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Things to do in Kish

Kish is a resort island located off the coast of Hormozgan province in Iran. It is stated to be one of the most beautiful vacation spots in Southwest Asia.The island is a shopper’s paradise as it enjoys a Free Trade Zone status. Originally created as a private resort for the Iranian elite; it now serves as the country’s best vacation spot.

Kish Iran

Located in the northeast of the Persian Gulf, Kish is a beautiful island and a trade free zone in Iran. Famous for its natural beauty and scenic spots, you will find various things to do in Kish, making it a must visit place if you are in Iran. Having relaxed laws as compared to the rest of Iran, Kish is popular resort for tourists. The waters of Kish are among the safest in the world and its beaches are considered one of the best you will find in Middle East. One of the top things to do in Kish include visiting the coral beaches.. The beaches here have crystal-clear water, are peaceful, calm, and not crowded. You can spend the day watching the marine life, which is easily visible through the clear water. Swimming is another thing to do in Kish and you can enjoy the beach all year long. If you are wondering about more things to do in Kish other than beaches, you must visit the ancient town of Harireh. You will find here remains of old civilizations that inhabited the area and built structures very much like modern ones having fine details in everything.

Places to visit in Kish

There are plenty of other places to visit in Kish. The Kish Dolphin and Crocodile Park which has some of the most spectacular collections of marine life that you will not find anywhere else in the Middle East. With a nominal entrance fee, you can get to see dolphins and other sea mammals in a unique ocean atrium. You can also visit The Green Tree Park which is home to the oldest trees in the area. Other places to visit in Kish include the Mysteries of the World Zoo. You will find here exotic animals and is famous with children. The famous and historic Greek Ship resting on the shore is also a must add to the list of things to do in Kish. It offers beautiful scenic views and a great spot where you can spend the day resting in the shades of trees. If you are a history enthusiast, you should visit the 2500 years old underground town of Cariz to find ruins of old civilization. Apart from these things to do in Kish, you can also visit the Marjon Beach Park, which is a popular tourist destination of the island for spending some quality time beside the calm sea.


Things to do in Kish - Harireh

A city created in the ancient times stands today for visitors to marvel at with a lot of things to do in Harireh. It is now located in what now is called Kish, an ancient city in Iran which was built in or around the 8th century. The city is one of the most mesmerizing sites to visit as it features a lot of ancient architecture found in South-west Asia. The city features a hammam which in other words is a public bath that had been built for the leisure of the city’s inhabitants. It also includes a Congregational mosque which also served as the community’s town hall and a large house which has an underground water canal through it. Although the city has ancient roots, many of the structures and features indicate that the people were very advanced and thought of everyday necessities such as plumbing to be an integral part of society. The city was originally built in this location for easy access to a commercial port to export one of its major products, date nectar. For history lovers, there are many things to do to Harireh and it is a must visit as it teaches a lot about ancient civilizations and their ways of living. Plan your next trip here and rediscover city life amongst other things to do in Kish.


Things to do in Kish - Kariz-e-Kish

Visit a city beneath the surface. Created from the ancient aqueducts almost 2000 years old, Kariz-e-Kish is a site you wouldn't want to miss. Tunnels once used to transport water to the citizens are now transformed to give the look of a city created in ancient times, providing the visitors with a lot of things to do in Kazir-e-Kish. Kariz-e-Kish acts as a cultural tourism complex for the millions of visitors that visit Kish Island every year. With beautiful architecture and a vast area of ten thousand sq. kilometers, Kariz-e-Kish has a lot to offer. Inside, there are many tourist facilities such as residential areas, shops for souvenirs and leisure centers. The city’s main attraction is its coral roof inside the tunnels which contains fossilized sea shells that are about 570 million years old. The coral in the tunnels acted as a natural filter for the water when it used to be transported through here. Kariz-e-Kish also features a museum where everything in the city that is of historical importance can be found. History lovers can find many things to do in Kish because it contains so many important ancient features like fossils, old architecture and excavated finds.


Things to do in Kish - Kish Diving Center

Most of us have only heard of Scuba diving or seen it on television. To experience it firsthand though, has to be an epic adventure. Diving down into the vast sea and reaching the floor with all the aquatic wildlife surrounding you. Kish Diving center brings you the chance to explore the sea bed for yourself. The diving center is located on the beach opposite to one of the best Hotels of Kish, The Shayan Hotel. With their amazing diver’s program, the tourists can find a lot of things to do in Kish Diving Center. With schools of beautiful and rare fish, you will get to see a lot of amazing coral reef. The fish types include rays, goatfish, snapper fish, eels and turtles. The occasional Black Tip reef shark may also make an appearance during your visit to its home. Diving sessions can be for an hour or a 4 day course through the reef. When we talk about things to do in Kish Diving Center, diving is the most obvious one, but the most important thing here, is visiting here with your family and creating some of the most beautiful memories that you will not forget anytime soon. So plan your next vacation to Kish and enjoy a deep sea adventure.


Things to do in Kish - Aquacom Cable Park

Do you have a passion for water sports? Aquacom Cable Park brings you one of the best water skiing experiences. Water lovers can find many things to do in Aquacom Cable Park. The park is built on standards which can house competitions and training sessions for anyone. Created in collaboration with Rixen Cableways, the park has all kinds of facilities such as, shower and locker rooms, a coffee shop, a restaurant and a training room for beginners. Good starting platforms are provided for a safe launch of the participants and the skier can choose speeds ranging from 28 to 62 km per hour. The park does not just have skiing facilities but also is an amazing sight. With the coast lined with palm trees and clear water dissolving with the white sand on the beach, it is a beautiful spot to relax and forget about your worries. The skiing activity is open for both men and women. With a beautifully designed resort and an amazing landscape, there are a lot of amazing, adventurous things to do in Kish. It is a perfect vacation spot for a splashy adventure, and one of the most important .