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Things to do in Guilin

Best attractions to visit in Guilin

1. Li River - Guilin

Li River

The striking Li river, is a tourist spot that flows from Guilen to Yangshou. The Li river flows generally in a southern direction and the flow then continues south as the Gui river. The li river has quite a few features which attract visitors, such as the Reed flute cave, Seven Star Park (the largest park in Gui), and mountain of colored rocks. It is also home to Lingqu canal, which is claimed to be the oldest in the world.


2. Elephant Trunk Hill Park - Guilin

Elephant Trunk Hill Park

Elephant Trunk hill is a symbol of the city of Guilen and landmark. The roundish gap in the rock formation, at the base of the hill, resembles an elephant drinking water. The round opening is also known as water moon cave, the cave has inscriptions on the wall that date back to the Song dynasty. The scenic area also features the Puxian Pagoda which was built during the Ming dynasty and Yung Feng temple.


3. Jingjiang Prince's City - Guilin

Jingjiang Prince s City

The JingJinag Prince’s city is dated in construction to even before the Forbidden city, and thus is China’s most ancient city. It is another historical site in the city Guilen, Guangxi. The city is now the location of Guangxi Normal University. It is also known as prince’s palace or Wang Cheng (prince’s city). The nephew of the Ming dynasty emperor called this location his home. The city’s design is in accordance with the strick rules of the Ming dynasty.


4. Reed Flute Caves - The Crystal Palace of the Dragon King Formations - Guilin

Reed Flute Caves The Crystal Palace of the Dragon King Formations

The wondrous marvel that are Reed Flute Caves on the Li river are home to caves illuminated with artificial lighting. The cave is limestone, and the name comes from reeds that are used to make flutes. The cave is filled with rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites. The cave has several inscriptions inked in that date back to the Tang dynasty that indicate the historically attracted visitors. The cave’s variety of formations has had it deemed “The palace of Natural Arts”.


5. The Seven Star Cave and Park - Guilin

The Seven Star Cave and Park

The largest park in the city of Guilin, the Seven Star Park is a must for any tourist and is open and welcoming sightseers throughout the year. The Putuo Mountain, the location of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva represents the main area of interest. The mountain is dotted by many pavilions and caves and is one to note. There are other hills and mountains to visit in the park as well, each with its own array of exhibits and sights to observe.


6. Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas - Guilin

Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas

The Twin Pagodas stand close to each other as part of the same complex connected via a tunnel. Located in the city of Guilin’s central lake, what one sees will definitely fascinate. The pagodas have been renovated to include a lift and lighted serving as a beautiful nighttime vista. The Sun pagoda stands higher than the moon pagoda at 41 meters and is made of copper, while the other is made of marble.


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