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Things to do in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Ivy is a little spa town that is located in Western Bohemia, which is approximately 130 km away from Prague in the Czech Republic. The history of the city dates back to the middle ages, when the first Celtic settlers came to the city. The town is famous for its hot springs and there are around 300 of them around the city.

Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

The Karlovy Vary is a spa town that is located and the Western Bohemia, and visiting it should be on your list when it comes to things to do in Czech Republic. The place has been named after the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and the King of Bohemia, who found the city in 1370. The town was famous for its hot springs and has 13 main springs and 300 small springs. The place became a popular tourist attraction in the 19th century when several international celebrities started visiting the place for spa treatments. Some of the things to do in Karlovy Vary include The Diane Observation Tower that is located on top of the Grandhotel Pupp and rises to a height of 547 meters. You can easily reach the place by walking on the spa rails or use the funicular. Other than this, you can go to the Becherovka that was made in 1807 and gives you the opportunity of tasting traditional liquor. The Jan Becher Museum is another place that you should go to as it exhibits items associated with liquor. Other things to do in Karlovy Ivy include the beautiful churches that are spread all over the area.

Places to visit in Karlovy Vary

The Karlovy Vary is a city in Bohemia that is located in the western Czech Republic and is famous for its hot springs. The place became a popular tourist spot because of its beautiful architecture and hot springs in the 19th century. In order to reach the place you can travel by bus that run on hourly buses from Prague and the entire trip takes two hours. You can also travel by train as the city has two train stations known as the Dolní Nádraží and Horní Nádraží. Some of the recommended hotels where you can stay are Camping Brezovy Haji, Hotel Cordoba, Hotel Garni Palatin, Hotel Kavalrie, Hyalit Aparthotel, Pension Rainbow, Pension Villa Basileia, and the Titty Twister Hostel. The place has great food, so you can try out the Bernard, Cafe Elephant, Cafe Pizzeria Venetia, Jean De Carro, Juice Bar Kokopelli, Kafe Brejk, Parlament, Restaurace u Tomase, and the Steakhouse Sklipek. Some of the places that you must check out include Mill Colonnade, Grandhotel Pupp, Chrám sv. apoštolů Petra a Pavla,Hot Spring Colonnade, Dvorakovy Sady, Castle Spa - Zemecke Lazne. If you are fond of old architecture, then visit the Church of St. Lucas, Anglican church, Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Diana Lookout Tower, Jan Becher Museum, Karl Marx Monument, and the Karlovy Vary Museum.


Thinking about what to add to your list of things to do in Czech Republic? You can’t miss a visit to the Mill Colonnade! The Mill Colonnade also has a raised area for spa orchestra where regular and free concerts are held. The place was decorated by architect Josef Zitek, who is also known for designing the National Theatre in Prague that was built from 1871 till 1881.

Initially, it was decided that a two storey structure would be formed, but due to lack of funds, only one storey was formed. Karlovy Vary has thirteen springs, out of which five are in Mill Colonnade, namely the Libuše Spring, Mill Spring, Nymph Spring, Prince Václav I Spring, and the Rock Spring.


Grandhotel Pupp

Grandhotel Pupp

The Grandhotel Pupp is a luxury hotel that is located in Karlovy Ivory in Czech Republic. The hotel has 228 rooms and is used for the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The hotel was originally made as the Saxony Hall back in 1701 by Burgomaster Deiml. In 1702, the mayor built a Lusthaus opposite to the hall and the place was called Bohemia Hall. In 1760, a confectioner came to the area, and the mayor’s wife sold part of the property to the confectioner’s daughter. With time the confectioner’s daughter acquired the whole property and renamed it Pupp after the family name.

The family was doing well and acquired a lot of properties in the place where the Grandhotel Pupp stands today. In 1950, the hotel was renamed Grandhotel Moskva after the communist government of Czechoslovaklia took control, but the family’s name was restored when the place was privatized in 1989. Visiting the hotel should be on your list of things to do in Czech Republic as the hotel is worth a visit and has been featured in a number of different movies.

Chrám sv. apoštolů Petra a Pavla, also known as the Сhrám St. Peter and Paul and the Russian Church, is an orthodox church that is located in forecourt of the Russian Orthodox Church, in the western outskirts of the Karlovy Vary. The building of the church was made back in 1893 and was modeled after an old Byzantine Russian Church in Ostankino, Moscow. The construction of the church took place from 1893 to 1898 under the architect Gustav Wiedermann Franzensbad.

During World War I, the building was taken by the military for the war, whereas in World War II, the church was used to serve as a storehouse temple. The construction plan of the building is in the shape of a Greek cross and above the cross there is a dome with a lantern. The exterior of the building is decorated with ornament and sculptures, whereas the interior of the wall is decorated with murals and the terrace stairs are embedded with bronze that was done sculptor M. Hiller. Make sure that add visiting the place to your list of things to do in Czech Republic.

Visiting the Hot Spring Colonnade should be on the top of your list of things to do in Czech Republic. This is the warmest spring in the Karlovy Vary area and is right in the middle of the spa area. The spring spurts up to a height of 12 m and can shoot up to 2 liters of water at 72 °C and 5 liters of carbon dioxide. The hot spring colonnade was made back in 1975 and you can take a tour of the area.

The tour will help you to learn about the process of petrifying objects, how the thermal water is discharged, about the pipeline that is a few decades old and is plugged by aragonite and how sinter and aragonite is collected. The tours take place from May till September and tourists can also take evening tours from 8 pm till 10 pm. Make sure that you explore the premise s of the Hot Spring Colonnade as there is a market with several stalls that sell jewelry, porcelain goods, glass, and souvenirs. It is recommended that you buy the Karlovy Vary wafers from the nearby stores.


Dvorakovy Sady

Thinking about the things to do in Czech Republic? Add visiting Dvorakovy Sady to it. The place is located between Park colonnade and Hotel Thermal. The construction of the place took place from 1877 till 1878 under the architect John Hahmann. It is said that towards the end of the 19th century, John Hahmann made a great plan to make a city park for the local population. The park was constructed at lands of the winter gardens that are located behind the Military Spa Institute.

The Park was completed with a fountain, elms, different flowerbeds, maples, oaks, pyramids rose bushes, sandy paths, and sycamores. In 1974, the park was reconstructed under the supervision of A. Peter and was named after the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak. If you will roam around in the garden, you will see that the park has two memorial trees. The Orchard plane tree rises to a height of 23m and has a circumference of 452 cm, whereas the Dvorak plane tree rises to a height of 22 m and has a circumference of 472 cm. You can head there with your family in order to enjoy a picnic between the pond and the sculptors.