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Things to do in Kunene

Kunene is a quite underdeveloped and considered a rural area in Namibia. This city is the home of the Himba ethnic group and those who visit this place get to witness the group’s culture and lifestyle up-close. But if you are in search of incredible outdoor adventure, then you will find many things to do in Kunene.

Places to visit in Kunene

When in Namibia, you will find plenty of adventurous and exciting things to do in Kunene. One of the top things to experience in this less populated city is to visit the Etosha National Park. This park is quite unique and offers visitors a chance to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes and interesting wildlife. The park features a massive salt pan which is large enough to be seen from space. Those who are interested in witnessing wildlife, this park will serve as the focal point of their entire trip. Visiting this park is often one of the top things to do in Kunene for many. If you get lucky, you will also get to see some games on the reserve. There are impressive viewing decks in the park that offer visitors a chance to witness the wildlife and the landscape from a good point. There are plenty of camps available for accommodation within the park. If you are interested in exploring the history of this African region, then you will find plenty of exciting things to do in Kunene including visiting the Twyfelfontein site. This site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. When strolling through this site, you will witness many impressive stone carvings by early Africans.

Visit Kunene

When you head inside the visitors’ center of Twyfelfontein, you will come across interesting displays of flora and fauna, and many impressive engravings from the past. Some of the most impressive rock carvings on the site include the giant giraffe, the works at the place of ceremonies, the lion with the kink in its tail, and the fable animal. There are many more thrilling places to visit in Kunene including the Skeleton Coast National Park. This park offers visitors a look into the horrific story of a sails man whose ship sank and he was left to die in the desert. You will come across dramatic wrecked ship skeletons which will be frightening and fascinating at the same time. Visiting this park is often on the top of the list of things to do in Kunene. One of the most thrilling places to visit in Kunene is the Serra Cafema Camp. This camp is ideal for those with a love for dirt biking at extreme speeds. Whoever becomes a part of this camp is able to witness the Himba tribe’s culture and lifestyle in a more intimate way. This camp is located on the banks of the gorgeous Kunene River. Quad bike desert tours are most popular feature of the whole camping experience.


Things to do in Kunene - Etosha National Park

The Etosha National Park is a landmark in Africa and its main feature is a huge salt pan which can be viewed even from space. There is a large number of species that call the park home and which can be seen congregating around the watering holes. You might catch a glimpse of them if you are lucky upon your visit to the par. The park is also considered to be one of the most accessible reserves in Namibia as well as in South Africa. Namibia comprises of a number of species of unique flora and fauna and is also one of the very few countries which allow animals to roam wild and free. It boasts a great mix of vast deserts and savannahs, but it would be a better idea to hire a guide to help you explore them. If you travel to the north towards the park, you will come across a place that offers visitors with wide open grasslands along with a massive salt pan (which we mentioned before) spanning across 4731km per square inch. You can also find a number of native Mopani and camel thorn trees scattered across the park besides the abundant wildlife that roam freely around the park in herds and solo.


Things to do in Kunene - Skeleton Coast National Park

Skeleton Coast National Park is located in the northwest region of Namibia that was established in 1971. Based on an area of roughly 6,504 square miles, the park is visibly divided into two sections from north to south, where the southern section of the park is mostly accessible for wildlife tourism and safari type tours. The northern section of the Skeleton Coast National Park however, is only accessible via flight safari tours as it features deathtraps and loose sand that even the most powerful of all wheel drive vehicles can succumb to. The Skeleton Coast National Park is located on the Iona Skeleton Coast Transfrontier Conservation Area, known for its inaccessible shores and shipwrecks. Despite that much of the coastline has become accessible to tourists in recent years, Skeleton Coast National Park experiences somewhat sub humid tropical and desert climate with a season of rainfall that lasts from December to April. Skeleton Coast National Park is open throughout the year for all-wheel drive vehicles, allowing tourists and visitors to go north up to the Ugab River Gate where you can see the infamous skull and bones sign. If you are looking for a real adventure, Skeleton Coast National Park is the place to be!