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View Dolmabahce Palace in 360 virtual tour

Dolmabahce Palace-1 Dolmabahce Palace-1
Dolmabahce Palace-2 Dolmabahce Palace-2
Dolmabahce Palace-3 Dolmabahce Palace-3
Dolmabahce Palace-4 Dolmabahce Palace-4
Dolmabahce Palace-5 Dolmabahce Palace-5
Dolmabahce Palace-6 Dolmabahce Palace-6
Dolmabahce Palace-7 Dolmabahce Palace-7

Welcome to the largest and the grandest palace in all of Turkey. This was the seat of the Ottoman Empire for many years, thus it is easy to understand why everything about it is so grand. The most surprising thing about the Ottoman Empire is how recent it was. The empire still existed till the First World War! This palace was built in 1855, and was built because the ruler thought the current castle was not grand enough. Thus he ordered something which would be much more luxurious and comfortable, which is how we ended up with this palace. The most awe inspiring thing about the Dolmabahce Palace is the amount of gold and crystals one finds in it. Anything which could be decorated with gold or crystals has gold or crystals on it, and it really makes everything look extremely luxurious. There is also a lot of classical art on display in the palace, as was common in all the major palaces in the world. The palace also hosts a collection of exquisite carpets. There is a chandelier in the main hall which was gifted by the Queen Victoria. We would recommend making sure this place is on your things to do list.