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View Suleymaniye Mosque in 360 virtual tour

Suleymaniye Mosque-1 Suleymaniye Mosque-1
Suleymaniye Mosque-2 Suleymaniye Mosque-2
Suleymaniye Mosque-3 Suleymaniye Mosque-3
Suleymaniye Mosque-4 Suleymaniye Mosque-4
Suleymaniye Mosque-5 Suleymaniye Mosque-5
Suleymaniye Mosque-6 Suleymaniye Mosque-6
Suleymaniye Mosque-7 Suleymaniye Mosque-7
Suleymaniye Mosque-8 Suleymaniye Mosque-8
Suleymaniye Mosque-9 Suleymaniye Mosque-9
Suleymaniye Mosque-10 Suleymaniye Mosque-10
Suleymaniye Mosque-11 Suleymaniye Mosque-11
Suleymaniye Mosque-12 Suleymaniye Mosque-12
Suleymaniye Mosque-13 Suleymaniye Mosque-13
Suleymaniye Mosque-14 Suleymaniye Mosque-14
Suleymaniye Mosque-15 Suleymaniye Mosque-15
Suleymaniye Mosque-16 Suleymaniye Mosque-16
Suleymaniye Mosque-17 Suleymaniye Mosque-17
Suleymaniye Mosque-18 Suleymaniye Mosque-18
Suleymaniye Mosque-19 Suleymaniye Mosque-19
Suleymaniye Mosque-20 Suleymaniye Mosque-20
Suleymaniye Mosque-21 Suleymaniye Mosque-21
Suleymaniye Mosque-22 Suleymaniye Mosque-22
Suleymaniye Mosque-23 Suleymaniye Mosque-23
Suleymaniye Mosque-24 Suleymaniye Mosque-24
Suleymaniye Mosque-25 Suleymaniye Mosque-25
Suleymaniye Mosque-26 Suleymaniye Mosque-26
Suleymaniye Mosque-27 Suleymaniye Mosque-27
Suleymaniye Mosque-28 Suleymaniye Mosque-28

If you love old architecture, then you must visit the Suleymaniye Mosque as it is an important landmark in Istanbul. It was built in the 16th century (1550-1558) by Sultan Suleiman, and is known to have survived several earthquakes, without any harm being inflicted to its structure. Mimar Sinan, the architect of this beautiful building, built the mosque with white marble that adds to its grandiose. If you will look at the interior of the mosque, then you will see that it has intricate calligraphy work, and the pillars are adorned with beautiful arches that are red and white in color. The mihrab (prayer platform) is made from stained glass and faces the Ka’abah in Makkah, whereas the minbar (staircase) is made of marble. The mosque has a beautiful garden with a domed fountain. Not only this, it also has four magnificent minarets and ten balconies. You must visit the terrace behind the garden as it will give you a beautiful view of the Golden Horn. There are several things that you will see in the complex of Suleymaniye Mosque, such as a madrassa (Islamic school), a library, a soup kitchen, and many tombs. In order to reach the mosque, you can take a tram from the Grand Bazaar. It is important you know that the mosque is closed for tourists during prayer timings, but is open for exploration from 9am and 6pm.