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Things to do in Hamburg

Being a business hub of Germany for about two centuries now, Hamburg draws quite a bit of attention to itself as compared to most other parts of the country. The much too independent city states itself as the “Gateway to the World” although many people may not agree with that claim. Never the less, Hamburg happens to be one of those cities of the world that should definitely be visited.

Hamburg Germany

This city enjoys having the world’s largest port and clearly makes the most out of it. It also takes the second spot in the list of biggest cities in Germany. There are, as opposed to a common belief, a lot of things to do in Hamburg. Starting from the zoo without cages to a funfair that takes place thrice a year covering a three kilometer area, there is a lot that this historic city has to offer. Hamburg hasn’t always been at peace though, as it was destroyed several times in the past. This fact, as bad as it is, also shows how determined the people of this city are. No matter where what happened, they have managed to get back on their feet and move forward several times in their history. The term Hamburg comes from a castle, which was built here in 808 AD and was named ‘hammaburg’. The meaning of the first part is said to be unknown; the second part, ‘Burg’ means ‘Castle’. Just like the first part of the name, the whereabouts of the castle are also unknown. Hamburg also enjoys the privilege of being one of the country’s wealthiest cities which won it the UNESCO World Heritage site recognition last year. Apart from this, it is also a center of entertainment and business for over 3.5 million people living in the northern parts of Germany; this states that there are countless things to do in Hamburg.

Hamburg Tourism

When it comes to tourism, there are a lot of things to do in Germany, when you come to Hamburg. For instance, places like Eekholt Wildlife Park will provide you with very unusual experiences that make your visit to Hamburg worthwhile. Moreover, it also has places like Markthalle Hamburg so you can soak in some historical knowledge of a place that has made its mark on the history of Europe. In addition to that, Hamburg hosts the Hamburg Dungeon as well. This actually happens to be a very exotic attraction for the tourists. It is a chain of the Ireland Dungeon and Berlin Dungeon. Furthermore, Hamburg holds beautiful scenic attractions as well. Most of all, it is green! According to a statistic, 14% of the entire Hamburg is covered in greenery. It doesn’t stop here. The infrastructure of Hamburg is another thing that adds to your list of things to do in Germany. The Hamburg Town Hall, for instance, is said to be one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Germany. It is also the largest town hall of the country containing more than 647 rooms. Among so many places to visit and things to do in Germany, the rich history, natural beauty, and striking infrastructure of Hamburg makes this place one which certainly demands a visit.




There are many great places to visit in Hamburg and Alster is another one of them. It is a giant lake, which is 160-hectare in size and is located right in the heart of the city. The lake doesn’t have much depth, only being 2.50 meters deep and is a favorite spot for paddlers, rowers, and sailors in the city. The lake was created in the 13th century, when the Alster River was dammed and offers lots of entertainment.

There are lots of things to do in Alster, which include relaxing on a deck chair or on a blanket near the bank, jogging close to the water, taking a walk or playing Frisbee. There are endless options to enjoy a relaxing day at Alster, and during the winters you can cross to the other side without getting your feet wet as well. There are also lots of restaurants and cafes that surround Alster and you can enjoy a drink or a meal with the spectacular view of the lake.

There is no shortage of water-related things to do in Alster, which include taking a tour of the lake in a steamer to experience the landscape. You can also rent a paddle-boat or a sailing dinghy to go on Alster and have a great time.




The beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany has got one of the fastest growing tourism industries in Europe right now and it isn’t hard to notice why. There are so many amazing places to visit in the city, and one of the most popular attractions is Außenalster, also known as Alster River. It draws in tourists from around Europe, since there are so many things on offer over here.

Spending a day out on Außenalster is considered as one of the best ways to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in Hamburg. There are lots of things to do in Außenalster, which include plenty of outdoor activities and water sports. During the warmer months a dip in the Außenalster is recommended, while you will see lots of people enjoying picnics near the water as well.

Another of the most popular things to do in Außenalster is boating and canoeing, which offers you the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a very popular destination and there are many bars and restaurants nearby as well, where you can sit and have a meal, while getting a stunning view of the entire Außenalster as well.


Eekholt Wildlife Park

Whether you ask a six year old kid, or a thirty year old adult, there is something about wildlife that we all enjoy and love to watch. This is the reason why the number of zoos and wildlife parks is growing throughout the world as major tourist attractions. There is also a reason why channels like Animal Planet and National Geographic have paved their way to such enormous success in an equally short time. If you love animals, visiting the Eekholt Wildlife Park in Hamburg is one of the best things to do in Germany.

Eekholt Wildlife Park is a privately owned park which was opened with quite a vision. The owners wanted to create awareness about the fact how plants and animals depend so much upon the ecology. This is the reason why animals are kept in enclosures in their natural environments to help them thrive, rather than confining them into cages.

There are a lot of things to do in Eekholt Wildlife Park. To start off, it has over a hundred different species of animals from central Europe. They also have more than seven hundred animals roaming around the whole park; making it the most beautiful sight which you don’t get to see often. Moreover, it also has a school for children, which focuses on environmental education.


Markthalle Hamburg

Markthalle Hamburg

Markthalle Hamburg is one of Hamburg’s oldest convention centers being established in the year 1913. This convention hall happens to be one of the most famous in the city of Hamburg and has seen a lot of huge events and massive turn-outs. Major bands and celebrities have performed in this historic convention hall in the past including the famous band AC/DC. Moreover, musicians like Iggy Pop, The Scorpions, and REM have also performed at this center.

The things to do in Markthalle Hamburg including viewing the various performances, exhibitions and events held at this convention center. This historic piece of infrastructure is just a reflection of the numerous things to do in Germany. It has come a long way to where it stands this day – being a well known meeting place and event venue in an equally renowned city.

Since its inception, the Markthalle of Hamburg has undergone a lot of changes that have been made from time to time in order to keep this convention center a place worth visiting. Initially, the complex was built as vegetable wholesale market within the city of Hamburg. However, it has now turned into a vast building complex that currently has an arts center in addition to the market hall among other structures. All in all, Markthalle Hamburg definitely calls for a visit if you are looking for things to do in Germany.


Hamburg Dungeon

Though not quite suitable for kids, Hamburg Dungeon is not a place you should skip visiting! Firstly, it is an interactive experience which should be enough of a reason for you to visit the Dungeon. If that didn’t make you mark it as the prime place to visit, the following details surely will. There are just a lot of things to do in Hamburg Dungeon.

If you have even a small interest in history, the best one among the things to do in Germany is to visit the Hamburg Dungeon, as here, you get to know about the dark history of the happy city you see today, and that too, on your own! Yes! You are part of the act where you are taken into the 18th Century (a stage, of course) and are supposed to make your way through that historic fire depicting the one in the mid nineteenth century which destroyed a great part of this city. The show doesn’t end here. In one of the following parts, you are taken into a ship to fight a battle where Klaus Stortebeker – your leader, is executed. There are several parts to this incredible journey where you also learn a lot about the history of Hamburg. This makes you realize how far Hamburg has come today. So don’t forget to add this to your checklist because if you don’t, you will miss out on an experience of a lifetime.


Miniatur Wunderland

Hamburg has got many amazing places and tourist attractions, which is why it has got one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the world. Miniatur Wunderland is a must visit place in Hamburg and is officially the world’s largest model railway. The museum attracts visitors from all across Europe, and is a great place to visit with children.

There are quite a lot of things to do in Miniatur Wunderland, since the museum has been broken down into 5 different sections, namely Southern Germany, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia and Switzerland. It is spread across different regions and consists of about 900 trains, 200,000 trees and people, and 300,000 lights. There are also numerous exhibits that you can check out over here if you are looking at things to do in Miniatur Wunderland.

You will not be short of things to do in Miniatur Wunderland, and all visitors who come visit it leave rave reviews, since it is so entertaining for children and adults alike. There are very few places in Hamburg that offer you more excitement and better facilities than Miniatur Wunderland, which is why it should be firmly part of your list of things to do in Hamburg.


Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen

Hamburg has got many amazing places to visit and one of them includes a trip to Planten un Blomen. It is one of the most visited spots in Hamburg, since it stretches along the city center, down towards the harbor and also includes Wallringpark. Planten un Blomen is literally translated into plants and flowers, and if you want to enjoy outdoor activities, then this is the place to visit in Hamburg.

There are many things to do in Planten un Blomen, which include visiting the Japanese garden, the apothecary’s garden, tropical greenhouses and lakes. There are lots of things to do in Planten un Blomen for kids as well as there is a skating rink and crazy golf and a massive playground. There are several cafes that are located nearby, which offer snacks and coffee, as well as dancing on Sunday afternoons as well.

If you are looking for more things to do in Planten un Blomen, then there is a music pavilion here as well, which has got free concerts every weekend in the summer. Another must-do activity in Planten un Blomen is going to the Wasserlichtspiele, which is a mixture of fountains, music and colored lights on the lake, which is located in the middle of the park.



Hamburg has many great places to visit, and if you want to experience all that this great city has to offer, then you should check out Reeperbahn, which is the red-light district of the city as well as Hamburg’s nightlife center. Reeperbahn has got everything that you could ever want, with numerous bars, discotheques, night clubs and restaurants lining the street. There are also brothels, sex shops, strip clubs and even a sex museum located over here.

The things to do in Reeperbahn are endless with so many entertainment options to choose from as well as the red-light district. There is also the annual Reeperbahn Festival, which provides people with the opportunity to experience one of the most intriguing pleasure quarters all around Europe. Reeperbahn is also considered to be the spiritual home of the Beatles, whose music really grew by leaps and bounds over here.

There are lots of bars, restaurants, clubs, venues and cafes that are lining the street, and sex isn’t generally the most popular of the things to do in Reeperbahn anymore. There is so much to see and experience over here, which is why it is recommended that anyone that visits Hamburg has to visit Reeperbahn as well.