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Things to do in Hong Kong

Best attractions to visit in Hong Kong

1. Avenue of Stars - Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars

Avenue of stars is a unique and interesting space in this dynamic town, which has quantities of eminent statues of celebrities, it’s basically a sidewalk and sited at sea side, ideal for stroll due to its breathtaking environment. Just to promote tourism, the tourism ministry of the town constructed this sidewalk. The utmost substantial thing is that you will find some astounding sculptures of the celebrities. Amid your visit of avenue of stars, you can enhance your knowledge regarding film industry of the town, it is completely assured that you will feel pride after exploring this site so please don’t forget to capture snaps of this unique place in your camera with your friends and loved ones. The most suitable time to visit this site is November and December, one more thing you need to know is that try not to miss the Sunset at Avenue of stars which will give you unique experience of excursion.


2. Hong Kong Museum of Art - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of Art

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is functioned by The Leisure & Cultural Services Department. Hong Kong Museum of Art was primarily lodged in the City Hall, moving to its existing purpose-built structures by the world popular Hong Kong Cultural Center. There are numerous museums in Hong Kong situated in cities’ Park. It is the task of the Hong Kong Museum of Art to preserve the cultural heritage of China and encourage talent with a native center. Its collections now number in excess of 16,000 art stuffs, containing Chinese portraits and calligraphy works, antique Chinese treasures, paintings of ancient importance as well as formations by native actors. The finest part of the assortments are on display in the exposition galleries. To sustain an important international charisma, the museum also offers a boundless diversity of thematic demonstrations drawn from native and foreign foundations. If you are visiting Hong Kong then you must visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art for sure.


3. Hong Kong Space Museum - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Space Museum

The gallery gives step-free entree for wheelchair clients at all levels. To help hearing-impeded guests in their appreciation of art, Hong Kong Space Museum also offers sign based communication conversion for several travelers. You can get there very easily in short period of time by taking any mode of transport of the town, it’s a renowned place of the town. It’s a famous for its unique architecture due to its egg shaped structure sited on water front. Hong Kong space museum have lots of exciting thing to offer like digital planetarium projector and interestingly the all seated of the gallery is connected with multi language and interactive method. As we know the night life of the town is already very popular, attempt visit in evening time you will doubtlessly get a memorable experience of your excursion. Like always science attracts every one so here you will get the chance to explore lot interesting things, it’s an always get the traveler in good numbers, visitors always crazy to visit Hong Kong space museum due to its theme.


4. Hong Kong Star Walk - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Star Walk

Hong Kong Star Walk really shows a unique concept, that’s why it’s a witness of gathering quantities of tourist across the world. We assure you that you will definitely feel pride after exploring this place. Since here will discover bunches of mind boggling statue of the legend, quite a few big name of the film industry of the dynamic town. You will get information in Hong Kong Star Walk regarding unknown fact of struggling life of the stars. Whether you like to get lost and discovered independent from anyone else or like to let a specialist reveal you the way, Hong Kong Star Walk is the best place to admire magnificent view of celebrities’ statue. Ideal time to visit here is the November time, amid these months weather keeps pleasant. That’s why most of the travelers prefer to visit this place in these months, you can arrive effectively in short period of time by taking any method of transport of the town. Kindly keep in mind to catch snap of this unique site in your camera with your companion and love ones.


5. Hong Kong Cultural Center - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Cultural Center

Hong Kong Cultural Center an epicenter of interest for the explorer over the globe, surely understood for sorting out different activities. Hong Kong Cultural Center a sited on the waterfront of Victoria harbor, offers lots of facilities like theaters with modern facilities, theaters are numerous but here you will find a world class and unique theaters. Hong Kong Cultural Center was open in common society long ago, and the configuration of the interior is unique. You can get there very conveniently by local conveyance in short period of time. Night view create an incredible view of the brighten buildings of the town. As we recognize the night life of the town is at present very popular, attempt visit in evening time you will doubtlessly get an unforgettable experience of your excursion, so amid of your visit don’t miss to stay till evening. While entering in the city the dynamic crowd of the town welcomes you with open arms. Traveler will surely have majestic feeling amid of their visit.


6. Hong Kong Clock Tower - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Clock Tower

This dynamic town have lot more to offer for the local and worldwide tourist, it's a standout amongst the most famed spot among rest of the prevalent spots of the town. If we discuss about this location than let me tell you it’s an incredible sightseeing of the sea and town. It is sited on the waterfront and looks very colorful also have an incredible architecture, visitors can reach Hong Kong Clock Tower very conveniently by taking boat rides. If you are scheduling your visit in this town than kindly keep in mind to explore Hong Kong Clock Tower we guarantee you it won't disappoint you. So include this place in your wish list before exploring this place. Explorers can appreciate different sort of meals in a few popular eatery around Hong Kong Clock Tower , and for the shopping lovers there numbers of interesting market where you can shop according to your choice.


7. Ocean Terminal - Hong Kong

Ocean Terminal

If you are really in a mood of shopping in a lavish and deluxe districts of Honk Kong then the Ocean Terminal is the best ever destination for you which you will never ever regret after visiting. Ocean Terminal is one of the most astounding shopping complex in the town. After entering Ocean Terminal you will find out that being a part of the major shopping complex, it has in total 450 trade factories, 50 cafeterias, theaters and inns. For arriving at this awesome place you can get in the Airport Express and go to MTR Kowloon station which will take hardly 20 minutes from there. And then from there it’s hardly 5 minutes if you take a taxi to the Ocean Terminal. You can also reach this amazing complex by taking a taxi directly from the airport which will take around 40 minutes. This place lies in the heart of the magnificent city of Hong Kong.


8. Star Ferry Pier - Hong Kong

Star Ferry Pier

If you really love to enjoy the amazing view of ocean or sea then while at Hong Kong you should surely experience sitting in a wonderful Star Ferry Pier at least once in a life time. Just to get the breathtaking feeling, a huge number of individuals in millions travel in splendid Star Ferry Pier till now even after the two rims Victoria Harbor are linked by an amazing groundwork structure of road and rail subways. The awesome Star Ferry's Harbor Tour runs a spherical path of an hour around Victoria Harbor covering calling points at Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Wan Chai. After joining this amazing and unforgettable tour, you will get the opportunity to experience all town’s famous harbor side attractions. It is great experience which you should not miss in a life time and also it is an amazing experience to have with your friends and family.


9. Central Pier - Hong Kong

Central Pier

It’s an area around seaside where ferries leaves for the quite a few places. Central Pier another interesting area of the town, Flyer at central pier also gives a mesmerizing view. Visitors can walk with joy around Central Pier, they can watch the astounding picture of the flyer. The oceanfront is wide and alluring to walk, with a couple of rises to the attractions of the pier. It's a fun spot to go for some minutes. By all methods ride the Ferris wheel which is an incredible standpoint of the city, it increase curiosity to watch this place, from top of skyscrapers don’t miss to take Aerial view of the pier. It’s very expedient to get there in short period of time by attention-grabbing means of conveyances of the town. A voyage from piers by ferryboats will take travelers in thrilling world, so try it at least once in a life. It’s focus on the fun for the tourist so it get the attention of the working people of the area.


10. Hong Kong Maritime Museum - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a vivacious, ethnic organization devoted to maintaining, gathering and exhibiting things that tell the story about trade in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. A non-profit incorporated charity founded by associates of the Hong Kong Ship-owners Association, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum opened in September 2005 at Murray House in Stanley and repositioned to Dock 8, in the heart of the Central Harbor Waterside. Today the Hong Kong Maritime Museum draws 100,000 guests twelve-monthly where across 4,400 square meters more than 1,200 items are presented in 13 colonnades on three phases. Whole of which exclusively administers a lively Victoria Harbor. An extraordinary show and occasion’s space, resource hub, roof-top café and gift shop boost visitors' experience and patrons. The task is to encourage a greater knowledge of Hong Kong, China and Asia’s maritime history and the dynamic role that ships and the sea play in our past, present and future.


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