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Things to do in Gothenburg

Best attractions to visit in Gothenburg

1. Masthugg Church - Gothenburg

Masthugg Church

Masthugg Church in Gothenburg, Sweden, was implicit 1914. Its position on a high slope (Masthugget) near the city and close to the Göta älv makes it a striking sight – the congregation tower is 60 m (200 ft) high in itself. The congregation speaks to the national sentimental style in Nordic engineering and was outlined by Sigfrid Ericson. The stunning place, which has turned out to be one of the images of Gothenburg, is a prevalent vacation destination.


2. Feskekörka - Gothenburg


This is one extremely peculiar fish market. It is shaped like a church, and you may just come across a beaming bride and groom posing for photographs while holding a shellfish. Don’t worry, they are not lost, the bride probably had this destination in her dream wedding for years. You see, this market has been for years played the role of a place of matrimony and worship. In Swedish Feskekörka translates into Fish Church. Apart from this place being the source of wedding bells, there are a lot of things you can do in Feskekörka. The place was built in 1874 on top of being an architectural experiment by Gegerfelt, this was meant to complement the time’s stone gothic churches, and stave churches in Norway. If you are an architecture aficionado, you will have a great time exploring how they managed to create a room without pillars. On the note of things to do in Feskekörka, you can pick different activities here. First off, explore its history. If you are taking the tour bus, do not forget t get off here. It will make your evening.


3. Garden Society of Gothenburg - Gothenburg

Garden Society of Gothenburg

This is primarily a horticultural center in Gothenburg. The Garden Society of Gothenburg was founded by King Carl XIV. The park is famous for harboring an acclaimed rose garden that grows 1900 different species of flora. But if you think that is all this place has to offer, think again. There are a lot of things to do in Garden Society of Gothenburg. The park also happens to be one of the most well preserved parks since the 19th century, only a couple of paces from Central Station. There is something for everyone here – we are talking theatre shows, traditional festivals, concerts, or you can just have a casual walk around the area. Visit the gardens to experience the captivating scents of the 4,000 something roses. The flowers are arranged systematically according to description and historical development. All of the flowers that are grown here are maintained organically. The best time to study them is during the start of July. So if you are around, do not miss out on visiting the center; there are tons of things to do in Garden Society of Gothenburg.


4. Gothenburg Botanical Garden - Gothenburg

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Gothenburg Botanical Garden is a collection of greenhouses that make for the largest collection of orchids in all of Sweden, some interesting carnivorous plant variety, plus the precious and rare Easter Island Tree, which is extinct from its natural habitat. The place stretches over more than 170 hectares of Europe’s largest gardens. Visitors can indulge in so many of the things to do in Gothenburg Botanical Garden. For example, one of its most popular attractions is the exhibition, which is held in the Green house every year, with a comprehensive list of activities to go with their daily schedule planned for visitors like you. Plus it is not just what is inside the gardens; everything that it is surrounded by speaks volumes on nature and its preservation. The nature reserve holding the tree collection, the arboretum is situated right next to this place. The Botanical Gardens scored 2 stars in Michelin Green Guide. It does not matter when you decide to visit this place, extensively guided tours is a daily routine with this lot. Check out their herb and rock garden and you will be able to find for yourself all the fun things to do in Gothenburg Botanical Garden.


5. Liseberg - Gothenburg


One of Gothenburg’s finest theme parks is Liseberg. ‘Finest’ seems like the perfect way to describe this place. With tasteful attractions like the Balder, which is a roller coaster crafted entirely of wood. Even Forbes Magazine listed this place as one of the top amusement parks on earth. There are so many things to do in Liseberg for visitors of all ages. The official colors of the place are green and pink, and these brilliant hues greet you as you enter the park. While you are there, do not forget to try the theme park’s largest roller coaster ride, the Helix. Its track is 1.4 km long and the entire ride lasts 2 minutes with a total of 7 inversions, some drops, and 3 airtime hills. But even that ride has nothing on the world’s tallest freefall which can be found at Liseberg. Once you are exhausted from all the adrenaline pumping activities you can even visit the Kaninlandet, here you get to play around with fluffy rabbits. There are plenty of things to do in Liseberg. During every holiday seasons, the theme park transforms into a brilliant celebration with specific festivities in store for all the visitors.


6. Universeum - Gothenburg


Situated in the heart of Gothenburg, this is the largest Science Center in all of Scandinavia. There are so many things to do in Universeum throughout the seven floors – you will be looking at the huge aquariums, tropical rainforests, life size imitations of dinosaurs, and so many intriguing experiments that the guide will walk you through. You can explore the Swedish Wilderness with its birds and fish. You can even visit the daunting marine creatures like rays and sharks, and complete the experience by taking a peek into the space station. You may even see how poisonous animals and reptiles have inspired new technologies. Job land allows children to try out their dream jobs. The new rainforest is the science center’s most anticipated upcoming aspect. New updates to Universeum in 2015 have led to a lot of animals having their own space around the rainforest. All of the above still do not sum up all the interesting things to do in Universeum. There is an intriguing crime lab here as well, which showcases how the police makes use of the latest scientific findings to solve cases. You can try different activities here like using the lie detector or telling real and forged bank notes apart.


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