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Things to do in Graz

Graz is the capital of Styria, which is the second largest city in Austria. The place has a total population of 310,391 and is located on the Mur River that is 120 miles southwest of Vienna. The terrain of the city consists of heavily forested area, which is one of the reasons why the place receives so many tourists every year. Graz has a number of different tourist locations, which is why visiting the place should be on your list of things to do in Austria.

Graz Austria

Graz is the second largest city in Austria and is commonly known as the ‘University Town’ because the city is home to six universities that have more than 44,000 enrolled students. If you are wondering about things to do in Austria, you should definitely add visiting Graz to the list, because it was added to UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites in 1999 and is known to be the cultural capital of the continent. Graz shares its borders with Gratkorn, Kainbach bei Graz, Gössendorf, and Attendorf. Some of the things to do in Graz include exploring the old town that consists of different architectural styles and important buildings like the Gemaltes Haus, Kunsthaus, Landeszeughaus, Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II, Murinsel, Neue Galerie, Rathaus, and the Uhrturm clocktower. Other things to do in Graz include exploring places outside the Old Town like Basilika Mariatrost, Calvary Hill, LKH-Universitätsklinikum, Lurgrotte, Schloss Eggenberg, and the Steirische Weinstraße. Graz has a number of museums that should be explored if you are fond of history. Some of the must visit museums include Austrian Sculpture Park, Botanical Garden of Graz, Museum im Palais, Natural History Museum, Neue Galerie, Schloss Eggenberg, Stadtmuseum Graz, and the Tramway Museum.

Austria tourist attractions

Visiting Graz should be on the top of your list when it comes to things to do in Austria. The history of the place dates back to Roman times, when the rulers built a small fort at what is known as the city centre today. In order to get into Graz, you can travel via plane and land at the Graz airport. Other popular means of transport include travelling by train, tram, car, and bus. Make sure that you try the local food at places like Babenbergerhof, Braun de Praun, Café Tribeka, Grammophon, Molly Malone Irish Pub, Parkhouse, Posaune, Sägewerk. Other than this, some of the recommended hotels are A&O Graz Hauptbahnhof, Jufa Gastehaus Graz, Austria Trend Hotel Europa, Hotel Gollner, and the Schlossberg Hotel. Graz has some great places to shop, so if you want to buy souvenirs or things for your own self, you can head straight to City Park, Shopping City Seiersberg, Herrengasse, Mariahilferstraße, Murpark, Shopping Center West, and the Steirerhof. Some of the points of interest that you should check out include Eggenberg Castle, Herz-Jesu-Kirche, Joanneum Museum of Styria, Mariatrost Basilica, Murinsel, Straßgang, Opera House Opernhaus, and the The Glockenspiel.


Things to do in Graz - Kunsthaus Graz

Things to do in Graz - Kunsthaus Graz

The Kunsthaus Graz is a prime example of how architecture attracts visitors to museums, and not the exihibitions alone. The Kunsthaus Gaz opened its doors in 2003, and even though it has not been around as long as some other prominent museums, it has gained popularity as a reputable cultural center really fast. For visitors and foreign tourists there are a lot of things to do in Kunsthaus Graz.

You will be left in wonder once you enter the museum. As you approach the place, you will see that the building works for the entire street, in a blend of urban culture meets breathtaking modern architecture. The building glows because of a computerized lighting system underneath its transparent exterior. The structure leaves no room for imagination as it mimics an outer space creature.

On the note of all the things to do in Kunsthaus Graz, there is a media lounge as well as a restaurant at the base of it. To move to different sections visitors enter through a draw belt, and have access to two floors with exhibitions and galleries. Most of the time, the place itself is being photographed extensively to be exhibited somewhere else.


Things to do in Graz - Schloßberg

Things to do in Graz - Schloßberg

This hill of Graz was once a natural spectacle with a central recreational area and a vantage point that takes full advantage of its position in the middle of the mountain. There are a lot of things to do in Schloßberg. It only takes a little while to ascend the steps and enjoy the picturesque surroundings of Graz. Did you know that the city itself gets its name from the castle that was built on Schloßberg, over 1000 years ago. From the Slavonic word Gradec, which translates into Little Castle, emerged Graz.

In Spring, people visit the place because of its fresh green landscape and sunlight. In summer you get to witness open air performances amidst the shady trees, by fall the landscape is such a pretty array of colors that strolling through the place makes for an experience of its own. See, there are so many things to do in Schloßberg.

Little ones can enjoy the grotto railway, while adults attend the Dom im Berg, which is an exhibition and event hall that is equipped with technical infrastructure. There is a very peculiar legend around Schloßberg, it is said that it was the devil who created the hill.


Things to do in Graz - Styrian Armoury

The Styrian Armoury in Austria makes for the world’s largest historic armory. It attracts visitors from all over the world, and holds around 32000 pieces of weaponry, suits for battle, and tools. In the middle of the 15th and the 18th century, Styria stood on the front line of the continuous conflict which took place amongst the rebels of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Today the building is open to public, and allows visitors 6 days a week excluding Tuesdays. You will find tons of things to do in Styrian Armoury.

You will be mystified as soon as you enter the place. Silver knight amours line entire wooden corridors. These are more of relics than an exhibit. The armory was in use for over a century before it was decommissioned around the time Austria centralized the military forces. But before the place with the weapons could be disbanded, the Styrians saved the place and reserved it for a museum.

There are so many other things to do in Styrian Armoury. All four floors of the armory are open to visitors. Every gallery gives you a taste of the Styrian military culture.


Things to do in Graz - Murinsel

Things to do in Graz - Murinsel

Visiting the Murinsel should be on the top of your list of things to do in Austria. A lot of people tend to think that it is an island but that is incorrect because it is a floating platform that is located on the Mur River and was designed by Vito Acconci, an artist from New York, when Graz was called the European Capital of Culture back in 2003.

The building is aesthetically pleasing and receives thousands of tourists every year who visit the seashell like structure that has a total length of 154 feet. The place is very easy to access via two footbridges that are connected to both the banks of the river of Mur. The Murinsel has an amphitheatre right in the middle of the platform and also has a round dome where there is a playground for children and a café. Visiting the place is an experience in itself because you can sit at the café and enjoy a coffee while soaking in the beautiful architecture and the scenic views of the Mur River. Make sure you visit the place, as you will surely love it.


Things to do in Graz - Mariatrost Basilica

Things to do in Graz - Mariatrost Basilica

The Mariatrost Basilica is one of the most important pilgrim sites in Austria and is located on top of the Purberg Hill that is located in Mariatrost and lies in the district of Graz. You can access the place by climbing the 200 steps of the Angelus stairs which is an amazing experience.

If you are fond of architecture, you will love the Mariatrost Basilica as it has been done in Baroque style and has a dome and two front towers that you can look at from a distance. The history of the building dates back to 1714, which is when the construction work began. The whole process took a decade and the building was finally completed in 1724.

The Mariatrost Basilic consists of a main altar featuring a Madonna statue that was made in 1465 and had been done in Gothic style but was changed by Bernhard Echter into Baroque style in 1695. The interior consists of beautiful frescos that were painted by Johann Baptist Scheidt and Lukas von Schram. The Mariatrost Basilica is one of the most important Marian shrine and in 1999 the church was nominated as the basilica minor. Add this to your list of things to do in Austria.


Things to do in Graz - Herz-Jesu-Kirche

Things to do in Graz - Herz-Jesu-Kirche

The Herz-Jesu-Kirche should be on your list of things to do in Austria as it is the largest church in Graz and was designed by the famous architect Georg Hauberrisser. The construction work of the building took place from 1881 to 1887 and the Church was done in Neogothic style with the thirds largest tower in Austria that rises to a height of 109.6 meters.

Make sure you explore the interior of the building as the stained glass windows are a work of art and is one of the few examples of Neogothic stained glass windows in Austria. The church, which is also known as the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the most beautiful churches of the country and receives thousands of tourists every year.

The altar was remodeled by Gustav Troger in 1988 but other than that, everything else is just the way it was several decades ago. If you are visiting the building for the first time, you should watch the pond in front of the church steps, as it truly is very beautiful and is said to change its shape.


Things to do in Graz - Straßgang

Things to do in Graz - Straßgang

Straßgang is the oldest district of Graz that dates back to the 16th century and is located in Styria, which is a province in Austria. It is located at the bottom of the hills of Florianiberg and Buchkogel that are in the south-west area of Austria. It is said that the history of the place dates back to the Roman times because the old traffic route in the area was used by Romans. It was in the year 1938, that the village of Straßgang and the village of Puntigam were merged together in order to create the district of Graz. The area has a number of historic buildings that you should definitely check out. One of these buildings is the Church Maria im Elend zu Straßgang that is in the centre of the district.

Other churches in the area that you should visit include Church St. Florian and the Church Rupertikirche that are said to be the oldest churches in Graz area. Now that you have learnt all the details about the place, make sure that you add visiting it to your list of things to do in Austria.


Things to do in Graz - Eggenberg Palace

The first impression of this Palace starts forming as soon as you gaze upon the front steps that have peacocks roaming around it. These beautiful birds just give you a little hint of the real extensive beauty that awaits you inside. Eggenberg Palace has an unusual history tied to it, the founder built the castle in 17th century to signify his new status in the Imperial Court.

There are a lot of things to do in Eggenberg Palace. To get the most out of everything, you should opt for a spot in the guided tours hosted by the palace. The tour takes you around the state rooms. In the middle of it you will find that the castle has some very intriguing secrets that may not have been obvious at first glance. Fun fact: the design layout of the entire structure is inspired from the astronomical symbolism of the Gregorian calendar at the time.

In your list of things to do in Eggenberg Palace, add the activity of strolling around the picturesque gardens, this also serve as a place for precious monuments of Austria.