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Things to do in Kelibia

Kelibia is a very popular tourist destination located in the eastern part of Tunisia. The coastal town is known for some of the finest sandy beaches. There a number of charming spots located in the town. The area contains lots of entertainment options that make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Tunisia.

Places to visit in Kelibia

Located in the north-east of Tunisia and at the fullest point of the Cap Bon peninsula is the coastal town of Kelibia. It is known by European authors as Calibia and in the Roman times as Clypia or Clupia. Residing under the Nebeul Governorate, the city has a population of 58,491. In the 5th century BC, the town was established by the Carthaginians, as the fortified city of Aspis. There are various things to do in Kelibia, the best of which is visiting the beaches of the city. Kelibia is renowned for its sand beaches. Kelibia has a historic origin. In 411, at the Conference of Carthage which was held under the command of Emperor Honorius, Kelibia was represented by both Catholic and Donatist bishops. Though it is no longer a residential bishopric, Kelibia is listed as a titular see by the Catholic Church. One of the best things to do in Kelibia is drinking the regional white wine named “Muscat de Kelibia”. It has a fruity taste and is known as one of the best wine in the country of Tunisia. If you are a sports lover, you should know that Kelibia is famous for being the hub of volley-ball in the country. You can put visiting the “Club Olympique de Kelibia” as one of the things to do in Kelibia.

Visit Kelibia

There are a number of places to visit in Kelibia, which crafts the city into one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tunisia. Since Kelibia was a fortified town in the Roman era, there are remnants of a fort that overlooks the city and is known as the “Fort of Kelibia”. It is built at the top of a 150m high cape on the north-eastern side of Cap Bon is a popular resort for tourists. One of the things to do in Kelibia that you should definitely not be missed is beaching on the gorgeous coasts in Kelibia. Plage el Mansoura is the most famous beach in Tunisia, ranked 7th worldwide. It has lush restaurants nearby which gives tourists ease on their trip. Tunisia is the only city in the entire country which has white sand beaches. Plage el Mansoura is one of them and is a well known tourist destination, which puts it among the best places to visit in Kelibia. If you want a fresh start by touring places that are not Roman or Byzantine sites, then a visit to Kerkouane must be among the things to do in Kelibia. Kerkouane is a UNESCO world heritage of Punic origin and a trip to this place is guaranteed to be memorable.

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