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Things to do in Illinois

The 5th most populated state of USA, Illinois is considered to be the tiny reflect of the whole of United States. The most unique thing about this state is the diverse economy it caters to. From small industries to giant agricultural lands, presence of natural resources like coal to being a major port of the country, Illinois boasts of everything. This is the reason why the state is considered to be a leader in trend setting for the whole country. From the very earliest settlements Illinois has been a hub of commercialism, politics and business. But this is not the only reason why there are so many tourists around this grand state. There are lots of things to do in Illinois, which is why it is always full to the brim with visitors from all around the world.

Illinois attractions

The interesting thing about Illinois is that it was not occupied by the American revolutionists when the country was found. Instead, the Crown, designated the area as reserved territory for the Red Indians of the Appalachians. It wasn’t until 1818 that Illinois became a state of the US. Since it is such a huge state, weather of Illinois varies from city to city. It has an above average rate of thunderstorms per year. There are also quite a few experiences of tornados per year. Its varying topography and weather makes it a very sought after place for tourists and for people looking for things to do in Illinois. From Chicago to Springfield, there are quite a few places to visit in Illinois. It can be safely said that Illinois is so huge, that it is next to impossible to see everything of interest in a single visit. This is why people, who are looking for things to do in Illinois, keep coming again and again to this wonderful city to explore it to the fullest. But this is only one of the reasons why people from all over the country as well as the globe visit this beautiful state. Another major reason is the availability of jobs and careers. Since the time it was occupied by the British, there has been rapid growth in the economy and infrastructure of the state. There are all sorts of careers to pursue here due to the diverse nature of opportunities ranging from government jobs to industrial positions and agricultural openings. What’s more, it is also an ideal place for students to find something to support themselves while continuing their education without too much hassle. This happens to be one of the most convenient things that students could look for when selecting their higher education, colleges and universities.

Places to visit in Illinois

When it comes to things to do in Illinois for tourists, there are too many to list. There is literally something for everyone here. From natural trails, hikes and rides to adventures created by man, historical sites and museums, to architectural feats and arts inspired culture and galleries, places specifically designed for children to bars and clubs for adults, there is everything that one can think of here. Depending on what the visitor wants to do, they can pick out the kind of activities they want to become a part of during their stay in this marvelous state. The very first thing that can be done is to take a walk down the Magnificent Mile of Chicago. Not only is the place ideal for shopping, it also allows tourists to pay a visit to the many museums, art galleries, hotels and restaurants. There are also quite a few famous buildings along the way including the Trump Tower, the Wrigley Building, the Tribune Tower and the John Hancock Building. If your list of things to do in Illinois include visiting literary historical places than paying a visit to the Grant House in Galena is a must, this is the place where Ulysses S. Grant lived in after getting back from the civil war. If you want to head out with the family and make it a whole day of entertainment then Navy Pier is the place to be at. The place has fun things to do like none other. There are museums, theater, shopping areas, eateries, a giant Ferris Wheel, Crystal Gardens, Shakespeare Theater and lots more. If on the other hand tourists are in for some historic recollection of the olden days, then Cahokia Mounds is an excellent place to visit and a must do thing in Illinois. It is one of the largest prehistoric places of the US and is said to have been occupied since the 700-1400 AD. The place has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also a National Historic Landmark. Things to do at this site include checking out the life-sized representation of the actual village, along with many artifacts from the prehistoric site, as well as audiovisual presentations dioramas and graphics. But these are not the only things to do in Illinois. There is so much more. And people of all age groups and interests will find that they have something to go to in this beautiful state.

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