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Things to do in Guatemala City

If you are wondering about the different things to do in Guatemala City, you will be happy to know that the city is blessed with various wonderful attributes that are available for exploration by tourists. Other than the ancient Mayan ruins and volcanoes, the beaches in the area are also available for tourists who want to enjoy a sunny day at the beautiful shore.

Visit Guatemala City

While the focal point remains with the Mayan ruins, there are so many other things to do in Guatemala City, in addition to learning more about the steaming volcanoes. When you set out to touring the real city of Guatemala, you learn about the unique perspectives of tourism. In fact, eco-tourism is especially very successful in the area, keeping the natural features in mind. Moreover, if your list of things to do in Guatemala City includes shopping, this city has everything to cater to your needs. Enjoy an amazing, unique experience of shopping by visiting the Chichicastenango Market. These markets are held every Sunday and Thursday. A number of items sold there are handmade and thus can be used as souvenirs for the people back home. If you are interested in learning about the volcanic features of Guatemala City, you might want to consider paying a visit to Pacaya. The altitude of this place is almost 9000 ft. You will be mesmerized to find the Atitlan Lake present in the same vicinity too. Being one of the largest Central American cities, there are many things to do in Guatemala City for a busy tourist.

Places to see in Guatemala City

There are a number of places to visit in Guatemala City, however, the travel could become really easy if you learn a little Spanish. In fact, the people of Guatemala City speak Spanish but with a twist. The unique flavor added to the language makes it unique and virtually unmatched. For committed tourists who are in the region for a cause may want to learn the language during the trip. As far as the beach life is concerned, the beach at Guatemala is among the best in the world and enough for the tourists to enjoy. This beach is quite popular amongst both the local people and the tourists coming from different countries. It is known as Monterrico and is one of the best destinations for providing a much required and relaxing break from the challenging schedule. Makes sure you list down your ‘things to do in Guatemala City’ keeping in mind that it is one of the largest cities in Central America. Therefore, the opportunities for exploring it are endless. It is easier for tourists to find activities they can enjoy as the whole trip is based on the different geography and history of the place. For you, it is easier to become a part of the activities that are offered.


Things to do in Guatemala City - La Aurora Zoo

The La Aurora Zoo is one of the largest and most-well kept zoos in Guatemala. This zoo is a perfect place to explore the beautiful landscapes and witness the wildlife in action. This zoo is home to wildlife from Asia, Africa, and America, and offers great outdoor recreation to the visitors. When visiting this zoo, you will get to learn a lot about the animals of Guatemala. You will have many things to do in La Aurora Zoo including exploring the wildlife and taking wildlife tours to witness elephants, lions, giraffes, tigers, hippos, and many more animals. The zoo is a perfect place to learn about the different animals in Guatemala. When in La Aurora Zoo, make sure you visit the African Savanna. You will also find the remains of a viaduct built in the ancient times. There many other things to do in La Aurora Zoo and many places to visit like the Mesoamerican tropics, home farm, and the Asian sub-continent area. You will also find many restaurants and fast-food chains in the zoo that you can stop at to enjoy Guatemalan style food. There are many children games in the zoo as well.


Things to do in Guatemala City - San Miguel Petapa

San Miguel Petapa is a small urban division in the city of Guatemala and is home to some interesting things for visitors and tourists. This place features some amazing natural landscapes that visitors can explore and capture with their cameras. This small town is packed with lush green hills and beautiful views if the forests and the Lake Amatitlan. If you are finding things to do in San Miguel Petapa, you will not be disappointed as this small town has many activities to offer to the tourists looking for some adventure and entertainment. The Estadio Municipal de San Miguel Petapa is quite popular amongst tourists who come to see the stadium and games held here. If you are interested in a nature tour, it is best to visit the Lake Amatitlan. There are many interesting things to do in San Miguel Petapa including a tour of the Amatitlan Lake that is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. You can spend a day camping near the lake and enjoy the serene views of the lush green forests. This lake is the fourth largest in the city of Guatemala and remains packed with tourists coming to witness its beauty from across the world.


Things to do in Guatemala City - Museo Popol Vuh

The Museo Popol Vuh is a famous museum that features some of the most interesting collections of pre-Columbian era. When visiting the museum, you will witness some amazing artifacts that showcase the culture and history of this place. Because Guatemala is a city with several archeological sites, this museum plays a role in educating people about the cultural heritage present here. Museo Popol Vuh is located at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin and offer great collections for the visitors to see. There are many things to do in Museo Popol Vuh, so you will never get bored here. You will get to learn so much about the history of this Central American nation and see some amazing artifacts that will take you back in time and make you understand the advancements back then. There are several exciting things to do in Museo Popol Vuh including the largest collections of the great Maya art in the world. the museum features many small rooms that contain various exhibits including pottery, stone sculptures, and the famous Lord Bat sculpture that is a must see. The museum is home to an amazing collection of ceramics that are the best in the city.