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Things to do in Henderson

Best attractions to visit in Henderson

1. Lake Las Vegas - Henderson

Lake Las Vegas

While thinking of the things to do in the United States, Lake Las Vegas should be on top of your list. This place is just an absolute beauty to visit. Spread around a huge area of 320 acres, this is an artificial lake that holds an even bigger resort around it. It has a serene look and caters to the definition of beauty and entertainment simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if you are into man-made infrastructure or a natural sight, this place will provide entertainment to everyone who visits it. There are a lot of things to do in Lake Las Vegas. The top notch resorts that are built around the lake let you enjoy your stay in a spectacular fashion. Here, you will not only enjoy the great food and pleasing hospitality of the people, but will also take pleasure in the events like Championship Las Vegas Golf. Lake Las Vegas has a separate golf course to make it an even more desirable destination for the tourists. In addition to all this, this place offers activities like fishing and cruising in the lake, a scene around it that is leisure to the eye, wine tasting and much more. In short, not visiting Lake Las Vegas while in Henderson is not an option for anyone.


2. Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden - Henderson

Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

Whether you are into plants or not, succulent plants as well as cactus are one of those species of plants that are quite amusing to see. This is mostly because of their uncommon appearance and the fact that they are not usually found in cities. That is why when you visit this part of the land, make sure you make a list of things to do in the United States and add Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden to that list. Over three hundred different species of plants are found in this garden. These include cacti in addition to the succulent plants. There are a lot of things to do in the Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden. To start off, this garden, in addition to the 150 different species of succulent plant and cacti, also contains species of shrubs as well as trees that are found in the deserts of Southwestern United States. Spread out on over four acres of land, this garden tends to be among the world’s largest gardens of its kind. Not to mention it is the largest in the whole state of Nevada as well. If you plan on visiting this place – which you definitely should – visit it at night to view the spectacular cactus lighting display and make the most out of your trip here.


3. Rio Secco Golf Club - Henderson

Rio Secco Golf Club

Whether you are a golf person or not, this club is a place you must visit while in Henderson – Nevada. There are so many things to do in Rio Secco Golf Club that no one who visits this mesmerizing place gets even a tad bit close to getting exhausted. Situated near the black mountain range, this beautiful golf club opened its doors to public back in 1997. It contains teeing grounds for all levels of golfers with six holes each looking over an extremely mind boggling piece of scenery. So even if you are not golfing, the nature keeps you amazed throughout your trip. In addition to these extravagant golf fields, Secco golf club also has a beautiful resort for you to enjoy your stay. Adjacent to a few million dollar lands, this 30 thousand sq. feet resort hosts a large golf shop containing the golfing equipment from some of the top manufacturers around the world. In addition to that, it also holds the Janelas Restraunt Bar to make sure you have the same great dining experience as you did with golfing and breathing in the natural views around it. Moreover, for all the golfers, Butch Harmen holds a teaching facility at Secco Club. There might be several things to do in the United States, but coming to this country and missing out on Rio Secco Golf Club in Henderson will not, in any way, be a wise decision.


4. River Mountains - Henderson

River Mountains

Extravagant beauty of nature, diverse set of wildlife, and long lasting trails, all of these and more can be found in River Mountains. One of the best things to do in River Mountains is to bike through a 34 mile long loop trail that moves around the River Mountains and forms a one of its kind trail in Nevada. This place has endless things that one can do here including biking, sightseeing, camping, and a lot more. There are quite a couple of things to do in the United States once you visit here, but River Mountains of the Henderson stand out in more than a couple of ways. Firstly, it offers a wide range of recreational activities for everyone. Secondly, the beauty of these mountains itself is a reason enough to visit this place. When you come here, you will not only see animals and a mesmerizing view of mountains, but also a vast set of beautiful plants as well. From Cactus to those classic palms, you will find almost every other plant within these ranges. There is so much to do here which is exactly what makes the River Mountains a great place to visit while you are around. This place will surely not let you go back home without being truly entertained.


5. Green Valley Ranch - Henderson

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch or the GVR is a magnificent hotel that is situated in the green valley in Henderson. It is definitely something more than just a hotel as there are a lot of things to do in Green Valley Ranch. Apart from being a great hotel, Green Valley Ranch also happens to be a resort and spa. In addition to all that, the thing that really adds the essence to this place is its casino. Things to do in the United Sates are by no means limited. Same is the case with its Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa hotel. This hotel started its operations back in 2001 and has grown a lot since then. The activities here include a wide range of arcade games in addition to a movie theater. The best part is that being family friendly, it also has a supervised child care area for your children. Moreover, the food here will leave you ecstatic. With around eight different restraunts to choose from, the food at Green Valley Ranch is unbelievingly appetizing. The hotel also keeps launching promotions that include reservations, gaming and dining. It is fair to say that your stay here will add to the already great vacation you will have in Henderson.


6. Sunset Station - Henderson

Sunset Station

If you are looking for an outstanding stay in Henderson, one of your best options is the Sunset Station. In fact if you are planning to visit the United States, you may even come to Henderson just to have a stay at this luxurious hotel and enjoy your vacations to the most. Not far from the Lake Las Vegas, this hotel comes with some of the most breath taking views that you can imagine. With the things to do in the Sunset Station, it is more than obvious that you and your family will come back here whenever you visit the United States the next time. Sunset Station has an extra-ordinary spa that will have you rejuvenated after your year-long stress at work. Furthermore, the scrumptious food of its restraunts will surely have you eating more than you normally tend to. Another thing that surely adds to the immense value of this resort is the casino it has. Based over an area of over 110 thousand square feet, the casino has a wide set of indulging games including some of the best slot machines on and off the Las Vegas strip. Once you have seen the things to do in United States and been to Sunset Station, it is hard not to come back here during your next vacation.


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