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Things to do in Hangzhou

Best attractions to visit in Hangzhou

1. Baochu Pagoda - Hangzhou

Baochu Pagoda

Where the West Lake flows in China’s province of Zhejiang, home to Hangzhou, it is hard not to notice the looming 45 meters of layered towers and eaves that form the Baochu Pagoda. This gray and slender landmark built during the Northern Song Dynasty amid 968 and 975 stands out amongst the trees surrounding Precious Stone Hill. The dirt trail of the hill makes it perfect for hiking where alternatively you can enjoy a picnic at the base of the hill or climb the cement stairs leading to the pagoda.


2. West Lake - Hangzhou

West Lake

West Lake is located in the capital of the Zhejiang province called Hangzhou. This is Eastern China’s freshwater lake that consists of five divisions due to three causeways. The lake is home to numerous pagodas, gardens, temples, and artificial islands. It is known in the history of China to have served as an inspiration for poets and painters because of its natural exquisiteness and relics that have historical context. It was in 2011 that UNESCO declared it to be a World Heritage Site.


3. Gongchenqiao - Hangzhou


Located in the province of Zhejiang, Gongchenqiao falls near Xiaohe, Shangtang and Guashan in China. It covers an area of approximately 4.23 square kilometers and is estimated to have a population of 38,000. The north of Gongshu District is home to the Gongchenqiao bridge leading to streets that offer a walk through history with various museums featuring umbrellas, scissors, knives and swords. Nearby hotels in Gongchenqiao have a reputation of providing its customers with the quality of service and hospitality that is likely to impress.


4. Grand Canal - Hangzhou

Grand Canal

Recognized by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee, the Grand Canal in China links five of its main basins and consists of artificial waterways of more than 2,000 kilometers. The canal starts its journey from Beijing to Tianjin and then provinces that include Shandong, Zhejiang as well as others before going to Hangzhou. In addition to being the world’s largest canal at 1,776 kilometers, it is also a famous tourist destination, a means of communication and a contributor to the country’s prosperous and stable economy.


5. Hangzhou Botanical Garden - Hangzhou

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Founded in 1956, the Hangzhou Botanical Garden has a varied collection of plants including Acer, Carpinus, Magnolia, Rosa as well as herbs, and plants that contain medicinal properties. Open to public, this botanical garden is located in the city of Hangzhou of the Zhejiang Province, China. Covering an area of around 248 acres, the Hangzhou Botanical Garden is not just for nature photographers but also serves as a research ground and study for Zhejiang University.


6. Hangzhou Zoo - Hangzhou

Hangzhou Zoo

Hangzou Zoo, as the name itself suggests, is a zoo located in Hangzou which is the capital city of the Zhejiang province in China. The zoo was originally found in 1968 and was reconstructed in 1975. Open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the zoo spans to 20 hectares in covered area. Pandas, Giraffes, Elephants are only some of the main attractions with West Lake adding to the scenery. Suitable for educational tours, it is also a destination for families and kids alike.


7. Jingci Temple - Hangzhou

Jingci Temple

Jingci Temple is a Buddhist temple located in the city of Hangzhou, China. It can be found at the base of Huiri Peak of Nanping Hill, alongside West Lake. It was constructed in 954 by Qian Hongshu as an accommodation for China’s Founder of Buddhism and has a history that goes back for more than a thousand years. In 1983, the State Council declared the temple as “a key national Buddhist temple in Han areas”. The Jingci Temple is said to be a jewel of the northern and southern hills, a title it shares with the Lingyin Temple.


8. Leifeng Pagoda - Hangzhou

Leifeng Pagoda

Leifeng Pagoda is an eight sided tower that has five stories. In China’s city Hangzhou on the southern banks of West Lake, is the Sunset Hill which is where this pagoda is located. Built on the slopes of Nanping Mountain, the structure is made of brick and wood. Although it dates back to the year 975, it was reconstructed in 2002 after collapsing in the year 1924. This example of Buddhist architecture makes for popular tourist appeal.


9. Lingyin Temple - Hangzhou

Lingyin Temple

One of the ancient and most prominent Buddhist temples in Hangzhou, China the Lingyin Temple is literally a Temple of the Soul's Retreat. To the north-west of the West Lake, it stands the largest amongst many other temples in the Wulin Mountains. It encompasses several pagodas and Buddhist caverns. The history of the temple as well as the surrounding view adds to the attraction for the tourists not to mention the loyal Buddhists themselves.


10. Liuhe Pagoda - Hangzhou

Liuhe Pagoda

The Liuhe Pagoda is also known by the name of Six Harmonies Pagoda in reference to the Buddhism concept of six regulations namely heaven, earth, north, south, east, and west. The pagoda can be found in the province of Zhejiang, China, located to the south of Hangzhou. The structure faces the Qiantang River built on the base of Yuelun Hill, which along with its height of 196.5 feet, make it an ideal spot to view the Qiantang River Tide.


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