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Things to do in Kibuye

If you thought Africa was all about forests and wildlife, allow Kibuye to surprise you. Even though you’ll not find many beaches here, there are number of steep hills located in Kibuye that fall into the deep green waters and the beautiful shoreline that borders with small islands making this place extremely picturesque. Another great thing about this place is that compared to Rwandan standards, the small town is very clean.

Places to visit in Kibuye

Another beach city of Rwanda Kibuye is the luckiest among all as it is one of a gorgeous Lake Kivu’s towns. Also known by the name Korongi, the city of Kibuye is a tropical town that tourist approach every year for a quite peaceful and relaxed time on the beach. Lined with Pine and Eucalyptus trees Kibuye is a town that contains a mesmerizing beauty of hills, beach sides, lush greenery and beautiful yellow-billed kites. Visiting the beach and staying in the beachside resorts and hotels of the city is the ultimate thing to do in Kibuye. Most resorts are located at just the perfect spot that gives a surreal and vivid view to the tourists of the sun setting and rising along the horizon of this deep and voluminous lake. Checking in and staying in these resorts should be in the bucket list of things to do in Kibuye. Most people consider the shorelines of Kibuye to be more beautiful than the Gisenyi city because the waters of Lake Kivu on this side of the city are intercepted by strikingly beautiful hills. The jutting edges of the hills over the clean waters of the lake provide a contrasting scene and look more picturesque. The additional smatter of islands here and there only intensifies the beauty of the lake.

Visit Kibuye

Besides visiting this green and clean lakeside of Kibuye, other things to do in Kibuye includes taking early morning swims and kayaking with family and friends. There are many water sports to take part in too. Beach might be the main focus of attention in this city, visitors might run out of time but they will not run out of things to do in Kibuye. There are many places to visit in Kibuye beside the beach and it includes visiting the Kibuye Power Plant and Kibuye Power Station. The Ndaba Falls lies near the city and also one of the places to visit in Kibuye. One of the most interesting things to do in Kibuye is to get your car rolling on the ring road that is built on the shores of the lake, which makes for a spectacular view of the lake. The tourists can stop anywhere to take a pictures or a cool dip in the lake. For the adventurous types, the lake offers great boat rides and different hotels have different swimming beaches of their own.

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