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Things to do in Hangzhou

Best attractions to visit in Hangzhou

11. Meijiawu Tea Village - Hangzhou

Meijiawu Tea Village

Known for being one of the four popular areas that grow Dragon Well tea also known as Longjing tea, the Meijiawu Tea Village has a rich tea culture which is reason enough for millions of tourist visits. Located west of West Lake, it has 160 tea houses which provide a history and culture for travelers to learn. Not to mention the tea ceremonies held in the village. The best production of the varieties of Dragon Well tea forms the recipe for a perfect cup.


12. Qiandao Lake - Hangzhou

Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake is an artificial lake located in Chun'an County in the Zhejiang Province of China. The lake is also known as the Thousand Islets Lake. This is because it has 1078 islets where views change with the season. The New Anjiang Hydroelectric Power Station was the cause behind the formation of this lake in 1959. It mainly comprises of forests that include fruit trees, wild animals, a lake consisting of fishes, tea and the clean, fresh air.


13. Qianjiang New City - Hangzhou

Qianjiang New City

Qianjiang New City or Qianjiang New Town is located in the city of Hangzhou of the Zhejiang province on the eastern side of Qiantangjiang River. The City Administration Building, the Hangzhou Grand Theater, and the International Conference Center are the three prominent buildings present in the district. The design, although being modern, is also a reflection of the importance of Chinese culture. The commercial hub provides a spectacular view and the Qiantang River only adds to that feature.


14. Qinghefang Old Street - Hangzhou

Qinghefang Old Street

Qinghefang Old Street is a part of the Hefang Street located to the north of Wu Shan Hill in the city of Hangzhou, China. Spanning to an area of 13 hectares, the city is known for preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient city of Hangzhou. Along with the restaurants, tea houses and other shops that sell fans, scissors, as well as pharmacies, the street is a profitable hub of business and commerce.


15. Tangqi Ancient Town - Hangzhou

Tangqi Ancient Town

On the northern side of Hangzhou, 10 kilometers away, in the Zhejiang province of China, Tangqi Ancient Town has been around for a thousand years. Because of its network of riverways, it is a water town belonging to the region of Jiangnan. The plum blossom, the Prunus mume in the nearby area of Chaoshan Mountain, a fruit called Loquat which is unique on its own, and the Dingshan Lake make it a typical tourist destination.


16. Xixi National Wetland Park - Hangzhou

Xixi National Wetland Park

Situated 5 kilometers from West Lake, the Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the western part of Hangzhou in the Zhejiang province of China. It covers an area of 2800 acres comprising of lakes, ponds, and swamps forming a dense network with six main waterways. In addition to being a cultural heritage and having a history that dates back to being greater than 1800 years, the Xixi National Wetland Park is grounds for a dragon boat contest, Chinese South Opera, and the production of silk.


17. Silk Museum - Hangzhou

Silk Museum

Silk is a tremendous part of China which is enough to attract outsiders. Since they're the ones who acquainted it with the world, having the capacity to witness firsthand how they deliver silk was really thrilled. It is well-known as the world’s major Silk Museum, the China Silk Museum was founded in February 1992. China's silk society goes back over 5,000 years. The China National Silk Museum, the specific original silk historical epicenter in the country, brags an aggregate presentation space of 50,000 square meters. The corridor also uncovers how China is in charge of planting the first mulberry, reproducing silkworm, reeling silk and at last assembling silk. You will come to find priceless ancient pieces of silk in Relics hall of museums. The China National Silk Museum is a combination of convention, tourism and exchange. Museum holds educational values for the both kids and adults. The best place to explore and must gain knowledge about silk.


18. - Hangzhou

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