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Things to do in Kuranda

Kuranda is sometimes referred to as a village in the Far north of Queensland. It is in reality a town on the Atherton Tableland. The place is surrounded by tropical rainforests and is situated next to the adjacent World Heritage Site of Barron George National Park. Despite not being a densely populated area, the area does have significance for tourists and was established back in 1888.

Kuranda attractions

Kuranda is an area that has continued to be a hot bed for tourists around the world. This is largely down to the large number of things to do in Kuranda for tourists. Being a rainforest means that there are lots of exploration opportunities. One of the things to do in Kuranda is taking a tour of the forest and going on an exploration trip. Rainforests are typically home to some of the finest and rarest of bird and animal species which makes it an ideal place to visit for people who are looking to explore nature. While the ground view may be one to savor, top of your list of things to do in Kuranda should be taking a tour of the area aerially. Aerially you will be able to experience the grander of the Barron Falls, judge the density and beauty of the rain forest. Another item on the things to do in Kuranda list should be take a cruise across the Barron River on the cruise ship called Kuranda Queen. A cruise will help you enjoy the company of your colleagues and take a look at some of the scenic beauty of the area, its lush green landscapes etc.

Places to visit in Kuranda

When one step steps food inside a rain forest there are lots of places to visit. Some of the best places to visit in Kuranda can be found on your visit to the Jum Rum Creek Environmental Park. The park is a picturesque location, with nature brimming and oozing with confidence. Free flowing trees, lush green terrains and a river are all part of the park. You must take the river walk that this park offers. . One of the things to do in Kuranda rainforest is bird watching. Some of the places to facilitate that include the butterfly sanctuary, bird aviary and wild life rescue and rehabilitation center. Not on that, the town also houses an important fossils and gemstones museum. A visit to the museum will highlight the historical aspect of the Island. Going to the resting or living area of one of the Djabugay people should also be high on your list of places to visit in Kuranda. These people have lived in that land for years and years and getting to know them, their culture and understanding their way of life should be an essential part of your visit.


Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Do you have a passion for butterflies? The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary located in Kuranda, Queensland, is a butterfly zoo. Since its inception in 1987, it has earned the biggest butterfly exhibit title according to the Guinness world records. The sanctuary breeds more than 30,000 caterpillars annually and is a haven for 2000 different kinds of tropical butterflies. There are many things to do in Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, which make it a wonderful place to visit with your family.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is home to a variety of butterfly species including blue Ulysses, rainforest species, and the Cairns Birdwing. Visitors, on arrival, will feel immersed and will have the option to choose from a number of things to do in the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary. Among these include going on 30-minute tours, having refreshments, or visiting the gift shop to buy souvenirs and other merchandise. In addition, visitors can also participate in experiences, such as visiting the egg laying area, the laboratory, and the main aviary. There is also the opportunity of planning weddings and releasing a live butterfly to mark the occasion.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary provides an exciting combination of tours and other activities that provide and your family an exciting time.