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View Jaigarh Fort in 360 virtual tour

Jaigarh Fort-1 Jaigarh Fort-1
Jaigarh Fort-2 Jaigarh Fort-2
Jaigarh Fort-3 Jaigarh Fort-3
Jaigarh Fort-4 Jaigarh Fort-4
Jaigarh Fort-5 Jaigarh Fort-5
Jaigarh Fort-6 Jaigarh Fort-6
Jaigarh Fort-7 Jaigarh Fort-7
Jaigarh Fort-8 Jaigarh Fort-8
Jaigarh Fort-9 Jaigarh Fort-9
Jaigarh Fort-10 Jaigarh Fort-10
Jaigarh Fort-11 Jaigarh Fort-11
Jaigarh Fort-12 Jaigarh Fort-12
Jaigarh Fort-13 Jaigarh Fort-13
Jaigarh Fort-14 Jaigarh Fort-14
Jaigarh Fort-15 Jaigarh Fort-15
Jaigarh Fort-16 Jaigarh Fort-16
Jaigarh Fort-17 Jaigarh Fort-17
Jaigarh Fort-18 Jaigarh Fort-18
Jaigarh Fort-19 Jaigarh Fort-19
Jaigarh Fort-20 Jaigarh Fort-20
Jaigarh Fort-21 Jaigarh Fort-21
Jaigarh Fort-22 Jaigarh Fort-22
Jaigarh Fort-23 Jaigarh Fort-23
Jaigarh Fort-24 Jaigarh Fort-24
Jaigarh Fort-25 Jaigarh Fort-25
Jaigarh Fort-26 Jaigarh Fort-26
Jaigarh Fort-27 Jaigarh Fort-27
Jaigarh Fort-28 Jaigarh Fort-28
Jaigarh Fort-29 Jaigarh Fort-29
Jaigarh Fort-30 Jaigarh Fort-30
Jaigarh Fort-31 Jaigarh Fort-31
Jaigarh Fort-32 Jaigarh Fort-32
Jaigarh Fort-33 Jaigarh Fort-33

The Jaigarh Fort is a majestic stronghold built by Sawan Jai Singh II. This almost-intact fort is surrounded by huge battlements and is connected to the Amer Fort (also called 'Amber' Fort), with subterranean passages. Apart from the intricate architecture of the fort, the fort was also renowned for a huge treasure that was believed to be buried under the fort. It is now said that the government of Rajasthan seized the treasure when it was discovered in the 1970s. The Jaigarh Fort was built to secure Jaipur City and the Amer fort from warlords and rivals.