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Things to do in Kauai

Being the fourth largest island of Hawaii, Kauai is an island blessed with lush vegetation and scenic views all around and lives up to its nick name of ‘Garden Isle’. There are so many things to do in Hawaii and visiting Kauai should definitely be one of them to fully enjoy the experience to this amazing country.

Kauai Hawaii

Kauai is not only the fourth largest island, but it is also the fourth most visited island of Hawaii, as it receives over 1.3 million tourists every year. It comprises of a chain of 124 islets and 8 major islands, forming a circular shape on the globe. Kauai is spread over 552 square miles and has a coastline of 90 miles. Over 60,000 people reside in this piece of heaven on Earth. The average temperate ranges from 22 to 26 degrees throughout the year and the climate is generally mild, with very few instances of storms and extreme weather. Scientists have estimated that Kauai is over 5.1 million years old, and that is the reason why its lush vegetation and breathtaking sceneries have developed over time. Among the obvious things to do in Kauai include visiting scenic waterfalls, going to white, sandy beaches, hiking on jagged cliffs and mountain spires, and exploring emerald valleys. There are so many other things to do in Kauai such as taking Kauai sea tours, going shopping for exquisite goods at local marketplaces like jewelry, apparel, artwork, etc., fishing, scuba diving, golfing, horseback, snorkeling, and many others.

Places to Visit in Kauai

Kauai is an island which is filled with stunning views, raw beauty of nature, ancient lore, and Hawaiian culture. The beauty of this island is so mesmerizing that tourists feel like they have travelled back in time, back to when the Hawaiian chain came into existence. If you are planning your next visit to this country of natural wonders, then make a list of things to do in Hawaii and be sure to add paying a visit to Kauai in it. Kauai has its own international airport, Lihue Airport (LIH), which is located in the south-eastern side of Lihue. There are so many places to visit in Kauai, but before you head to the tourist hotspots, you can book your accommodation at luxury resorts and hotels located in Waimea, Coconut Coast, Princeville, Kalapaki, and Poipu. After you have settled down, you can head outdoors and start making trips to different tourist spots. Famous places to visit in Kauai include Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, Princeville Ranch, Holo Holo Charters, Kilauea Lighthouse, and many others. Moreover, you can head to beautiful sandy beaches to snorkel, surf, and sunbathe. During your trip, you can stop in small towns such as Old Koloa Town, Hanalei, and Hanapepe, to enjoy local art and food, as well as learn about Kauai’s culture and history.


Waimea Canyon State Park

Waimea Canyon State Park

There are lots of unique and amazing things that you can witness and experience in Kauai and one of them has got to be Waimea Canyon State Park. It is also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and it is one of the most unique geological wonders in Hawaii today.

The Waimea Canyon State Park is 14 miles long and is about 3,600 feet deep, while it offers stunning panoramic views that go on for miles. There are many things to do in Waimea Canyon State Park, which include going into the mountains for hiking, while there are also guided tours for everyone. Out of all the many things to do in Waimea Canyon State Park is taking a tour and witnessing the purple, gray, blue and green hues that the chasm makes.
If you don’t want to miss out on anything, then you should also add a helicopter tour to your list of things to do in Waimea Canyon State Park. It allows you to experience the true majesty of the canyon, while there are also ATV tours that can be planned for more adventurous souls. You can also check out Kokee Natural History Museum, which has got unique floral exhibits.


Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn

There are many majestic islands in Hawaii that offer visitors a chance to enjoy the true beauty and majesty that is present over there. One place that you have to check out in Hawaii is Spouting Horn, which is a beach park, where you can also witness a blowhole spout a cloud of water at least 50 feet high into the air.

There are many things to do in Spouting Horn, but one thing that you should be careful of is attempting to explore the rocks, which are near the entrance of the blowhole. The list of things to do in Spouting Horn include boat tours, kayaking tours, snorkeling tours, tubing adventures, whale watching, hiking tours, movie tours and even zipline tours. Lots of visitors are often left marveling at the sheer number of things to do in Spouting Horn, which also include helicopter tours of the beach as well.

Amongst the many things to do in Spouting Horn, you can also book surfing and SUP, sunset sails, movie tours; horseback riding and ATV tours as well. So if you are looking for some fun and adventure on the beach, then you should definitely check out Spouting Horn.


Polihale State Park

Polihale State Park

When you are visiting Hawaii, then a trip to one of its many islands is a definite must for everyone. One place that you have to check out is Polihale State Park, which is a wild beach, with stunning sand dunes that stand over 100 feet in height! The mountains close to the beach also provide breathtaking views from the beach, while there are lots of facilities for visitors.
There are lots of activities to indulge in at the beach, but the common favorite things to do in Polihale State Park have to be the standard water-related activities. However, it is also a great place for campers, while snorkeling and surfing are not regarding as safe things to do in Polihale State Park.

This is because when you attempt doing water-related things to do in Polihale State Park, there is a high risk of getting sucked in by the strong rip currents and deep water near the shore. The beach stretches for many miles but if you want to attempt swimming, you should only do it in the area marked as “Queen’s Pond”. If you are looking to relax and enjoy a great time on the islands of Hawaii, then you should definitely visit Polihale State Park.


Poipu Beach Park

Poipu Beach Park

There are many beaches and beach parks in Kauai, which is why visitors are encouraged to schedule a long stay at the beach. There are so many different experiences to have at the many beaches over here, which include snorkeling and world class surfing as well. Kauai ahs got some of the best hidden getaway beaches that are in the world, and Poipu Beach Park is one of them.

Part of the amazing appeal for visitors who visit Poipu Beach Park is got to be the fact that there are lots of things to do in Poipu Beach Park for children. They can go out and play in the water at children’s beach, where the water is ideal for the little ones. One of the best things to do in Poipu Beach Park is snorkeling, due to the clear waters and amazing beach.
There are so many other things to do in Poipu Beach Park, which include tennis, horseback riding, and scuba diving, shopping, boating, and playing golf. The range of activities are never-ending, which is why all visitors are encouraged to plan for a long stay at Poipu Beach Park to take in all the different experiences on offer.


Nā Pali Coast State Park

Kauai offers lots of amazing and unique things to all visitors and the Na Pali Coast State Park is another one of them. It is one of the Kauai’s most famous coast lines, which has got stunning emerald green pinnacles that stretch back for miles, as far as the eye can see. It also offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, with lots of green cliffs and waterfalls that plummet deep into the ocean.

There are obviously many amazing things to do in Na Pali Coast State Park, which include hiking the many trails that it has got to offer. There are also many tours that you can take along the coast, while the number of activities is endless. Amongst the many things to do in Na Pali State Park, include whale watching, cycling, biking, land adventures, snorkeling, surfing and boating.

There are so many things to do in Na Pali Coast State Park, which is why it is so popular. Some of the must do things are kayaking tours, air tours, and boat tours as well. You will witness breathtaking views of the scenic Na Pali areas, with jaw dropping panoramas of the coast as well.