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Things to do in Grenada

Grenada or the Island of Spice belongs to the Southeastern part of the Caribbean Sea. It happens to be one of the greatest tourist attractions in the Caribbean. This is mainly because of the vast number of things to do in Grenada. This land is one of the oldest lands, possibly around the world, as it was formed about two million years ago as a result of an underwater volcano eruption.

Grenada Island

The country Grenada is composed of seven small different islands. This place is home to some of the most breathtaking sights that are accompanied by lots of other things to do in Grenada Island. This island may look similar to other Caribbean islands, but it has definitely got amazing sights and attractions that make it stand out from the rest. Grenada has everything from water sports to underwater diving. This Island Paradise in the Caribbean will take you away from the worries of life and let you relax on its white sandy beaches. It is not just the things to do in Grenada that makes it unique, but also the simple lifestyle of its residents who welcome you warmly, making you feel truly special while you are here. Some of the highlights of the Grenada Island include the Fort George, Boat trips, and Snorkeling etc. In short, visiting this place will be one of your best decisions this coming vacation.

Places to visit in Grenada

When it comes down to the places to visit in Grenada, the list just keeps on going. This place holds some of the most exotic places you will find in the world. One such place is the Underwater Sculpture you can find in Moilinere. It is fair to say that this is one of the most exotic places you can visit on the entire planet. With only a few of such projects around the world, going to these Underwater Sculptures located near St. Georges will surely be the most surreal experience of your entire vacation. Grenada has other places to check out like Fort George, Seven Sister Falls, and the Grand Anse Beach, which offer some of the best things to do in Grenada. Furthermore, Grenada offers some of the most scrumptious food and delicacies you can taste in the Caribbean. The Amici Miei Restraunt here offers some of the most delicious Italian food you will find anywhere. In a nutshell, with all the things to do in Grenada, it is one of those places that will cater to the needs of every person. That is why a visit to Grenada should be on the very top of your places to visit list for your vacations.


Grenada National Museum

There are quite a few people who visit Grenada in the Caribbean every single year, which is partly because of the weather and partly due to the amazing sights and attractions that it has to offer. Amongst the must see sights in Grenada is the Grenada National Museum. It is one of the oldest structures on the island and was built in the late 1700s.
It was officially opened to the public in 1976, and there are lots of things to do in Grenada National Museum, which include checking out the historical artifacts and exhibits that display Grenada’s proud history.

You should also add taking part in the weekly activities in the list of things to do in Grenada National Museum, which include dancing, drumming, live jazz performances, poetry and singing.

Also included in the list of things to do in Grenada National Museum is having lunch at the Museum Bistro outdoors, where you can enjoy lunch in a historical setting. The collection over here at the museum includes fishing archaeology, early technology and transport, plantation economy, slavery and first inhabitants as well. It is safe to say that there is no visit to Grenada that would be complete without checking out the Grenada National Museum.


Fort George

Grenada is a very popular tourist destination, which is down to the fact that it has got some of the best attractions in the Caribbean. There are lots of historical sites and forts in Grenada, and one of the must visit forts over here is Fort George. It is officially Grenada’s oldest fort and was built by the French in 1705. A visit to this fort is an absolute must on everyone’s checklist when they come to Grenada.

The things to do in Fort George are mainly linked with taking guided tours through this centuries old fort, while another of the most favorite things to do in Fort George is exploring all the dark tunnels that are around here. it is a special fort and there is even a plaque in the parade ground, which is the port where Maurice Bishop, the revolutionary leader was executed.

Amongst the list of things to do in Fort George is sightseeing and checking out the different canons that are over here. It gives you a great perspective about how the military used to work and run during the 17th century and it has got a deep connection with history as well.


Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick is one of the top rated tourist attractions in Grenada. This is the best preserved fort in Grenada dating back to the 18th century. The construction of this fort began in the year 1779 by the French however; it was completed in 1791 after 12 years by the British. The fort is located on the Richmond Hill.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Fort Frederick, Grenada. The place promises fun, a lot of sight-seeing and invites visitors to explore its rich history. The fort was initially built by the French to secure their position after capturing the island from the British. The fort featured cannons facing inland which earned it the name ‘Backward Facing Fort’. This was because the French did not want to be attacked from the inland, the way they captured this island from the British troops.
But unfortunately, they still couldn’t defend themselves from the British naval attack, and paradoxically this fort was then used by the British to defend themselves against the French.

Besides exploring the history, the beautiful landscape views makes sightseeing among the second most popular things to do in Fort Frederick, Grenada. The place offers splendid views of St. George's, and the sea. Visiting Fort Frederick is truly an experience.


St. George's Market Square

When in Grenada, don’t forget to make a visit to the St. George’s Market Square. It is the largest and the most colorful market in Grenada. It is the home to the popular Saturday morning market featuring a variety of stalls of spices, fruits and local craft. All items here are set on rickety tables and stalls shaded by colorful umbrellas.

There are plenty of things to do in St. George’s Market Square so make sure you don’t have any other plans for the day and also do carry money with you because you will truly love shopping here. Tourists mostly come to St. George’s Market Square to shop for spices and fruits that are hard to find elsewhere. From fresh fruits like Star Apple, Soursop and Breadfruit to spice like nutmegs, here you can find it all and shop for these items easily.

Amongst many things to do in St. George’s Market Square, tourists also love exploring this place. The unique setup of this place, the way people bargain prices and the sellers sell items is quite an experience. You can take your camera with you to click pictures of the stalls and show your friends back home what Saturday markets are like in Grenada.


National Cricket Stadium

If you’re a cricket fan and want to experience what it’s like to watch a cricket match in person, then do visit the National Cricket Stadium when you go for holidays to Grenada. Visiting this stadium is a joy and truly an experience you’ll never forget. This cricket stadium complex is located on River Road and a location where the 2007 Cricket World Cup was played.
Built in 2000, it was previously known as the Queen’s Park. There are plenty of things to do in the National Cricket Stadium, Grenada. From watching cricket matches to just exploring this amazing place, you’ll enjoy your visit here. The National Cricket Stadium became the 84th Test venue in the year 2002 when Grenada hosted its 1st match between New Zealand and West Indies.

Even if there is no match being played in the stadium, you can still feel the thrill by looking at the large cricket field and seating arrangements. And this is why exploring this stadium is listed among the top and fun things to do in the National Cricket Stadium, Grenada. The pitch of this stadium is quite unusual and unique. It elongates towards the pavilion side, which gives a more baseball type feel to the field.


Mount Maitland

If you’re seeking for adventure, thrill and adrenaline rush, then don’t forget to visit Mount Maitland in Grenada. It’s the ultimate place to experience Caribbean outdoor fun and excitement. Located close to St. George and in St. David, Mount Maitland invites outdoor adventurers to explore this place. The terrain elevation is estimated to be approximately 260 meters above sea level.

There are plenty of things to do in Mount Maitland, Grenada. However, the most popular activities being bike riding and hiking. Some sections of the road to Mount Maitland are steep, so you really need to be careful when riding your bike, so that you don’t slip. The picturesque and green landscape however, makes bike riding and hiking on the trail to Mount Maitland unbelievably fun.

Also, if you love photography, do carry your camera with you. You can take great pictures of beautiful views and of the stunning landscape, and capture great memories in your camera forever. In fact, did you know that photography is one of the many popular things to do in Mount Maitland, Grenada. The green vibrant geography of Mount Maitland will wow you and leave you stunned. If you thought Grenada was all about cocktails and beaches, then allow Mount Maitland to surprise you!