaches to beautiful historic monuments, Goa is filled with plenty of places that will catch your interest. Although it is a beautiful place to visit, going there in the summers can be a bit hard as it is home to a humid climate for most part of the year. However, this particular type of weather is what creates the vibe for this place. So make sure to pack your summer wear when you go to Goa, and enjoy the beautiful beaches in that warm weather.

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As an active tourist as well as cultural destination, Goa has lots of religious places to visit like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Shanta Durga Temple, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, and more. Aside from these, history, sports and nature fanatics can also visit the Goa State Museum, Casino Royale Goa, Chapora Beach, Dudhsagar Falls, Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and the Fatorda Stadium. Each of these places is a treat to visit. Even though there are several other places to go to as well, those just mentioned above are a few of the most beloved ones by travelers. This list includes both the scenic beauties and the history-rich monuments. Beaches, wildlife or waterfalls, Goa has it all. This actually shows how tourists don’t visit India just for sightseeing. Goa happens to be one of the top ranked states of India when it comes to tourism and considering that it has so many places to visit, it is not a surprise. From churches to temples and from sports stadiums to historic museums, you can find it all here with a blend of natural beauty from its lovely beaches.


Constructed in the late sixteenth century, Bom Jesus is part of the UNESCO world heritage site list. The body of Saint Francis Zavier, a roman catholic, lies in the basilica. It is also where it gets the name from. However, the body of the saint was not buried here initially. His body was taken to Portugal at the time of his death and was shipped to Goa after two years of his demise. There are many religious things to do in the Basilica of Bom Jesus as it acts as a church. However, its historic importance and the fact that it is one of the oldest churches of Goa also make it worth visiting. The church was completed in the early seventeenth century and has been operating till this day. Even though it is a prayer mansion for the Christians, you can visit it to admire the skill with which it was built. The mausoleum itself took ten years before it was completed and the casket that contains Bom Jesus’s body is made of silver. The Basilica also contains a beautiful art gallery on the upper level which gives you another reason to visit the church. Among all the things to do in India, a visit to the Basilica of Bom Jesus is a must.

Se Cathedral stands among the biggest and the most ancient churches all over the continent of Asia. The construction of this church was done by the Portuguese during their rule over Goa. It took them eight years to build this masterpiece which stands along the Mondovi River today. The Cathedral was constructed in the 16th Century, dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

There are a lot of things to see in Se Cathedral. To start off, it has two towers, one of which holds the famous Golden Bell. The architecture itself is a beautiful part of this church as it has high walls and both the exterior and the interior are made up of Portuguese Manueline and the Corinthian style respectively. It also has paintings all over the church. This means that if you are fond of medieval paintings, you have another good reason to visit this beautiful Cathedral.

There are countless things to do in India and numerous places to visit. Se Cathedral only adds to those as it is another piece of brilliant architecture and deep history. So it can be established quite easily that a visit to Goa has to become a visit to this church for sure.

Constructed in the 16th Century, this church started off as a small chapel which was later turned into a church earlier in the seventeenth century. A unique zigzag staircase was installed to the church in the eighteenth century which adds to its already unique appearance.

The things to do in the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church actually depend upon your interest. If you are like to see bright colorful architecture, then your visit to this church will be well worth it. The church might not have the best of architecture, but it surely has a colorful interior which, for many people, is a reason enough to visit this place.

Moreover, the church has three altars; the main altar is dedicated to Mary, while the other two are dedicated to Jesus and the Lady of the Rosary. Apart from the main altar; the other two are gold plated. Another thing about this church is that it happens to be the chapel of Saint Francis Xavier from the Basilica of Bom Jesus. There is simply a never ending list of things to do in India, but when going to Goa, visiting the Immaculate Conception Church should be a part of your list.

The construction of the Shanta Durga Temple started back in 1730. It took eight years and by 1738, the temple was complete. However, it originally dates back to a period before 1730. The Shanta Durga Temple was actually a small mud-shrine back in the day before it got constructed into a larger temple.

One of the best things to do in the Shanta Durga Temple is to witness the beauty all around it. Surrounded by three smaller temples and vast fields of vegetation, it offers a beautiful view for the people who come to visit this temple. Moreover, as you walk up the steps of the temple and reach its gate, you will become awestruck as you behold the sight in front of your eyes. The place is a haven to visit because of how calm it is.

The roof of the temple is in a pyramid-like shape. In addition to that, the temple also hosts two separate guest houses. Originally, the temple that stood in the sixteenth century was destroyed by the Portuguese but was later rebuilt and though this place has a lot to offer, its golden palanquin is what catches the tourist’s eyes the most. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in India.

Located along the river Mondovi, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is spread over an area of 1.8 kilometers. It was given its name after India’s top ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali. This sanctuary happens to be Goa’s only bird sanctuary, making it even more special.

Though it is one of those places that many people love to visit, it is not as easy to reach. First, you need to go to Ribandar Ferry from where you can take the ferry across the River Mondovi. The ferry then takes you to the Island of Chorao which is at a walking distance from the sanctuary. The best among things to do in the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is to witness several different kinds of birds.

Several other types of wildlife including foxes and crocodiles are also reported to have been seen by the visitors. Another thing that attracts people about this place is that even if birds do not interest you, the boat rides through the river and the beautiful natural surroundings will allow you to enjoy your visit to the utmost. Sights like these stand among the most favorite things to do in India for the tourists

When we talk about Goa, it is impossible not to mention a beach. Beautiful sunny beaches are the highlight for any tourist who visits Goa. One of these beaches is the Chapora Beach which lies on a stretch of the shore near North Goa. It is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa.

The serene beauty that it holds makes you forget all the other things to do in India. The warm sandy beaches are covered by lush green hills to keep you relaxed and help you enjoy your time and stay. The best things to do in Chapora Beach include making sure you try out the cafes situated there and book a room (which are quite cheap) to enjoy your time even longer.

You will always find Chapora Beach filled with tourists and visitors from abroad. The sole reason for that is that it provides you with a perfect getaway package – the relaxing beach, the tasty food, the green hills, the cheap accommodation, and more. This serene place will provide you with a refreshed state of mind and the mental and physical relaxation that you dream of, while working all year round.


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Vacations are meant to relax yourself, enjoy a little, and have some family time; and what better way to do that than booking yourself a five star top of the line hotel for your stay! Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa is India’s top of the line hotel where your wonderful experiences are bound to make it to the top shelf in your picture gallery.

There are loads of things to do in Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa. From getting a massage at an award winning Sereno Spa to spending a day at a relaxing beach, and from registering in a morning yoga program to taking cooking classes with master-chefs, there is simply a lot for you to enjoy your time at the hotel with.

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa is located at a 10 – 15 minute drive from the airport, allowing you to reach the hotel quickly after a long flight. When you plan on visiting India, make sure to add ‘visiting Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa’ in your ‘things to do in India’ checklist. The remarkable service professionals of this hotel make sure you never regret putting them on your list.

No matter where in the world you are, waterfalls are a beautiful sight to see. In Goa – India, Dudhsagar Waterfalls are a serene beauty. They are located on the famous river of India – The Mondovi River. The reason why Dudhsagar Falls are up there in the top spots to visit in India is because they are one of the largest waterfalls, having a height of approximately one thousand feet.

One of the best things to do in Dudhsagar Falls is to visit it in the midst of the monsoon season. The the waterfall at its prime is a breathtaking sight to see. Dudhsagar Falls get their name from the word “dudh” which means milk and “sagar” meaning waterfall in Hindi; if you look at the waterfalls from a close distance, it looks like there is milk pouring down from the mountains. This is not a sight anyone would want to miss.

While looking for things to do in India, make sure you go to Goa and visit Dudhsagar Falls in order to enjoy one of the many beautiful sights in this country. Several operators arrange tours to the falls; you can also take the train to Dudhsagar station to go enjoy the scenic beauty Goa offers.

The Goa State Museum has grown a lot since its inception in 1977. It moved into a bigger museum complex in 1996. Home to over eight thousand artifacts, it is one of the most visited museums of India. There are lots of things to so in Goa State Museum. You can enjoy any of its fourteen well maintained galleries including furniture from the time of the Portuguese reign over Goa.

The galleries include the Sculpture Gallery, Printing History Gallery, Christian Art Gallery, Religious Expression Gallery, Banerji Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Cultural Anthropology, Goa’s Freedom Struggle Gallery, Numismatics Gallery, Furniture Gallery, Menezes Braganza Gallery, Environment & Development Gallery, Natural Heritage of Goa Gallery, and Geology Gallery. It is a fact that there are a lot of things to do in India, but for people who have even the slightest interests in historic artifacts, Goa State Museum is not a place to miss.

The Goa State Museum also holds many sculptures which are mostly from the period of the fourth to the eighth century. Furthermore, it also has wooden sculptures of Saints and some furniture from the colonial times as well. All in all, a visit to this museum cannot go without you being astonished.