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Things to do in Island of Margarita

Best attractions to visit in Island of Margarita

1. Coche Island - Island of Margarita

Coche Island

If you head to the south of the Margarita Island, you will be at the breathtaking Coche Island. This island’s capital is San Pedro de Coche and is 60 meters above sea level. This island is the fishing hub of the country and is also home to some impressive salt mines. When on this island, you will come across an old salt mine and a shell cemetery which was once run as a pearl factory. The breathtaking island of Coche is impressive in every way. If you are looking for beach adventure, then you will find many things to do in Coche Island. This island has some impressive beaches and ample beach recreation for tourists including scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and fishing. There are quite amazing hotels near the beach that offer comfort and relaxation for tourists. Kite and windsurfing is also quite commonly enjoyed on this island. There are gorgeous cliffs on this island as well. And if you are a beach lover, this island will be a paradise for you with its crystal blue water and white sand. If you want to explore this island in a more exciting way, get onto a catamaran and take a tour with a group of people. Visiting Coche Island is one of the top things to do in Venezuela.


2. Basilica Virgen del Valle - Island of Margarita

Basilica Virgen del Valle

One of the things that attract tourists from all over the world to Venezuela is the Basilica Virgen del Valle. This cathedral was made in the honor of the Virgen del Valle, who is the patron saint of Venezuela. She is also known as the saint of sailors and is believed to protect them. Sailors pray to Virgen del Valle before setting sail. This cathedral is quite awe-inspiring and has a brilliant architecture that people from across the globe come to admire. If you want to be a part of the festival with thousands of other pilgrims, plan your trip to this place in September. Located near Porlamar, there are many things to do in Basilica Virgen del Valle, especially for those interested in religion, architecture, and history. The story of Virgen del Valle itself is quite impressive. There are many legends surrounding the cathedral and Virgen del Valle including a story of a fisherman named Domingo who lost his leg due to a sea accident while looking for pearls. When his wife prayed to the Vigen del Valle, the fishermen was able to get better and promised to bring the Virgin his first pearl. It is believed that every Sunday, that pearl can be seen in the cathedral. Visiting this cathedral is one of the most impressive things do in Venezuela.


3. Parque El Agua Isla de Margarita - Island of Margarita

Parque El Agua Isla de Margarita

If you are visiting Venezuela, make sure you head to the Parque El Agua Isla de Margarita. This impressive water park is located near Playa El Agua in Cardon Beach. If you are an adventure seeker, this park will be the right kind of entertainment for you. This park is also home to Venezuela’s highest slide which is 18 meters in height. You are looking for a day filled with fun, then you will find many things to do in Parque El Agua Isla de Margarita. The tallest slide in the park, the Churun Meru, is only for those who are daredevils and not afraid of height. There are many other interesting slides in the park and pools to relax in. if you are visiting the park with children, then you will find plenty of places for their enjoyment including a pool with mini slides. This park should be on top if your list of things to do in Venezuela. This impressive water park is no less than Disney water parks in Orlando, which is why it should be one of your top things to do in Venezuela. You can also stand under a 2000 liters barrel of water and add to the fun.


4. Paradise Beach - Island of Margarita

Paradise Beach

Venezuela is a country that is packed with mesmerizing beaches for tourists to enjoy. The Paradise Brach is one such beach that is best for those looking for some relaxation. This is a rather small beach which is also less crowded. So, if you just want to enjoy good food, the fascinating landscapes, and relax, this is the beach you should head to. There are many interesting things to do in Paradise Beach including visiting the amazing restaurants that offer great food. Those who want to relax often keep this beach on top of their list of things to do in Venezuela. The beach offers picturesque views of the surroundings and has crystal clear water with beautiful white sand. This beach is often known as the quite beach of Venezuela. If you are in search of complete comfort and relaxation with your family, head to the Paradise Beach. This beach should be on top of your list of things to do in Venezuela, especially if you hate crowded beaches. This is a beach where you can spend quality time with your family without any worries.


5. Playa El Yaque - Island of Margarita

Playa El Yaque

Playa El Yaque is located on the Island of Margarita. People from all over the world visit the beach to take part in several water sport activities. Some of the activities include windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, and any activity requiring water. You can book a stay in the hotels and restaurants situated there. Entire families, including kids will have a blast. If you are an avid windsurfer, you should definitely head to Playa El Yaque. Windsurfing is one of the necessary things to do in Playa El Yaque. You can partake in other activities such as kiteboarding, swimming, and surfing. Do not wear a hat, as it will not stay on due to the strong billowing winds. It is a great place to bring your children. Plan to visit the beach soon. There are several things to do in Playa El Yaque, from windsurfing to kiteboarding. Visitors who like extreme water sport activities should visit the beach for sure. You can stay in a hotel close by the beach so you come and go as you please. With so many restaurants located there, you will something new to try every day. It is a lively beach with both visitors and locals coming there.


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