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Things to do in Larabanga

A small town located in the northern part of Ghana, Larabanga is predominantly a Muslim community located approximately 13 meters west of Damongo and only 8 kilometers from the Mole National Park. The place is home to the oldest mosque in Ghana built in the Sundanese architectural style. Originally built in 1421, the mosque has undergone restoration a couple of times.

Places to visit in Larabanga

There are so many things to do in Larabanga. The village in West Gonja District in the North western region of Ghana. The small town is famous for its Sahelian mosque. The structure is said to date back to 1421. This era was also noted to be the peak of the Trans Saharan trade in the area. The Sahelian mosque is reputed to be the oldest mosque in all of Ghana. It also houses a copy of the Quran that is just as old. Apart from visiting this mosque there are plenty of other things to do in Larabanga as well. The entire village falls in the National Park district. The village’s crops were destroyed a couple of years ago by elephants, in response to this the people moved towards subsistence farming. The locals earn a decent living by catering to the needs of the tourists. Among other things to do in Larabanga you can check out the Mystic Stone that is present here, and look into the story behind it. Or you could take a stroll around town to check out the vernacular architecture here, historical architecture aficionados will enjoy exploring this place. Then there is the entrance to the Mole National Park.

Visit Larabanga

There are a lot of places to visit in Larabanga. You can also sign up for a tour of the village, during your visit to the country. One of the things to do in Larabanga is visiting the location of the mystic stone. There is a reason why the stone has never been moved from its original place ever. There is a very peculiar story behind the stone. A road near the Larabanga Mosque was frequented by everyone. Once day the commuters found a large stone right in the middle of the road, thinking nothing of it they replaced it to the side of the road. The next day, the stone was in the exact same position in the middle of the road. This stone was removed once again, but the next day the same things happened, and no matter what anyone did, the stone kept reappearing in the middle of the road. Later on the officials of the area decided that they would not meddle with the stone any more, but simply build a new path around it. To this day the stone remains in the same place where it once used to be a road. After you visit this spot do not miss out on the other things to do in Larabanga.

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